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  1. Man that sure looks like a nice amp. What are the differences and how does it compare to the Yaqin MC-13s?
  2. What did you think of the Cornwall? Did it look to be in good shape and did you give that a listen too? You think he still has it?
  3. I recently changed the location of where I plug mine in and I developed static. I plugged into a power strip with a cheap lamp from walmart and I had a buzz through the speakers that was never there before for the last 5 years. I unplugged the lamp and all is well.
  4. I think both are high. Quartets maybe 350-400 for really nice condition and Heresy 1s are usually in the same range. So 3 would still be under 600 unless they are some rare unique finish in stellar condition.
  5. Tried one of these awhile back, one channel in the amp blew the instant I turned it on. Sent it back the next day, not a fan of the build quality at all.
  6. Just play them no need to overthink this
  7. If that's where they are staying they will sound better on the floor.
  8. Don't buy it...bought one last year and the very first time I turned it on one channel blew out and it never worked again. Never even got a chance to hear it with my Lascalas. Took a long time to get my money back as well after the return.
  9. I noticed the ad also says that the FIII is the 1st truly full range heritage speaker....what the hell are the other ones? Didn't realize my Khorns, Scalas and Cornwalls were essentially large bookshelf speakers...so these aren't full range speakers. Really?
  10. Yea haha that would probably sound like crap and look even worse. I will try the E6000........thanks.
  11. I would really rather glue it back on to give it the finished look. Didn't think to staple it, some are on that way?
  12. I have a pair of raw birch Cornwalls that I just stained using Minwax polyshade, it is stain and polyurethane in one. What kind of glue should be used to put the labels back on?
  13. I saw this same concert in 1988 at Giants stadium in the Meadowlands. That was just when Metallica was about to take over the world and they played all their new songs from And justice for all. They blew everyone else away. Crazy mosh pits all over the floor area. Great time.
  14. Sounds like the Quartets will remain intact as is, they really are a great speaker anyway. Thanks for all of the info.
  15. I have a pair of Quartets in very good condition. A guy near me is selling Forte II cabs with no speakers or crossovers, grills or risers for $40. Is it worth it to swap the tweets and mids over and buy the woofers and passives. Will the crossover work as is or will I need to mod that as well or get an entirely new crossover? Is there a real upgrade to be had or should I just leave well enough alone? Where would I look for the woofers and passives if I was to go that route, would like to see some prices.
  16. jvs1670

    LaScalas for Sale

    Really? $750 seems a little high based on what they look like. He will probably call you back when they don't sell, your offer was more than fair.
  17. Are those really worth that much? You can buy Cornwalls for that amount.
  18. All those horrible angles...... sure looks like those cheap replacement woofers were trying to get slipped past you. Good catch
  19. I have 2 Aura's on my couch, I think they are cool too. Very cheap really and it adds to the whole movie special effects. My system is in my basement on concrete slab so none of the shake of my subwoofer makes through the floor into any seating location. Like you said they are great when you can't blast the sub but still want that feel.
  20. Best ever series in my opinion.....watch it.
  21. Thanks for all the info the age does worry me some for that price. If I have to get it serviced I'll be in pretty deep. What do you think is a good price?
  22. Anyone own one and have thoughts on how it may sound with LS? Can't find a ton of info but most of what I found seems very positive. Found one for sale nearby supposed to be in mint condition for $200
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