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  1. Good to know i'm not off the mark with the price. Thanks guys.
  2. Hey all, I've got my RB-5s listed on the local CL. Not really sure if $275 is an appropriate asking price, but I figured you have to start somewhere. Don't want to ship these, so i'd prefer a local deal. Feel free to ask questions or make me an offer. http://louisville.craigslist.org/ele/4330343373.html
  3. Hey all, I have a family member in Hawaii that has a pair of CF-3s for sale. He is moving off the island, and doesn't care to pay the $400 it would cost to ship them to them mainland. If anyone is intersted, send me a PM and I can get you in contact with him. I can promise that someone will get a good deal. If I can get some pics from him, I will post them up later.
  4. To my dismay, the amp in my rt-12d seems to have died. I have looked into a replacement from klisch that goes for roughly $410 shipped but I'm considering purchasing an external amp like the Dayton sa1000 to power it instead of the OEM replacement. The only reason I consider the Dayton is because I have read a lot of posts from klipsch owners having many troubles with klipsch amps from the mid 2000s to present. Anyone have any reason I should or shouldn't use an external amp? I just don't want to pay 400 dollars and have this amp go out again in year or two....
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