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    Guess I missed out then, I hope they offer it again for that price. Anything else even comparable at that price?
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    Was probably gonna pull the trigger on a Legend, just seemed like a great deal. It would seem like you couldn't go wrong for $400.
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    Just went to their website and they are sold out of stock on both the Legend and the Empire. The Conquest is discontinued. Anyone else get the feeling like its a company that is selling out and maybe won't be around? Or are they cleaning house and coming out with something new and improved?
  4. Cool thanks for the info....so it should be an upgrade to the UMC-1, don't like that they did away with the volume dial though.
  5. Youthman..........Where did you get that info on the release of a UMC-200? I don't see it on Emotiva's website.
  6. HDBR....yes that suggestion made sense to go with it upside down, never even thought of it until I saw your post, thanks.
  7. After looking at all the info and suggestions I decided to still just mount them flush with no tilting down or toe angles. I do appreciate all the input you guys gave me, thanks. My final question is regarding position of the speaker itself. I need to mount them high to avoid them intruding on my room space so should I mount them straight up in their normal positon or invert them upside down. Looks like the top of the speaker would be at a height of about 6'8", so if I flip them upside down that would put the tweeter down at a little over 5'4" off of the floor. Upside down will definitely put the tweeter and mid closer to ear height in all seated positions obviously so this shouldi be more desirable I would think. Or I could mount sideways, any disadvantages to this? Top side would go towards middle of wall to keep the highs towards center right? I'm really looking for this to sound good with movies or sporting events........anytime I want just music I really wont even have these on most of the time, not sure if that makes a difference. John
  8. Found the brochure but not the actual invoice my dad made notes on. He paid $764 each in Oct 1978. In the same brochure he wrote that Cornwalls were $399 each and Heresey's were $500 per pair. Looks like he got the La Scalas quoted as well at $567 each. Pretty cheap compared to todays prices.
  9. Got the reciept from 1978 on my Dad's Klipschorns that he bought brand new....$1500.00
  10. No room behind to sink them in but I do like the idea of hanging them at a 15 degree angle while still using the cleats.....any idea how to actually do that? Pics?
  11. Thanks for the input. I bought cleats that can support 100lbs each, they really don't look all that strong or massive but that should easily handle the job safely. Now of course I need to finish the bottoms like the rest of the speakers since I skipped that step thinking I would never see the bottom. I'll get pics when I'm done.
  12. I want to hang my speakers flush on my rear wall to use them as back surrounds in my system. I've used french cleats on smaller speakers before and supposedly they can handle weights higher than what the Heresey's weigh. Just wondering if the cabs of the speakers can handle being attached in this way or does someone have a better method? Thanks.
  13. Checked all connections and all looks correct. I even switched the wires on one of the bass bins and the bass went away entirely so I'm pretty sure that set up was the out of phase connection and changed it back. There are no bass management setting on the XDA-1 so that's not it either. One thing I did was try numerous sources and in doing so found that the sound varies wildly depending on quality of the source like so many have said here before. Just by chance I tried Cream live at Royal Albert Hall streamed on Netflix through my bluray driven by my old Denon 3803...the audio was awesome, felt like you were there. I did adjust the bass up a little and cut the treble to -2. It really sounded great just in stereo mode. When I tried pure direct mode it fell flat a little on the bass again. So with the right source material and a little tweaking on the settings these speakers can blow you away. So next up is getting something modern to use as a preamp that allows me to adjust the settings and getting a good quality CD player and stop using my blueray player or my old Sony carousel changer. Any suggestions on preamps and cd players that wont break the bank? Am I wrong to look at the Emotiva stuff? Thanks for all the replies
  14. So I'm just checking that its wired red to red and black to black or do I just switch them and see how it sounds....sorry for the silly question.
  15. more pics https://picasaweb.google.com/113155296418450720487/Basement2012?authkey=Gv1sRgCMDRp5na6NWshwE#
  16. Yea your right my post amounts are sad but I'm here reading threads everyday for the last year trying to soak all the info in. Luckily my Dad is still around he just thought it was time to pass them on to me, yes I'm very lucky. I will take more pics but even some others I did take wouldn't fit and I'm trying to figure out how to resize them. The quartets you see are just there to play around with temporarily as those will go to my side surrounds and my HereseyII's will be used for rear surround. Since you mentioned source I would like to ask a question. I've been waiting for the XSP-1 to come out and apparently it is available for order as of today. Right now I have the XDA-1 and use a UPA-2 as an amp. Sounds good but I'm missing so much bottom end. The mids and highs are just overpowering and the bass is weak in comparison. Should I be looking to get some tube amps/pre amps? I have pipe foam fitted to the rear and they are pressed tight into the corners. My front wall is 16ft across and my room is 22 ft long. Please advise. Anyone in the Denver area have tube equipment available for a test drive or demo? I'm sure I'm missing out on their sound potential just don't know how to proceed and keep it affordable.
  17. Been a long time since I started this thread but I'm almost there with my room. Still getting the final touches completed but its finally up and running.
  18. Since it was just a cut and not a hole I used some glue I found in Lowes, it was Loctite fabric glue. Glued it from both side with 3 light coats. Seems to have sealed it perfectly. Yea seems like that was a good deal now that I have had time to look around a bit. Any idea if the Academy is shielded for use near the TV, it should be I would guess.
  19. So is it best to pull the speaker out of the cabinet and repair with glue and tissue paper from both sides. Do you just lay the tissue flat and glue it or try and push it in to the cut. Is elmers glue good or do you recommend something better? Thx
  20. I just bought 2 pairs of Quartets. One set functions great but has both dust covers pushed in on the rear passive woofer, as I understand it this doesn't effect function but was wondering if there is a way to get them popped back out. I tried a vac already and this hasn't worked, any thoughts? The other pair has a 1.5 inch cut/puncture in one of the rear passives. Is there a way for me to repair this or do I need to get it re coned or just buy a new passive? Other than these few issues these are in great condition, so far I only tried the pair with the pushed in dust covers and they sound killer. The guy also threw in an Academy center channel for $50 bucks, just tried it in place of my heresy II that I have been using for movies and it sounds really good, are these usually worth much more than what I paid? Thanks. John
  21. Didn't want to go through the trouble of parting them out but that is a good idea. Thanks Guessing they would crank pretty good in a home if you could get past the looks and the size of the thing.
  22. Are these worth looking at for this price? They are JBL AS-2212's guy has 2 pairs. Says 375 a pair of both for $650. Anybody have any experience with these. http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/3145596392.html
  23. Thanks for all the input, made an offer, wait and see what happens.
  24. So you guys are basically saying its about a $100.00 fix, which isn't bad. Just curious if you think misuse or abuse causes that issue and should I be looking at anything else in particular. Thanks.
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