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  1. I took it as a priveledge as well. I maintained it out of the weather in good condition for a couple years. While it was used in the sale on AK, I requested he join the Klipsch forum and had no indication that he would not. I also gave him the history of the vault. I am not sure how he had the speakers moved from Cleveland to Chicago after they were refinished and why he didn't use the vault again other than he said it was going to cost an extra $150 to use it. Not trying to pass the buck, just explaining that I am as disappointed as others here on the forum. That we discussed it and when he bought them it was understood. He used them to transport to Cleveland, but chose on his own to discard it after the refurb. I don't know how he transported them on the second trip to Chicago, but obviously without the vault. I didn't find out until I contacted him recently when he was reselling. He possibly became a member here, but I'm not sure.
  2. Just to update the whereabouts of the Cornwall Vault. I used the vault a few years ago to transport a pair of Cornies from MN to IN. This past winter, I sold them to a fellow member on the Audiokarma forum. The Cornwalls traveled in the vault. I requested he join the Klipsch forum and report he was the new keeper. I am assuming he never did. I recently saw he was selling them locally in the Chicago area so I sent him a message to ask the new owner to do the same (report in to the Klipsch forum). He said he no longer has it. He told the delivery company they could keep it or destroy it. So unfortunately it is no longer available. I apologize for that, but I had no control once he took ownership. They originally went to northern OH, to a relative, for refinishing. Then when he moved them to Chicago, the vault was discarded in OH. That's the story as I understand it. While I held the vault, I never received any personal message requesting the use of it, but I did receive a question about it as to how it worked. Again my apologies to the community!
  3. The Outlaw is sold. Thanks for looking.
  4. rpampt


    Technics is sold too!
  5. rpampt


    The table would be plug and play, provided you have a headshell and cartridge/stylus. I may be able to come up with something (headshell/cart combo) for a few more $$$.
  6. rpampt


    Technics SL 1500. Can let go for $90 plus shipping. No headshell or cartridge. Cables were replaced previously. One connector is a little wonky, but I can repair that before shipment. PM me for more details if interested. Where are you located? Might find a table local and save on shipping.
  7. Yep, Heresy. Just so happens I know someone who has a single! []
  8. I bought this from Outlaw as B Stock coupla years ago. Only thing I have found wrong with it is smugded letters on a couple buttons on the remote control. I have original packing, calibration mic, extra remote. This has been used in my main rig, off and on since I got it. I've decided to get away fror 5.1 and 7.1 and going back to stereo only rig. I have a new tube preamp on order so need to recoup some funds. Everything works perfectly. I will provide pics in the next couple days if it's not gone already. There is also a smudge on the face of the processor that may come off with the proper cleaner, not sure what it is. Has phono section too, which is rare for the modern processors. This have gotten great reviews and compared to competitors usually costing much more. Very versatile unit. Over 14 months left on factory warranty will be included. I just have to call Outlaw to switch it over and they will send the recipient a confirmation email. I will probably be putting some or all of my vintage Sony gear up for sale in the near future. If it sells first, I'll probably keep the Outlaw or vice versa. $315 plus shipping. Or will consider a DAC valued between $100-$150 as partial trade towards the Outlaw. Thanks for looking.
  9. LED's are aa little brighter, Plasma's darker blacks. You'd need a pretty high refresh rate to do movement as well as the Plasma IMHO. I went shopping for something to replace my Sony CRT widescreen. One of the last of the good ones. I needed something larger. I was planning on buying an LED and could not pass up the Panasonic Plasma 60". My only concern was if it would be bright enough in my LR which has lots of windows. Absolutely no problem, and the picture is spectacular. My sister bought a 55" LED with a 240 refresh rate and my Plasma still is better with motion. Brands and results can certainly vary with price and models, but my experience says dollar for dollar, plasma is the way to go. Now performance of a super high refresh rate model, I can't say, but they are big, big $$$
  10. Size matters![] Those are at the top of my wish list. Nice find!
  11. Hey Bruce. That's good to hear. Ihave a pair of MK III's I've just gone through and recapped and changed out any out of spec resistors. Have been considering the Poseidon boards, but just haven't made a final decision. Sounds like quite a change from the original. Could you give a little more detail on the Poseidon board changed the sound? BTW, what preamp are you using and do you know what the output impedance is? I was told that the Poseidon board necessitates having a preamp with low output impedance. I don't understand the details.
  12. Funny how certain ones show up on several lists. Dire Straits- Bros. in Arms Clapton-From the Cradle Lonnie Mack- Strike Like Lightning (with guest SRV) BB King- several Bonamassa- Black Rock EJ- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Bonnie Raitt- Luck of the Draw Zeppelin- OK, all of em. AC/DC-Everything up to Back in Black (little more edgy and raw) and you gotta love Bon Scott Steve Miller- Fly Like an Eagle ----------------- Now that I've gotten started, maybe just some other fav artists. Joe Cocker Aretha Franklin Brook Benton Otis Redding Travis Tritt - One of the few country artists that I enjoy Patsy Cline And some fav Christian artists John Elephante (was with Kansas for awhile) Clay Crosse Charlie Daniels- (Yeah that Charlie Daniels)- Steel Witness Shoot I've got too many favorites, better stop now.
  13. OK. I may still strip them off and I can always repaint them again. I misread the serial numbers. It was 16(S)017, not 168017. I think that sets the date as 1978. Shows inspected by: Paul Ward and tested by: N W Bradford. Maybe some more folks you remember from the old days.
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