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  1. I did move on from the speakers but good news is my dad is rocking them in his new home theater that I put together for him last week - with the KLFC7 center and some reference ceiling surrounds and the same Sunfire sub I have. He is using a new Pioneer SC-55 AVR and they sound great just like I remebered. I can only imagine with those kind of pre amps and tube amps what they could sound like... I am happy with my current setup, especially with my space and how I can really use it right now.
  2. ousig

    sub advice

    the JL subs are great but to me WAY overpriced. They are only using their car subs (that are great) but still you could buy one of those the W7 series and build a box and amp and you would be there if you are good at that kind of stuff. There are plenty of other brands that will give you more than enough bass before you go spend $1500+ on 1 10 or 12 inch sub... Like many have said, I would go with the SVS brand if you have plenty of room/space. Those subs are great and put out some real home theater bass for their price. The only reason I got rid of mine is because my life changed (1 baby and 1 on the way in 2 months) so I had to downsize my speaker setup in our living room. good luck though - if you have $1500 to spend on a sub I really dont think you can screw up too easy!
  3. pretty much no info here to explain that - maybe you said why in previous posts? to me the $700 - $1000 range has so many subs it is very confusing and really no 1 fits all sub. very similar to the $30- $40k new car price range both of those subs seem to fall into this range and have some VERY stiff competition so if you are comparing the MSRP price for the Klipsch to some of the ID brands then I agree the Klipsch will fall short. the ID brands simply pump more money into the good stuff when it calls to sub design. but there are ways of stating your opinion that are helpful and that is what we are looking for. Not just some random statement and if you look in the signatures of the people here you will see very LITTLE Klipsch sub following so slow your roll before your name us all as "followers"
  4. wow this is worthless as a reply not every sub has to be the end all be all "best bang for your buck" sub. I have owned a SVS and it was great for sure (once they replaced the amp 2 times) but not every sub works for every person or their space/setup. No need to knock the guy when he is obviously pumped about his new sub
  5. great looking sub and other speakers - but like mentioned, why is your amazing center sitting on the...floor...?????
  6. i spoke to a Klipsch rep at the recent Star Power Expo in Dallas a month or 2 ago and he said they are going to start putting Klipsch intros in theaters with Klipsch sound - kind of like the old THX intro. I told him even better would be to put something small on the movie tickets - like "sound by Klipsch" or something like that. so if that becomes a reality you heard it 1st here!
  7. yes it is great - and obviously matched to your KLFs so go for it! being sealed it was nice to have a center that wasnt so dang deep like all ported center channels are now (still dont understand why since we all cross them over at 80hz mostly)
  8. this is why most reference levels are 85db - to be "safe" for all of our ears. 85db is pretty loud for regular listening. another reason why arguing if your amp puts out 90 or 110 watts is irrelevant. Most of the time we are only using a couple watts to produce 85+dbs. and someone please correct me but I for some reason thought bass frequencies do not techincally hurt your ears? or maybe it just takes such higher dbs compared to higher frequencies
  9. very nice - I would love to have the 83s in my ideal setup but anything larger than my 62s would just be pointless at the moment. I bet the 8 inch woofers produce nice lower range voices congrats
  10. oh I agree they are not perfect at all - but it really doesnt matter in any regular home setting because there are too many variables playing against you. You should be able to get a good idea with a basic meter. and I dont know for sure but I dont think there is much info below 30hz on anything but the lowest movie effects. most of the low bass you hear is 40 - 60 hz range
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SCOSCHE-Model-SPL1000-Sound-Pressure-Meter-130db-/270948665216?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f15cc8780 there are tons for $50 or less if you are interested
  12. i got a used digital RS one off ebay granted I really dont know how to use it exactly right so I mostly just use it to confirm my ears. the annoying thing about this meter is it will not display anything below 80 db (must be defective) so I cant do much lower volume testing - and nothing over like 126 db trying to see how loud my car system is All I did was through the receiver test tones I set it where the fronts were all the same at the 0db receiver setting - about 87db on the meter. I have found that with the sub set up about 6db it sounds best to me in my situation at all volumes. So the sub will be reading 93 - 94db and the fronts at 87db with the receiver test tone just listening to good ole rap music I can get 108 - 109db along all of the back wall in my room (where the couch and chair is) and many random places in my kitchen/dining nook that the living room opens up to. I would like to get a test CD to compare output and frequency. nothing super crazy loud but plenty to hear and feel it. all from a 13.5inch cube...
  13. do you have an SPL meter? I would like to hear the #s you can get in room to compare to my Sunfire a bit or have you done any other testing?
  14. kind of off topic but in topic also my only objection would be so far I miss the sound from my old KLF series speakers with 1 month vs my new RF62ii fronts. both sound great but I really think the KLFs had a better mid bass/lower male voice sound. Oviously with 2 10 inch woofers the 20s should sound much different. To me the new reference line really wants the horn tweeter to handle the MAJORITY of the sound output. That can be a good or bad thing from what I have noticed. It seems that the lower male voice range is not what I get right now but that easily could be the settings on my Denon so I will play with it more when I have time. 1 thing is for sure though, the 62ii center is amazing compared to the 52. another thing - I really dont know why anyone would spend the money on the 64ii vs just buying 2 62ii and stacking them. This center can keep up with anything out there for realistic volumes I think good luck - anyone with the 7s really cant complain about anything!
  15. FYI an example of wonderful customer service - Klipsch is going to replace these speakers free of cost for me with basically no questions asked! Another reason why I will continue to be a faithfull Klipsch customer and spread the word
  16. I think Sunfire would get more love if they were not so expensive new. For $1000ish there are TONS of options out there especially if you are not concerned with the size of the sub. But if you are (like I was) there are very few options that can play with the Sunfires congrats on your new toy!
  17. I agree - I had the KLF20s (2 10 inch woofers) and they blasted with rap music - didnt need a sub at all when cranked up. get a set of Cerwin Vegas with a 12 or a 15 inch woofer and prepare to pound away. of course they are a different animal vs Klipsch speakers but they serve a purpose and they do a good job mostly. I did have problems with the tweeters shutting down during some loud college parties. something my KLF20s never had a problem with the point is, while the RF82s will get very loud they wont play loud bass very well. You need something with bigger woofers or a bigger sub and cross over the 82s so they can play loud w/o the burden of all the bass
  18. I agree that would be a great purchase for that price. the MUCH bigger SVS will be more effortless like others have said but the Sunfire is great if you need a small size. I have the HRS12 and it really kicks out big bass and can go increadibly low for the size. I am amazed many times when I have a good movie playing. and I came from a SVS sub before - it was great but just so big
  19. so I took my speakers down tonight to clean them off real good (been nice weather). so I took them down for the 1st time in about 5 years - they have been under my covered patio the whole time so never any direct water or sun. I took off the grill to clean it and notice the rubber surround on both of the woofers was cracking pretty bad - from front to back. I was thinking the rubber surround should last a lot longer than this? I see they have a 5 year warranty but no way I have the original receipt from best buy when I got them so long ago. I guess they still sound fine, especially considering I dont crank it up outside. But I wonder if Klipsch will replace the woofers or if I should just not worry about it...I could probably replace with any 5.25 inch woofer from Klipsch I suppose wondering if anyone else has checked out their outdoor speakers after a while to see how they are holding up
  20. I tend to agree with you. I am still wondering why my Denon set the sub so low in the calibration...but like you say I love the sound at my settings so cant complain. now I am a bit more of a bass head than a let myself on considering I still have my car stereo in my Acura that I put together in college still that easily hits 120 DB at 35hz/ but I have Focal separates in the doors that remind me of the beautiful bright Klipsch sound! so you can understand why I love loud CLEAR/CLEAN music it is a main Afrodisiac if you ask me. does anyone else have similar settings ?
  21. the Denon set the front and center to large after the mic calibration but I put them all to small and the crossover at 80hz manually after. I have the sub level at about 50% on the sub. It sounds great to me but I cant imagine any LESS bass at all...if anything I want more [] yes I use a Yconnector
  22. hey all it seems most things I read people have their sub level down (in db terms) compared to the fronts. I let my Denon set up the speaker levels and I noticed it had my fronts and center at +7 and the sub at -5. I presume I am more of a bass head than most maybe but the only way I have been able to make it sound good to me is +2 for the fronts and +6 for the sub... I used my RS SPL meter and basically set the fronts to 87 DB and the sub to 92 DB with the manual test tone on my receiver. by no means does it sound "bass heavy" to me at these settings so I just cant imagine why the "normal" setting would be so much different? What does everyone else set their sub at compared to the other speakers? sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum - move if needed
  23. as the title asks - my parents are building a new house in the Houston area (high humidity) and want to put some celing speakers for their patio and in their master bath. obviously both will be 100% covered from direct water but there will be humidity in both locations. I cant confirm on the site if these will be ok with that situation - I imagine they will since they have rubber surrounds and no paper material in the woofer. thanks for any input
  24. I got mine a few months back for $15 on Ebay it has the DTS and 2.1 PCM recordings the DTS surround audio is breathtaking - too bad all of our music doesnt sound this good! I can barely listen to the regular CD in my car anymore now...
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