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  1. 23 hours ago, Coytee said:


    A lot of wisdom here!


    Though I have no clue what I paid for my LaScalas....  let's call it $1,500.  Bought them in 1979 so that's now 41 years so that's approximately $36/year.  Heck....  I paid $6,500 for the Jubilee's and that now, was (I think) 2007 so that's 13 (yikes) years  or down to $500/year.

    Considering they are still worth about that much and you could get almost all your money back you really spent nothing...just tied your money up for a bit.  

  2. On 12/7/2019 at 9:09 AM, Jvitti1970 said:

    Went to ALK in my LaScala’s 

    1976 AA Crossovers ALL ORIGINAL 

    IM in Connecticut. Will ship. 

    Love to hear a review and how you feel about the change.  Been contemplating the same move, I have LS with AL crossovers and wonder if the difference is dramatic enough to spend the money.   Let's hear what you think.




  3. 42 minutes ago, HDBRbuilder said:

    Along with pots/switches cleaning just check all of the fuses...and it has lots of them...the speaker fuses on its rear (might NOT be fuse there, but re-sets instead), but under the hood will be fuses, and also under the bottom plate...ensure the fuses are good, the ends are clean, and the fuse-holder contacts are clean, and always ensure all fuses are fast-blow ones along with being the correct rating.  Also be sure that your speaker wire connectors are CLEAN and devoid of dead insects, etc....the "devoid of insects" thing also applies to under the hood...look everywhere for old insect/spider carcasses....you would be surprised at how well an old insect/spider carcass across soldered connections can short things out to at least some extent! 

    Thanks for all the pointers, I will definitely take a look at things and see if I can rule out some of these potential issues.  I want this thing to work like I know it can, it really does sound great.

  4. 1 hour ago, DizRotus said:

    I forget, did the seller represent that it has been professionally serviced recently?  If not, I would suggest a thorough professional service irrespective of its present operation.  If you spent as much again as the purchase price for a competent restoration, IMO, it would be money well spent.


    I think he mentioned that he had gone through it himself and did all the cleaning, pretty sure it wasn't a professional servicing if I remember correctly.    I did spend $350 on it, are you thinking that a professional servicing would be about that much?

  5. 1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:

    Distort on both channels or only one?  Your first action should be to use Deoxit on all controls.  Spray the pots, then turn the knobs back and forth several times, then spray again.

    If this doesn't help, then there are other internal issues.  Let us know.

    The it moves to both channels.   I should mention that the volume knob is a little scratchy when it first starts up then quickly seems to smooth out in a minute or two.   Could this be related to the volume knob?      And I will try the Deoxit for sure, never used that before where would I look to buy that locally?

  6. Hey guys, hope to get some pointers and advice.   I had the 730 sitting idle for a about 6 months as I was using other equipment, I just hooked it up again a few days ago and it seems to have a problem.    It will randomly distort when playing a song moderately loud, the sound will be great and then occasionally break up.    Is there a problem with the power supply?   Is there something a novice could check or does it need to be serviced by a pro?    It's not sitting on the speaker and getting vibrations.    And again it sounds just awesome other than this new issue that popped up.   Please help.

  7. So bad news, it's the same speaker.  I was hoping to make a pair between the 2 listings.  The owner is listing the speaker a couple different ways to try and find an interested party.  He's a good guy though, I bought Lascalas from him a few years ago, still loving them too.

  8. 8 hours ago, davis419b said:



    I would jump all over this for $500. You will be getting 2-904 bass bins with xovers and 1-510 horn with driver. All you will need is 1-510 horn with driver.

    So I won't need to look for a crossover too?  It's already in the bass bin?

  9. There is a complete 904 single for sale here in Denver now this.  How hard would it be to find parts to make this a complete 904 to make a pair with the other one?   I'd need the horn/driver and a crossover right?   What would those parts cost and can they be found without too much trouble?    Tempting.

  10. 1 hour ago, Frzninvt said:

    The Cornwall will timbre match better.  A La Scala or Belle would be a far better choice.

    Yea I suppose I should just look a single La Scala, those pop up every now and then.  Even a beater La Scala would work really, and just paint it black.

    1 hour ago, Emile said:

    That is a GREAT price for a 904!  Go get it!  (I assume it comes with the K-510 horn - check what type of driver it has - and a passive crossover ... 900/920Hz). I have seen single 904's on FleaBay ... but be prepared to spend close to $1000 plus shipping :( 


    Cannot comment on its use as a center.  But, replaced my Cornwall I's with KPT-904's and the difference is night and day.  Tighter base, much much better mids and highs due to the 510 horn. I will never go back to using my CW's as fronts :) 


    Cheers, Emile



    It has the B&C made in Italy which is the good driver.   Hate to have to pay $1k for another single if I could even find one.  I'd love to try a pair of them for sure, I've read your posts and others, I'm sure they are incredible.

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  11. I'm using a Cornwall right now between a pair of Khorns for my center channel.  There is a KPT 904 for sale locally for $400 which I know is a better speaker and it would allow me to pair up my Cornwalls again so I can either sell them or wait till my kids smarten up and want them.


    Any thoughts on if this would be a worthwhile move?   Price seems a little high for a single, what are the chances of finding another single 904?

  12. I'm thinking about building HD false corners to put in my existing corners.   I built my basement room with corners 16ft apart specially just for my Khorns.   If I don't use my THT sub I'm still not happy with the bass.   I feel like the sheet rock walls are too thin and flimsy to project the bass forward and just absorb the sound, its also a carpeted concrete floor which doesn't transmit the sensation of low frequency through the floor.    Do you guys think adding false corners as described in the Dope from Hope would give me a substantial improvement or would enclosing them like a Khorn TSCM is better?    



  13. Owned an 06 330i, loved it, the handling and power were perfect.  The plastic  water pump went out, dealer wanted $1100 to fix it.   Ended up buying one online for just under $100 and a friend helped me put it in, took about 2 hours.   Sold it not long after that, just too scared of what might be next that I couldn't fix myself.

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