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  1. I'll probably mess with the umik-1 tonight. I was told if I didn't want to do DIY panels and didn't want to figure placement out myself to give these guys a try https://www.gikacoustics.com/ Since I might move and might have a enclosed room soon, I'm holding back on panels. I think I need them tho. Have you thought about a heavy blackout curtain in front of the slider and maybe jimmy up the same thing on the other side. It will give ya a enclosed feeling plus that slider probably isn't helping with reflecting sound properly.
  2. Your in the same boat as me but I'm also trying to get the punch from the pb4000, I bought dsp umik-1 maybe that will answer placement issues. Seems like its placement issues and maybe your settings after audyssey are off.
  3. So I caught the bug again. Updating some stuff and went to a audio place and yep. So i bought a pb4000 to go with my 2 pb12 nsd along with my rf83s, rc64, rs62,rb81, and rs7. I do have 2 monster amps but those guys are giving me issues with working properly. I have the denon 4520ci also it's a 4 or 5 old flagship. So also bought the umik-1 mic, I have not used it yet so I can return it, and I will be rearranging my stuff 2 to 4 more time cuz inwill move. But how beneficial is that mic setup. Svs and a audio store both said its beneficial and worth the money. Besides figuring out the best place for subs and my seats what else can I do with it. Do I just set it up and find out. I ran audyssey 32xt last night and the sub setup does need to be messed with.
  4. I got the pb4000 yesterday, I'm fixing the bad monster amp and I might try to resale both of them. The good monster amp might not be good either, there is loud static and snaps coming from one of my speakers but it's very random, I could go 2 movies and nothing then. I run up and pull the wires out when it does it. I replaced the banana plugs and checked over the Monster wire and I don't see anything. So tonight I'm replacing the av cable to the amp.
  5. Your right about the efficiency with the speakers. The extra amp was probably a waste of money. I should spent the money on a svs pb3000 or the pb4000. Did you watch movies at a reference level of -8 when you had your 63s. I ran mine to 0 today and it seemed a little to crisp or loud maybe from the rc64.
  6. It's a big room, but something isn't right. The amp should display some kind of wattage. The watts saved by not having to feed the front sides should of spread out. The volume that I use shouldn't be the same prior to amp.
  7. The denon at 7 channels prior to the amp was pretty loud, usually watched movies around -22 without the ex complaining. When I switched to 9.2 I had to drop it down to -10 and it was lacking at that volume. So with that amp I figured I'd be back up to -24 at least. After moving everything now my subs hum when plugged into the wall without the avr even on. Just not catching a break. Hopefully I can salvage the monster mpa 3250, 250 watts rams per channel is huge step up.
  8. Set to stereo, unbalanced rca cables used, its in 115v setting. I'm bummed, everyone is like that's a huge upgrade and nothing Haha.
  9. I bought a monster power mpa 2250 yesterday to go with my denon 4520 ci to power my rf83s. I also bought a mpa 3250 but one of the channels sparked up so that's in my garage to get address later (the 3250 was suppose to power the fronts). So I went ahead and hooked up the 2250 and calibrated everything. Rc64, rf83s, rs62s, rb81s,rs7 and 2 svs pb12s. I changed the rf83s to small and set the everything to 80hz. Well I put in a movie and nothing has changed. The amp display 000 but speakers are working. Volume was at -15 which is what I had it at prior to the amp addition. I switched to pure and it really wasn't that loud at -15. The denon setting I changed to discrete 11.1 and set fronts to pre amp. So is the amp messed up since it's not showing watts going out or is the avr bad. Also the denon is getting hot right away when usually it took awhile for it to get hot.
  10. I sent a text to the guy and no response.
  11. Looks a little fishy. Hardwood floors for where the speakers are and carpet for where the tv is and where are the speakers in the tv pic. But kare news is out of minneapolis.
  12. The rs62s showed up in 5 days thanks to that winter storm down south. Packaging was perfect and they were as described. I wouldn't hesitate buying from etc again. Thanks for sale. Can't wait to hook them up.
  13. I talked to the guy, he replaced them with rs62 ii
  14. I would call svs and give them room dimensions and all that good stuff. They are very helpful and look into their clearance section you will find the subs are cheaper. The pb2000 is rated really good.
  15. My friend will take the rc35 if you haven't sold it
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