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  1. I tried the same one a few years back and it blew one channel the instant I turned it on, returned it the next day. Never even had a chance to hear it once. Hopefully your luck is better and I just had a faulty amp.
  2. So I just bought a brand new VTA ST 70 fully assembled and have about 2 hrs on it so far. I got the volume control so right now I'm using it without a pre amp. Right now I'm using it with a pair of Lascalas and the clarity and detail are a major step up from where I've been. I am a little disappointed with the bass so far, do I need more hours on the tubes to break in? Bob suggested the el34's for heritage speakers so that's what I went with. Any thoughts on that?
  3. I was thinking the same thing...seems low. Don't really see them for sale very much.
  4. Take a look here for everything you need... https://critesspeakers.com/
  5. Run pre outs to new slave amp first, then pre outs from slave amp to sub, maybe that would work.
  6. It's ok to pay an amount that is considered "too much" if you are considering it to be artwork in your opinion. As long as you don't want to turn around and re-sell it who cares. Just realize you may never get anyone else to pay that amount if you decide to go a different direction down the road.
  7. Would this work? http://www.schiit.com/products/sys
  8. I was looking at this exact model today, new they are about $1500 and he offers some customizing for not much more money. I'm curious how you are liking the amp. I'd be using mine to power my Khorns or Lascalas. I'm unsure if I'll get the bottom end I love with so few watts. What are your latest thoughts?
  9. Those Cornscalas look badass stacked up like that.
  10. Thanks. No nothing else on the chopping block for now wish I could keep it all.
  11. Yes timing is everything.......and mine just sold on CL before I could get an ad up here in the garage sale section.
  12. Saw this thread and thought I'd post here first before I put my ad up. I have Quartets that I'm going to list here soon and on CL as well. I'm on east side of Denver if there is any interest before I get an ad together let me know. Speakers say QUR 00 for type and they have sequential serial #s, date of 8-31-90. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks John
  13. Seems like all those upgrades are easily worth $100 extra, I'm guessing you bought it online...where did you get it?
  14. Man that sure looks like a nice amp. What are the differences and how does it compare to the Yaqin MC-13s?
  15. What did you think of the Cornwall? Did it look to be in good shape and did you give that a listen too? You think he still has it?
  16. I recently changed the location of where I plug mine in and I developed static. I plugged into a power strip with a cheap lamp from walmart and I had a buzz through the speakers that was never there before for the last 5 years. I unplugged the lamp and all is well.
  17. I think both are high. Quartets maybe 350-400 for really nice condition and Heresy 1s are usually in the same range. So 3 would still be under 600 unless they are some rare unique finish in stellar condition.
  18. Tried one of these awhile back, one channel in the amp blew the instant I turned it on. Sent it back the next day, not a fan of the build quality at all.
  19. Just play them no need to overthink this
  20. If that's where they are staying they will sound better on the floor.
  21. Don't buy it...bought one last year and the very first time I turned it on one channel blew out and it never worked again. Never even got a chance to hear it with my Lascalas. Took a long time to get my money back as well after the return.
  22. I noticed the ad also says that the FIII is the 1st truly full range heritage speaker....what the hell are the other ones? Didn't realize my Khorns, Scalas and Cornwalls were essentially large bookshelf speakers...so these aren't full range speakers. Really?
  23. Yea haha that would probably sound like crap and look even worse. I will try the E6000........thanks.
  24. I would really rather glue it back on to give it the finished look. Didn't think to staple it, some are on that way?
  25. I have a pair of raw birch Cornwalls that I just stained using Minwax polyshade, it is stain and polyurethane in one. What kind of glue should be used to put the labels back on?
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