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  1. ^^^this I'm looking into it further. They claim they ran 16 so I need to double check. Think I would be ok with 16? If not, I think I'm going to wait until everything is finished (dw is up and painted) and then run wire myself. I have attic space above so it won't kill me.
  2. Hey guys, Really worried. Just realized my contractor installed 18 awg for my speakers (KL-650s and KS-525s). I'll be running an XPA-3 as well so I am REALLY worried. If I am to change out these wires, what size do I need. I need to do it immediately to avoid some serious construction issues. Thanks so much for your help, Cory
  3. Thanks JJK. Sounds like it's definitely worthwhile to get these based on the easy and inexpensive repair. They're a great deal. Thanks again, Cory
  4. Hey guys, Looking to finish off my 7.1 with the purchase of some KL-650s. Problem is the previous owner mounted them on the wall and now there are screw holes through the back. My questions are: must this be repaired and, if so, how involved/expensive is the repair? Thanks everyone, Cory
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