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  1. I can't figure out how to change the fotos to JPG in some one want more pic I will email it just ask thanks
  2. I am having trouble posting the other pics "JPEG" I will try later. I am located in Fall River MA and I will ship and the price is U$800.00
  3. I am selling this pair of excellent pair of Cornwall ll, I have changing in my plains they are in excellent condition I need to glue some of the velcro and the badge as you soon see in the pic other than that they are 100%. here are the pic;
  4. What's the condition of the tweeter, I was going to upgread my tweeter for crites
  5. Hi Tom how are you? First of all thank you very much for the nice speakers that now I have. No, the speakers sound the same when I got them, the problem is the receiver that I am having hard time tuning the way it should be, and this is why I'm here asking for help, and yes I'm going to re-cap then and change the tweeters but for now I need to know what am I going to do with my receiver "Denon avr 991" .
  6. I really didn't get tweeters or crossover I bought a Industrial La Scala from a klipsch enthusiastic here so. About the sound it is better but I have to upper de volume a lot more now then i had it before and i think the sound is "buffed" not open, clear like i was hopping to get. I really think is something to do with the set up of the receiver since i can hear the rear more than i can hear the fronts, i have run the audyssey twice and it gave the same parameters lol i really don't know what to do? I was reading here in the klipsch forums that some people have receivers that has pre out and they add an extra amp so have even amount of "power" to the speaker, and i saw the emotiva has according to the reviews they are good for the money and since i have such a good speakers but different sizes i should get different sizes of amps lol Thanks
  7. Hi I would like to ask you knowledgeable people here some questions, i have the La Scala working now, and I have 3 heresy one in the front as a center channel and the other two as rear surround but i don't like the way it sounds, the set up i had before sound better lol; RF-3, RC-2ii and heresy. I am thinking in change my receiver denon 991 for a denon with a pre amp so i can add a separate amp from emotiva I would like to know if i need to get different amp for the front, center and rear emotiva upa-200 for the front and or xpa-3 fronts and center, or even more save money and get the xpa-5 do i need all the power?? Thanks in advance cesar
  8. Finally I got the K-1000 from ebay "bcgutar" he gave me a good deal U$69.99 free shipping, now I am going to finish my project Thanks you all!
  9. I have one in excellent condition whats your email so i can forward the pic, my email is cesararodrigue@hotmail.com I have hard time to upload the pic here. Thanks Cesar
  10. Yes I have seen this before but i think it is really price, i was trying here to see if i can get it for a better price if not I am going to have to get this one because I really want to finish my project, but thanks anyway
  11. I am still looking anybody have one? Thanks cesararodrigue@hotmail.com
  12. Hi i was just looking in here and i found this old post, do you have the tweeter K-77 if so how much? thanks cesar, cesararodrigue@hotmail.com
  13. Hi do you still have those K-400 if so can you contact me at cesararodrigue@hotmail.com
  14. I am looking for a pair of tweeters kt-77 it must to be in goof working order. thanks please email me at cesararodrigue@hotmail.com
  15. I have one perfect email me for pic and details cesararodrigue@hotmail.com
  16. Finally I bought my pair of la scala, I bought without crossovers and tweeters this is why I'm here asking you knowledge people what direction should I go? I'm going to be using this I'm my simple HT system For receiver is a denon 991 "I know I should have tubes instead but this what I have for now lol" For the rear are heresy 1 no modifications yet "one thing at time " And center I have academy and a Polk subwoofer Any input will be great appreciate thanks Cesar I will have some pics once I get them
  17. I am looking for a single aluminun mid horn K-1000 for a project that I'm doing Thanks Cesar
  18. I am about to put together a speaker Rebel family by Cabinart with Heresy I parts but the mid horn K-700 is to high (long) and i was doing some research here and google but i could not find the sizes however i found on ebay a pic of the K-1000 and i could see that is clearly smaller but i don't know the actual size, so can you help with this? The size of the box is 18 3/4 H x 13 3/4 W x 9 1/2 D and the K-700 11' with drive and 9' w/o diver, 10 1/4 W x 3 3/4 H Thanks Cesar
  19. I am about to restore this old speaker to be a center Chanel, what I would like to have is the La Scala but i don't have the space nor the money anyway my question is how can i restore this to look just like the Heresy Decorator, the problem is there is no way to access from the back?
  20. I don't know I just bought it and I am curious thats all, I am having a hard time to post multiple pic and I'm doing as directed in the post may because it is a MAC maybe its different.
  21. I just bought this on ebay, but i don't know what model this is http://www.ebay.com/itm/221106077615?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_898 Thanks for the help in advance
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