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  1. Nice looking amp. I like my ampsandsound little ben.
  2. One of my favorites when comparing speakers:
  3. I have a pair in oak, prefer walnut. Nice speakers. Ambitious pricing on these though.
  4. Buy with confidence. Mark is great to deal with. GLWS
  5. How about injecting it? I heard that suggested somewhere...
  6. Wow, reading through this thread it sounds like you need a drink, I would suggest whiskey. Head to AXPONA (I guess next year, since it is COVID cancelled) and walk around and listen to the speakers. In many of the booths you will have a hard time finding a pair of speakers for this price, let alone speakers that sound as good. Does that mean that I will order a pair of La Scala AL5? No, I don't have that much money and will wait and pick up a pair in a few years (with that steep depreciation). If you just bought these and didn't like them OR you just paid this much and lost your job during these tough times and were looking at losing a ton of money on them because you had to sell them, then I sympathize. Do I think that the prices have increased a lot? Yes, I do. If these are the speakers you wanted and you are not returning them, because you like them. Then, I don't know why you are so angry. You should be happy that you could afford them and go sit down and enjoy them. (16 million children in the US struggle with hunger each year and that was before the pandemic). I found out today that my best friend died (not COVID) at a time when he likely won't get a proper funeral. So, I am going to go deal with some real problems, like grieving in isolation and seeing how I can help his family. He was a Klipsch fan and bought walnut khorns new in the 1980s, for a price that he thought was a lot at the time, but he still has/had them.
  7. Here is an au-417 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2535915426697358/
  8. Awesome deal for someone. Says, deal pending.
  9. Klipsch may have tweeter diaphragms or you can get them from Crites: https://critesspeakers.com/klipsch_tweeters.html https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html Diaphragms for Klipsch Tweeters for Heresy II, Forte, Forte II, Quartet, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series, KG Series and Cornwall II. Shipping is $9.00 for a pair of these diaphragms in the US. Titanium Diaphragms: $54.00 per pair. IN STOCK!! If everything sounds the same on the woofers, it is unlikely that both crossovers are bad (for the low frequency at least). New crossovers available here, but I would try the new tweeters and the old crossovers first: https://critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html I would check with others on the woofer repair.
  10. Yes, he confirmed they have AA. Thanks.
  11. The tweeters are dead and will need replaced them. You can disconnect one of the tweeter leads and tape it, so it doesn't contact anything. The woofers seem OK. That doesn't mean the voice coils don't have an issue. You could hook up an amp to one of the crossovers at a time and pair up the woofers. Crossover A or B and woofer 1,2,3,4 A12, A13, A14, A23, A24, A34 B12, B13, B14, B23, B24, B34 See if the hum is present in each case or not or if they all sound the same. You could play a 50Hz tone like to make the comparison easier.
  12. Klipsch KG 5.5, lots of bass when they work. If the cones on the speakers all look the same, I wouldn't worry about that yet. Measure the resistance across each of the tweeters and woofers (I would disconnect at least one of the wires to each component (woofer or tweeter) first). If the resistance is over ~16 Ohm, then it is bad. The tweeters are easier to fix, they would need new diaphragms. Let us know how many are >16 ohm.
  13. Photos and location will determine a lot. You can PM or email me photos at opusk2k9@gmail.com Then, I would have a better idea of value
  14. Based on the below: Your speakers are from 1981, which means they likely have AL crossovers. Most will tell you they prefer the earlier AA or the AL-3 or newer crossovers. From https://critesspeakers.com/: KLIPSCH S/N FORMATS DATESDESCRIPTIONEXAMPLE 1946-1947###001 (ending #021) 1948-1961†####0121 (starting #0121 1962-1983##letter####20Y1234 1984-1989YY WW ####89281234 1990-1997DOY Y2Y1 ####135791234 1998-2000YY WW ####00281234 1962-1983 Letter format A = 1962 F = 1967 K = 1972 R = 1977 X = 1982 B = 1963 G = 1968 L = 1973 S = 1978 Y = 1983 C = 1964 H = 1969 M = 1974 T = 1979 D = 1965 I = 1970 N = 1975 U = 1980 E = 1966 J = 1971 P = 1976 W = 1981 NOTES 1946-1961 dates can only be found in log book (eng. Library) DOY = day of the year YY = year (i.e. 99,00…) Y2Y1 = 2nd digit of year, 1st digit of year WW = week of the year Date code on drivers (1994) Example - 9429 = 1994, 29th week of the year / YYWW † Klipschorns of this vintage had the s/n hammer stamped into the tailboard, woofer access door or inside the woofer chamber.
  15. Klipsch RF 63 Reference Line. Excellent or close to like new condition. MSRP $1998 pair. Not a scratch on them. See the photos. Purchased new and they have been sitting in the same location ever since purchase. Perfect condition magnetic grills. Also have Klipsch RC7 center channel in the Cherry finish also in excellent condition for $450. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/chesterfield-klipsch-referece-speakers/7110627369.html No affiliation. Great speakers, very well balance. The need more distance off the wall than he is using. He also has a cherry RC-7 for $450.
  16. Klipsch Home Theater. 2 rear speakers, 2 front towers, 1 center, and a massive Velodyne sub with a 12-inch AND 15-inch woofer, the 12 needs to be replaced. It also comes with an ONKYO receiver. Back in the day, this was a $3500 system, the sub was $1k itself. Everything works and I have all the speaker grills and no rips or holes in them. I'm about to get a new system. It comes with a lot of MONSTER cables with gold tips to enhance sound quality. $500 OBO. https://holland.craigslist.org/sys/d/holland-home-theater/7109267080.html No affiliation.
  17. They are posted in the Alerts section too, so likely a lot of people enquiring. I hope someone here snags them, they also have Chorus II and a Bryston SP-1
  18. He has oak Forte II for $100 too.
  19. That's a pretty preamp. GLWS.
  20. I've seen worse with higher asking prices. Nice find.
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