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  1. One set klipsch cornwall version 1 in good condition,both speakers sound great.I'm asking $525 firm call only 315 676-5892 or 315 506-3084 nick . http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/3522596644.html No affiliation.
  2. I have been usurped several times. However, I have also gotten a lot of good deals from CL and driven a lot of miles. I have plenty of speakers, but I would have liked to compare the Forte II with my Forte.
  3. We have two speaker's they are the RF-83 black Klipsch speaker's, both for only $899.99 Call (501)-941-7300 A force to be reckoned with, the Reference Series RF-83 floor-stander sets a new standard for the line in both sound and style. With its high-end materials and slender design, this flagship tower delivers unrivaled audio performance for those who demand the very best. Exclusive Tractrix ® Horns have always been the key component of this critically acclaimed series. In the RF-83, this technology has been refined to include improved throat geometry for a more genuine, lifelike sound. Behind the horn lies a professional-grade 1.25-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver to provide a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power. Featuring an all-new driver layout, the RF-83 employs triple 8-inch high-output woofers with large motor structures for a solid bass foundation and greater control, output and power handling. These Cerametallic woofers with inverted copper dust caps exhibit a very high stiffness-to-mass ratio and superb damping characteristics. The RF-83's rigid cabinet offers improved internal cross-bracing to minimize panel vibrations that can color sound and three rear-firing ports to eliminate turbulence noise. Increased baffle ribbing in the lower panel and around the horn mouth dramatically improve acoustics across the sonic range. For signal purity and perfect driver integration, the crossover on the RF-83 features the finest components and Klipsch custom internal wiring. Premium binding posts ensure superior connectivity. County Line Pawn 3585 Hwy. 367 S. Cabot, Ar. Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-5:30pm Sat. 10:00am-2:00pm 1-(501)-941-7300 http://littlerock.craigslist.org/for/3519702186.html No affiliation.
  4. I am selling this complete (20 years old- 1992) surround sound system with stereo receiver. This lot includes 5 Klipsch Speakers - 2 large Klipsch Chorus floorstanding speakers, 2 small Klipsch KG2 speakers, 1 Klipsch Academy center speaker, a Velodyne VA-810 model Audio/Video Subwoofer System, and a Yamaha RX-V 870 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver. All in great working condition and sound great! Paid around $3800 back in 1992. Have original receipts. If you are interested please call or text Sandy at 757-617-2438. I am hoping that one person will want to buy the set but willing to break them up if I need to. Asking $1100 for all. If split up the Klipsch KG2 speakers asking: $175-, 2 Large Klipsch Chorus Speakers $400-, Klipsch Academy Center Speaker $300-, Subwoofer by Velodyne $150-, and Yamaha Stereo Receiver $125-. I do have all the monster cables if you need them too. http://norfolk.craigslist.org/ele/3520400400.html No affiliation.
  5. Classic Floor standing speaker cabinets! 15" woofer with a mid horn and high horn 35"x25"x15" 100 watts continuous - 1000 watts peak Black Finish (which has many scrapes & scuffs) Cabinet & Drivers are in Great Condition http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/3489259951.html No affiliation.
  6. dmkf5-3519070884@sale.craigslist.org[?] For Sale: Klipsch forte II speakers $250 I am getting ready to move and just don't have the room for these any more. I have not used them in a while so they need to go. Classic Klipsch speakers in good condition. These are heavy, solid speakers. They just don't make them like this any more. http://cosprings.craigslist.org/ele/3519070884.html No affiliation.
  7. Good luck, bummer he never called me back. Glad another forum member is getting them.
  8. I called him and left a message haven't heard back.
  9. VERY NICE PAIR OF KLIPSCH HERESY II SPEAKERS SOUNDS GREAT AND AR IN GREAT CONDITION. CALL DERRICK SEVEN 19-355-SIX NINE 53 YEAR 1990 http://cosprings.craigslist.org/atq/3518151388.html No Affiliation.
  10. Great quality speakers - great condition - grills perfect. Comes with nice long monstercables! http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/3515201109.html Comment: looks like SF series, not sure what model. The monster cables alone would cost about half the price. No Affiliation.
  11. Top of the KG Series, Nice grills. 9/10 cabs but overkill when it comes to apartment living. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/3515639377.html Comment: Nice speakers, very much like the KLF-10 with good bass punch. No Affiliation.
  12. Great price and mods, they shouldn't last long and if they were local, I would likely buy them. Good luck with your sale.
  13. Bump and price drop for forum members: Black Satin KLF-30 w/boxes $850 sold Black RF-83 : $1400 CL sale pending Thanks for looking.
  14. Your right, it is a picture of a vertical Cornwall (stock photo from Klipsch). The photo was to show the shorthorn is about the size of the vertical Cornwall, I just have shorthorn. Thank you for clarifying.
  15. Weekend bump. I'm reconsidering selling the shorthorn.
  16. The shorthorn is about 24.5" x 36.5", it is about the same size as the Cornwall. They look similar too, at least similar to the orginal cornwall photo on the Klipsch website: For reference:
  17. I have been very lucky (and persistent) and bought/sold along the way to finance my next purchase(s). I have gotten some good deals along the way, but most of the time, I had to drive long distance for them. I did pick them all up in a Prius with the exception of the Klipschorns. But, it is a fun hobby and I have met a lot of great people including several purchases from other forum members. I do have a bit of an OCD problem. I got a few speakers, then I thought it would be interesting to have the entire vintage series (heresy, quartet, forte, chorus, cornwall, la scala, and klipschorn), still missing a few. The shorthorn was kind of a bonus and is in amazing condition. I love the Forte, I think they are often overlooked. However, now my patient wife needs a newer vehicle and some Christmas funds, so a few have to go. Good luck with your search, where are you located? I also listed on CL and was contacted by a person in Seattle, WA asking about the KLF-30s. I guess they are hard to find lately.
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