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  1. TasDom

    Go get 'em!

    I guarantee these will elevate your cables to new heights!
  2. These are in Modesto, CA. Not splits but industrials... https://modesto.craigslist.org/ele/d/turlock-klipsch-la-scala/7220194085.html
  3. TasDom

    Parental Phrases

    You go to your room until your father gets home! (That always felt like eternity but gave me time to put on a few extra underwear)
  4. TasDom

    What I Got Today!

    They forgot the word "Klipsch" Hence 50% off sale...
  5. TasDom

    What I Got Today!

    Klipsch...50% off sale? 🤣
  6. Top end is crystal clear but the bottom end is a little fuzzy
  7. Check your local Craigslist. If you go into the cds/dvds/vhs section, there is a filter on the left for vinyl. Check the box and hit update search. (Lp's and records search may yield other results as well) Example for my area... https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/search/ema?media_type=2
  8. Yup, hindsight is 20/20 but I'm still alive! One thing I also miss is the smell of that 2 stroke oil/gas mix....good stuff!
  9. This was the last dirt bike I owned. It was the last year of production with air cooled engines before they went water cooled. Was tricked out every way possible at the time. There is a large sand hill where lots of people gather here. NO ONE could beat me to the top on that beast. Could ride wheelies in every gear. My kids were very small at the time and when I realized how crazy, stupid, and brave I was, I decided to watch my kids grow up and sold it. Sure was a blast tho...that was number 11 of my dirt bikes and the last I owned.
  10. Are the metal jumpers in place and securely tightened?
  11. TasDom


    I think I dated her cousin (no lobsters, just crabs)
  12. TasDom


    New car smell air freshener.
  13. TasDom


    Funny that we spend 9 months trying to get out and then most of our lives trying to get back in.....
  14. Me too but silly me sold them to some dude in Ohio....🤕
  15. That or he hadn't thrown up yet from all the bourbon 🤢
  16. TasDom


    Repent, Repent and don't ZenAgain!
  17. They pop out, just use a thin pointed blade or the likes to remove them.
  18. Yes it will work as it does have "multi channel inputs" to hook up your DVD player. For $50.00 you aren't out much should you not like it and can always sell down the road. Today's technology is much cheaper than years past. What you really should be considering are components with HDMI inputs / outputs. There are tons of used Blu-Ray players on Craigslist, Ebay, etc.. that can be had for $50.00 give or take. These will play DVD's as well as Blu-Ray discs. If you go this route, it's just one HDMI cable instead of 6 RCA cables you'd have to connect. 71MF2CZG4uL.pdf Are the speakers wireless or just the subwoofer? Hard to tell from the spec sheet.
  19. Welcome.... I would skip the local Onkyo and find something a little more modern on Accessories4Less They have a good reputation and can save you a lot of money for refurbished gear... https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/1.html
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