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    "Somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area," Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal told FOX 16. "It's been leaking for the last almost week." Kingsland, which has a population of around 500 people, paid homage to the star by painting a silhouette of the "Man in Black" holding a red guitar on their water tower in March 2021. The silhouette stands at 6 feet 2 inches and is Cash's exact height.
  2. Donate it to the Klipsch Museum and take a tax deduction. 👍
  3. Wow, crazy prices for Oppo's now. Just checked Ebay and holy #@$# Congrats on the winning bid, enjoy!
  4. Much cheaper at Costco vs. Klipsch website https://www.costco.com/klipsch-promedia-heritage-2.1-multimedia-speaker-system.product.100852488.html
  5. Exhibitor Detail Klipsch www.klipsch.com Schaumburg B Company Information and Description In 1946 Paul W. Klipsch, inventor, acoustics pioneer and maverick, founded Klipsch Audio with the sole purpose of bringing the power, detail and emotion of the live music experience into his living room. Through the use of highly efficient speaker designs, handcrafted cabinetry and a thirst for real engineering breakthroughs – Klipsch, the great American loudspeaker company, was born in Hope, AR. Today, our diverse range of quality audio products includes speakers and headphones for almost any consumer and professional application – including cinema, whole-house, wireless, home theater and portable offerings. Honoring our founder’s legacy, Klipsch continues to be the legendary high-performance brand of choice for audiophiles and aficionados around the world. We are the Keepers of the Sound®. Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways We will be showcasing our 75th anniversary Jubilee speakers. The Klipsch Jubilee is the new flagship speaker of the Klipsch Heritage series. Witness the magnificent presence and power of the live music experience at home like never before. Founder Paul W. Klipsch always dreamed of creating a fully horn-loaded two-way speaker that would outperform even the mighty Klipschorn®. Twenty-first century advancements in engineering and technology have led us to create this future legend.
  6. I'm good, my speakers don't need new twitters. 🕊️
  7. Not sure on Mac but with MS Windows you can change the sample rate and bit depth thru the sound control panel / properties / advanced
  8. If you're using Amazon Music HD, click on the yellow quality indicator at the bottom left. It will then tell you your device capability and what rate the track is streaming at...
  9. @Pastor James Hi and welcome... Make sure the metal jumpers are in place and tightened down. If you are not bi-amping the speaker and would just like to connect it traditionally, then you will need the two metal jumpers that came with the speaker. The metal jumpers are simply a conductive medium to carry the signal between the two sets of terminals. When using the metal jumpers, you will only need to wire into either the top, or the bottom, set of terminals. You do not need to wire into all 4 terminals since the jumpers are carrying the signal to both sets of terminals. It does not matter which set of terminals you wire into; wiring into the top or the bottom is just fine. Please note: If you no longer have the metal jumpers, or have misplaced them, you can use two small strips of standard speaker wire to achieve the same result. Again, you are just needing a conductive medium to carry the signal between both sets of terminals. The strips of speaker wire should be set exactly like the jumper bars are; black connected to black, red connected to red.
  10. You may need to have a minimum post count to be able to start a topic in the garage sale section. 5, 10 ....I'm not sure
  11. Don't overthink it, very simple.... 4K compatible Blu-Ray player HDMI OUT>>> To HDMI IN SR5007>>>SR5007 HDMI OUT to>>>4K compatible TV or Projector
  12. In a nutshell, if you want to play actual 4K disc with an Oppo, you'll need the 203 at minimum. However you will be very lucky to find one for the budget you have mentioned. Oppo player prices are crazy since they announced they are no longer manufacturing disc players.
  13. From my 105 manual ... 10. 4Kx2K Output: Allows you to set the 4Kx2K resolution options. This option only applies to the HDMI output at 4Kx2K resolution. Auto (default) – Output 4Kx2K if the resolution is supported by the display and the content is suitable for 4K up-scaling. The player automatically checks for 4K compatibility of the TV or projector. If the display is compatible and the content being played has a 24Hz (or 23.976Hz) frame rate, the player sends 4Kx2K video from its HDMI output terminal; otherwise, the HDMI video is sent out at 1080p resolution or less depending on the display’s capability. Forced – Always output 4Kx2K video format regardless of whether the TV or projector supports it, or whether the content being played is suitable for 4K up-scaling. You may experience a black screen (no video output) if the display is not 4K compatible. For content that has a 50Hz or 60Hz (59.95Hz) frame rate, the output will be 4Kx2K at 25Hz or 30Hz (29.97Hz), and video quality may not be optimal due to frame rate conversion
  14. Here's an Oppo 103 that is reasonably priced https://www.avsforum.com/threads/oppo-bdp-103.3228926/#post-61326533
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