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  1. This is a few months old but Crutchfield is now selling these new with a 3yr warranty for $250.00 off MSRP. Giving serious thought to it and plan on using it as a processor and just use my external amps. Only other pre-pros near this price are the Outlaw and Emotiva, seems to me you get way more features than either of those...anybody have an opinion?

  2. I just got my THT LP back from my buddy who built it for me. Only had it now for less than 2 weeks and its not even dialed in yet but I can tell you it blows away the SVS NSD PB12 I had before it. Even after paying my guy I have less in it than the cost of the SVS. It's not even a close comparison. I even went with a fairly small box....18x18x72 with a Lab12.

  3. Couldn't corner load, only good corners were already occupied on the front wall by the K-horns. Back 2 corners are no good, 1 has a door and steps and the other is behind my bar. Tried adjusting phase to multiple locations and just couldn't get a good enough result.

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the F20, saw a recent build and it just looks huge....is it? Would love to the size specs on them all if anyone has them.

  4. Well it didn't exactly live up to my expectations. I thought it was pretty impressive with bluray's, it added some real rumble to movies I never had heard before with my system but I still expected more of a solid thump in the chest kind of sound.

    The real let down was with music, it just couldn't add a thing to the music experience. By the time I could hear it filling in the low end I would regularly see the protection light come on, the K-horns weren't even close to their limits. Not sure if my expectations were unrealistic but I just wasn't impressed enough to keep it, already sent it back 2 days ago. Also couldn't get the grill to stay on, didn't seem to fit right.

    Was going to try the Hsu VTF15-h but I'm afraid to pull the trigger again on something I haven't heard or seen in person. Giving heavy thought to a THT LP version, got any thoughts on that?

  5. Well couldn't stand to wait so I ordered a SVS PB12-NSD......should be awesome from the things I read about it. Of course it costs much more but it should be worth it. Supposed to arrive Monday, can't wait.

    Anyone have one of these subs paired with Klipschorns?

  6. Just went to their website and they are sold out of stock on both the Legend and the Empire. The Conquest is discontinued. Anyone else get the feeling like its a company that is selling out and maybe won't be around? Or are they cleaning house and coming out with something new and improved?

  7. After looking at all the info and suggestions I decided to still just mount them flush with no tilting down or toe angles. I do appreciate all the input you guys gave me, thanks. My final question is regarding position of the speaker itself. I need to mount them high to avoid them intruding on my room space so should I mount them straight up in their normal positon or invert them upside down. Looks like the top of the speaker would be at a height of about 6'8", so if I flip them upside down that would put the tweeter down at a little over 5'4" off of the floor. Upside down will definitely put the tweeter and mid closer to ear height in all seated positions obviously so this shouldi be more desirable I would think.

    Or I could mount sideways, any disadvantages to this? Top side would go towards middle of wall to keep the highs towards center right? I'm really looking for this to sound good with movies or sporting events........anytime I want just music I really wont even have these on most of the time, not sure if that makes a difference.


  8. Found the brochure but not the actual invoice my dad made notes on. He paid $764 each in Oct 1978. In the same brochure he wrote that Cornwalls were $399 each and Heresey's were $500 per pair. Looks like he got the La Scalas quoted as well at $567 each. Pretty cheap compared to todays prices.

  9. Thanks for the input. I bought cleats that can support 100lbs each, they really don't look all that strong or massive but that should easily handle the job safely. Now of course I need to finish the bottoms like the rest of the speakers since I skipped that step thinking I would never see the bottom. I'll get pics when I'm done.

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