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  1. The museum tours are on hold for the most part now. Buy with confidence! GLWS!
  2. Sorry you have to sell. Some great gear there at reasonable prices. GLWS!
  3. The wood looks a little like my lacewood 60th anniversary k-horns...
  4. I have a pair of Crites Cornscala (the very similar Style A). Nice speakers. GLWS. Pictures will help.
  5. Down to $1200, headed in the right direction.
  6. Nice looking amp. I’m glad I’m not closer, I would be tempted. GLWS
  7. Yes, he was very nice about it and thanked me for the info. He updated the description and changed it to quartets.
  8. Originally posted as Chorus II for $1500. I let him know they were quartet and worth less.
  9. I love my mahogany KLF-30s. Great deal!
  10. I contacted her right away on CL. But she didn't get back to me until last night. Good luck to the other forum members.
  11. She eventually contacted me last night and said the current offer was $250. I know others from here are interested. I have no interest in getting in a bidding war with fellow members. I hope someone gets them at a reasonable price.
  12. FYI. He is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. GLWS.
  13. I sent a message within an hour of them getting posted on CL, I never heard back.
  14. If I were closer... My wife would be asking me where I am driving to... GLWS
  15. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/oak-creek-sansui-tu-217-and-au-317-amp/7068918624.html
  16. Bit of a drive: https://www.ebay.com/itm/klipsch-la-scala-speakers-Vintage-Excellent-Condition/133312807504
  17. I would be in the car, if it wasn't 25 hours each way... GLWS!
  18. Nice sounding speakers. GLWS!
  19. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/d/skokie-klipsch-quartet-3-way-horn/7040808124.html
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