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  1. Anybody have one of these? Looking for something in the 1K range and thought I might try it. I'm looking to use it with either my Khorns or my Cornwalls. http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/amps/a-s801/
  2. Thanks for the info, makes more sense to me now.
  3. If 4 ohm is less resistance then why is it a more difficult load? Seems like it would be easier for the amp to drive and create less heat. I'm confused.
  4. Gone already.....guy came in less than an hour. Full price.
  5. I just listed these for sale on Denver Craigslist.....local pickup only. Thanks for looking, John. http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/5030096011.html
  6. I use my KHorns in my home theater and it is incredible. Way way better than any movie theater I have ever been to.
  7. jvs1670

    Cornwalls in WA

    Boy that's really a deal....he must be crazy.
  8. I'll lower it down to $150 or best offer
  9. Too high I take it? I'll accept what it's worth.....very willing to accept a fair price. Is $125-150 more the going rate?
  10. I bought this unit brand new and still have all the original packing and remote. Works great and it functions like it should. Looking to move it because I just don't use it and I'm looking to save up for other purchases. http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/08/emotiva-xda-1-dac/ Looking to get $175 for it......I'm in Colorado
  11. Yea I don't blame you, I'd hate to have 2 sitting around since I would only probably get one up and running. Maybe he will sell just one who knows.
  12. Mystery.....If he will take $100 for the pair would you want to split them up and each take 1?
  13. Had mine for maybe 5 years now and never an issue.....still rocks. Return it and try another one, sounds great for the price.
  14. The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by always wanting more. (fortune cookie)
  15. -19 last night here in Denver...set a record and not in a good way.
  16. Look like they went thru a wood chipper...
  17. Depending on condition about the $300-$400 range.
  18. About a grand too much no? I'm very close to there but not interested for that much, besides my Khorns might not let them into the house.
  19. I just got some acoustic foam from the foam factory. Gonna put a 12" cube in each front corner over my Khorns and then 3 corner bass absorbers surrounding the cube. What is the best way to stick it to the wall without damaging my paint or wall if and when I remove it? Website says T-pins can be used with no spray adhesive but that doesn't seem like that would work. Has anyone used the spray adhesive before for this and were you able to remove it without damage? Any other ideas?
  20. I see Quicksilver has the Mini-Mite and the Horn Mono.....which model are you referring to Russ?
  21. jvs1670

    NEW RSW-15

    What's with the damn cat?
  22. Thank you for all the thoughts and comments, wanted to look at all my options and hopefully not miss any viable choices. I will look at ampsand sound, seems like Justin comes highly recommended. Skibum I will send you a PM.
  23. Most of the comments I see above are clearly made by persons with no training or comprehension of police tactics. There are federal protocols and guidelines established and taught that indicate how to deal with these types of threats. All police are taught to shoot center body mass and to shoot until the threat is stopped. No police training teaches shoot to kill. Real life isn't a John Wayne western, there is no attempt to shoot guns out of peoples hands or just wound to slow them down. Tasers are used as less lethal options and should only be deployed with lethal backup, they don't always work or can be ineffective on some people. There is no obligation to use a less lethal option such as a taser when confronted by a lethal threat, if It can be tried safely then it can save lives. A person wielding a knife and closer than 20ft is a good shoot all the way, FBI stats back this up.....look into it.
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