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  1. Thank you for all the thoughts and comments, wanted to look at all my options and hopefully not miss any viable choices. I will look at ampsand sound, seems like Justin comes highly recommended. Skibum I will send you a PM.
  2. Most of the comments I see above are clearly made by persons with no training or comprehension of police tactics. There are federal protocols and guidelines established and taught that indicate how to deal with these types of threats. All police are taught to shoot center body mass and to shoot until the threat is stopped. No police training teaches shoot to kill. Real life isn't a John Wayne western, there is no attempt to shoot guns out of peoples hands or just wound to slow them down. Tasers are used as less lethal options and should only be deployed with lethal backup, they don't always work or can be ineffective on some people. There is no obligation to use a less lethal option such as a taser when confronted by a lethal threat, if It can be tried safely then it can save lives. A person wielding a knife and closer than 20ft is a good shoot all the way, FBI stats back this up.....look into it.
  3. Tube Fanatic: Thanks for the info and the suggestion on the Decware, it looks like a viable option as well. Whatever I end up with I will try and post my thoughts. Ski bum: Thanks for the input, I will look into that also. I'm located in SE Aurora near Buckley Air Force Base, I'm guessing you are in Ft Collins? I have considered going the vintage route as well but just not sure I'm able to determine value or quality with old equipment, If I pay too much and then have to add money on a refurbish I would be upside down investment wise. Just not sure what to look for, but I wouldn't rule it out at all.
  4. Maynard, Was a little concerned with the 8 watt output. I want to use it with my 1978 Klipschorns, I want the option to take my avr out of the equation when listening to music and go for that magical sound I feel I might be missing out on. I like some volume at times but not running at insane levels. I listen to everything except rap and hip hop, mainly blues and rock with some heavier rock mixed in. I'm totally new to trying tubes and didn't want to go with used equipment, so I'm looking for something in the sub $1500.00 range and still be wowed. Would love to hear you thoughts. Thanks.
  5. Soooooooooo......anyone? Still on my radar just hoping to hear an opinion.
  6. Check out Chris Duarte. Seen him live multiple times, he plays all over the country and rips it up for over 2 hours.
  7. Thanks for the info Budman. I've played around with them a bit and am really impressed. Very cool sound and can really pound out the bass, very happy so far. I will try and get some pics up soon.
  8. Just checked label. CWO....15S803 the other is also CWO 15S942. So that is cherry? What year?
  9. Just bought them about an hour ago....other than the water mark on top of 1 they look brand new, grills are perfect and appear to have never been off. Any thoughts on how to try to work out the water mark on top? I emailed him when they first came available and offered a realistic price....just waited and finally heard back. About to get them fired up in a few.
  10. No stock vehicle will lift the front wheels on stock tires, they will spin before that will happen. If slicks are used on a sticky drag strip that Shelby could probably lift the front briefly using an aggresive launch.
  11. It's very easy to have the settings wrong with a modern AVR, just too many to choose from. I would with out a doubt look there to fix your sound issues.
  12. jvs1670


    Quartets are sold..........still have the Academy.
  13. I didn't like my Heresy II's until I put them on the floor and in corners. I did have the tilted risers as well. Set up properly they sounded awesome, they will put out very little bass on stands.
  14. jvs1670


    Bossman: Yes I could ship them, I do have factory boxes that I could pack them in. I would go down to $300 but you would have to pay the shipping from zip 80018. I sent you a PM not sure you have seen it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  15. jvs1670


    So.......am I way off on price here? Thought these would stir up some interest.
  16. Make sure you like how they sound on stands before spending too much, there is very little bass once you get them off the floor.
  17. I had my buddy build my THT LP at 18" x18" x 72". I used a 12" speaker and powering it with a Bash 300 plate amp. It can easily hang right in there with my Klipschorns and I have the gain on the amp less than half and the AVR setting typically in the -8 to 0 range. I stapled carpet to it and since its laid down against the wall I use it as extra seating during UFC parties or football get togethers.
  18. Anybody have any experience with this company? Looks like a decent product, what do you think? http://www.wrightaudio.us/lolita.htm
  19. http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/4021020146.html Seems just a little high on price.....
  20. jvs1670


    Those are factory refurbished and only have a 1 year warranty...still not bad.
  21. jvs1670


    This is a few months old but Crutchfield is now selling these new with a 3yr warranty for $250.00 off MSRP. Giving serious thought to it and plan on using it as a processor and just use my external amps. Only other pre-pros near this price are the Outlaw and Emotiva, seems to me you get way more features than either of those...anybody have an opinion?
  22. I ordered a pair of these last month from Craig. They looked great and performed as expected. All aspects of the deal went perfectly including prompt shipping. Great seller to work with, buy with confidence.
  23. I just got my THT LP back from my buddy who built it for me. Only had it now for less than 2 weeks and its not even dialed in yet but I can tell you it blows away the SVS NSD PB12 I had before it. Even after paying my guy I have less in it than the cost of the SVS. It's not even a close comparison. I even went with a fairly small box....18x18x72 with a Lab12.
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