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  1. Over the past two years, I've upgraded by 1982 LaScala's. For sale: Original LaScala horns with refurbished drivers by Bob Crites. Also Crites C125 tweeters, which are replacements for the K-77. All in good working condition. As you will see on the picture, I've place dampening material on the horns to smooth the sound many years ago.. The material can be removed. Would like to sell all together. But, maybe will break up the set. $400.00 plus shipping.
  2. I've been upgrading my Klipsch La Scala's the last year and have some original parts to sell. I have: -Horns (I attached a dampening material over them to dampen the sound. Can be removed). -Drivers (Both have been rebuilt by Crites with new diaphrams -Crites 125 replacement tweeters.
  3. I also have K-77 and the Crites replacement tweeters
  4. I have La Scala's as my front speakers and Heresys as my rear speakers. I need to replace my Mirage center speaker. How will the Reference series match with what I have? I have limited room in my cabinet (and apartment). The RC-52 might work, but would be a tight fit. Any thoughts?
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