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  1. Hi there, I'am looking for 15" radiators for my KP 4000. For now I'am using 15" burned ciol speakers and cut the magnet from the basket. It works but I'am not so happy with it. Is there someone ho can help me with a manufacturer who can deliver 15" rubber surround radiators, or perhapes an other solution for me has. Kind regards Arjan
  2. Thank you for the great support. fyrpwr Sorry for the strange answer was here 5 am and I was still a bit sleepy.
  3. Thanks, So if I understand correctly, they used in both subwoofers the same filter. Regardless of whether it is about a 18 "or 15" speaker. Kind regards Arjan
  4. Hello, I bought 2x KP-480 and 2x KP-115. The seller said that there was an overload in the filter so the filter is partially burned. Now I want to build these filters in original condition. Unfortunately I can not find all the values ??/ measurements. Is there anyone who can help me with the service manual (wiring diagram)??? Kind regards Arjan van Geelen
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