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  1. So I would be wasting my time, is that the general consensus of others who tried it as well?
  2. Can anyone direct me on the proper way to add a center channel in a 2 channel setup? I want to try one of my Lascalas between my Khorns using a 2 channel integrated amp.
  3. Well I ordered one late last week I should have it on Wed........we will see how it sounds with the Khorns. Jo56 maybe a little soft may be just perfect.
  4. Jo56........so soft as in no bass? What speakers are you using with the amp? Can you explain farther? I would use them with Khorns.
  5. Anybody try these or know anything about them......... http://www.glow-audio.com/AmpOne.html
  6. I hired a buddy of mine to build my THTLP. Parts and wood were around $500 and I paid him $150 to make it from the plans. I asked him to build it 18"x18" by 72". I placed it against a side wall and stapled carpet to it, it lays down behind a couch but I sometimes use it as a seat when I have parties.
  7. What Yamaha amp did you order? I was looking at various Yamaha's as well. If you do keep it I would love to hear your review on the gear.
  8. They look great, I'd pay that amount.
  9. The A-S 1000 looks awesome but has no built in DAC, I definitely want that feature. Any feelings on the the Peachtree Nova 65SE or the 125SE?
  10. Anybody have one of these? Looking for something in the 1K range and thought I might try it. I'm looking to use it with either my Khorns or my Cornwalls. http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/amps/a-s801/
  11. Thanks for the info, makes more sense to me now.
  12. If 4 ohm is less resistance then why is it a more difficult load? Seems like it would be easier for the amp to drive and create less heat. I'm confused.
  13. Gone already.....guy came in less than an hour. Full price.
  14. I just listed these for sale on Denver Craigslist.....local pickup only. Thanks for looking, John. http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/5030096011.html
  15. I use my KHorns in my home theater and it is incredible. Way way better than any movie theater I have ever been to.
  16. jvs1670

    Cornwalls in WA

    Boy that's really a deal....he must be crazy.
  17. I'll lower it down to $150 or best offer
  18. Too high I take it? I'll accept what it's worth.....very willing to accept a fair price. Is $125-150 more the going rate?
  19. I bought this unit brand new and still have all the original packing and remote. Works great and it functions like it should. Looking to move it because I just don't use it and I'm looking to save up for other purchases. http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/08/emotiva-xda-1-dac/ Looking to get $175 for it......I'm in Colorado
  20. Yea I don't blame you, I'd hate to have 2 sitting around since I would only probably get one up and running. Maybe he will sell just one who knows.
  21. Mystery.....If he will take $100 for the pair would you want to split them up and each take 1?
  22. Had mine for maybe 5 years now and never an issue.....still rocks. Return it and try another one, sounds great for the price.
  23. The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by always wanting more. (fortune cookie)
  24. -19 last night here in Denver...set a record and not in a good way.
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