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  1. I have a 100% mint RC52 center I am selling - currently on Ebay. it is the previous version but it will work great for you. let me know if you are interested I was using it with my KLF20s (MUCH larger speaker) and honestly it was just fine. it took some tweaking with the crossovers on my Denon but it held its own without complaint. Like you it was the biggest that would fit in my previous TV console
  2. for that price NOTHING does $1000 or less good luck finding anything better I already miss mine!
  3. probably not a whole lot of help here but I used to have the older verson of the SVS PB12NSD and it was all that. only reason I got rid of it was it was so dang BIG! the newer one is slightly smaller but still very big. just was an eye sore in our living room honestly. but the output was great and when turned up it really put out tons of low bass. on the same hand I now have a sealed Sunfire HRS12 sub and for how I use it I am perfectly happy with it. especially the size it really all boils down to 1) your room size/shape/function 2) your type of music/movies 3) tons of low bass or LOUD bass?
  4. you will love the speakers - I would never have let my dad take them if I had more room in our living area and if my wife didnt keep complaining about the "big black boxes" for years...!
  5. what SVS tube model? most likely the SVS will keep up at least with the Polk and should have more output in the very low bass area - below 30hz. why not try it out? just be ready to adjust to the visual difference. the tubes are BIG but they make great bass if you have room for it
  6. I agree - most likely he is asked to push the MK speakers if possible see if you can take a few of both home to listen to and see what you like
  7. 100% wrong and he needs a new "authority on speakers". or this person is not understanding what he is hearing or talking about I had a set of 20s and used them through college with a 200 watt/channel QSC amp. they played perfect and loud on everything from country/rap/rock/anything else and would have taken more power easily. it is obviously his amp setup. like the previous poster said, it sounds like a dusty knob or another issue but not your speakers
  8. when I got my 20s almost 9 years ago both of the back panels vibrated bad. I took all of the drivers and horns out then took my drill with a 1/8th drill bit. and drilled VERY carefully small holes (maybe 3rd of an inch) from the inside kind of at an angle between the back and side panels...may have not done anything but was a good idea at the time! from there I put a bead of liquid nails all around the seams and let them dry/air out for a few days before putting the drivers back on. and i left them on the back the whole time. be aware that the fumes are extreme so do this somewhere that you dont have to stay with them. long story short it worked and they have held solid as a rock since then
  9. I have a MINT RC52 center if you are interested that I am considering to change out...if so send me a message
  10. that may have something to do with it - I used to have the KLF20s and they are large and can play down to 35hz but the bass in the room sounded the best if they were set to small. Their bass would interfere with the sub bass. most of the subs you are looking at will be a downgrade from your current Polk. You should be able to look at the settings of your system and make it work. I would be carefull if you looking at an old Sunfire sub. While some can be great, there were problems with some of the older models. I 100% would not get one that looked dropped. These things are built to such tight tolerances that a drop can be real bad. If I could get the PDR12 for $300 or less I would buy that no matter if I used it now or not! That is a great low to mid level sub and at that price you cant go wrong. But then again it is not in the same class as your Polk. The SDS12 will outperform that Paradigm but once again I dont think it will keep up with your Polk. so on your list I would still only consider the DT or maybe the Klipsch just because you are used to the sound of your older 15 inch sub. out of those 2 I would get the DT unless there was a huge price difference. If you can spend around $900 - $1000+ - check out the Sunfire HRS12. I would be interested to hear how it was compared to your Polk. similar idea with a small box and very powerfull amp but the Sunfire is sealed vs using a passive radiator like the Polk.
  11. yes I know kind of odd all I can figure is it needed a bit more power to fill up the room at lower volumes. so maybe it was undersized/powered for our room just a bit. but it is hard to say that because like I said it would play as loud as I could want and never stress. the sunfire with the 1000watt amp has a lot more "punch" at low volumes and will play very loud/low if needed. for what we use the room for that is the best thing for us
  12. it is basically the same size but 3 inches less deep and 10 lbs lighter. the new amp has more power partially to compensate for the smaller box design. Either way it is plenty of sub for the majority of people and most "normal" sized rooms. 2 of those would dominate just about any setup I think
  13. I previously had the older PB12NSD model it was a great sub but it was too big physically for our room. the room is 14 x 18 that opens into the kitchen/dining area. the SVS had more than enough bass to keep up with my KLF20s and my new RF62ii and would rattle pictures all over the house if they werent very heavy. So in other words I would save your money and go with the NSD and not look back. They are great subs
  14. you mean the Sunfire SDS12 I assume anyway I was in your similar situation not long ago. I had to replace my SVS PB12NSD with something smaller but I wanted more lower volume "sound" I guess. The SVS would go crazy when playing loud but it was kind of weak when listening at low volumes. it looks like your price range is pretty wide from the Def Tech to the older Paradigm...so you are saying your Polk doesnt sound very good at low volumes? I really find that hard to imagine with the power it has and considering it has a 12inch woofer. Have you tried to adjust the settings on the sub and your receiver? In general the low volume bass output will be improved with a vented box and larger woofer. Simply because they are more efficient. But with all of the different designs out there you can really have any sound you want with any design almost. I ended up with the Sunfire HRS12 and I am 100% happy. It sounds great and ALL volumes. It has more clean bass when listening quietly than the SVS but will open up and pound when I want too and all from a 13.5 inch cube...I bring new people in, make them close their eyes and turn on some tunes or a movie opening. Then they look for the huge sub and see that little guy sitting in the corner. I also tried the Sunfire SDS12 at the same time. It is a much cheaper sub and honestly feels and sounds like it. It produces a ton of bass in the 40hz range but doesnt sound half as good overall as the sealed HRS line. a long time ago I had a Paradigm PDR10 and it was a great sub for the price. If you can find the 12 I think you will be happy and probably not have to spend much at all. They are a ported design and have quite a bit of low rumble. But it doesnt have near the power as your Polk so if I were you I would stick with a higher power output sub maybe the Def Tech or Sunfire HRS12 to compare to your Polk
  15. I used to have the QSC RMS850 on my KLF20s. these things are efficient for sure but they LOVE power. With this amp there was 0 need for a sub at most listening levels. They could have easily handled more also sounded great at all volume levels and you can find these on Ebay for your price range http://www.qscaudio.com/products/amps/rmx/rmx.htm
  16. play with the settings more I have an older Denon (2805) and it has sounded great with both my KLF20s and RF62ii but there are times like with Dolby pro logic II music or cinema that sounds like crap. So the only thing I use is regular stereo or Dolby Digital/DTS. All of the other sound effect settings sound bad IMO
  17. that is a LOT of speaker for $400/pair...I was originally looking at these also but the 45 inch height really killed the deal for our area
  18. I have a RC52 with my RF62ii if you end up with the RF52ii I may be able to sell my center so I could get the RC62 to better match my mains (if you are interested). It is 100% perfect FYI
  19. a bit high but would you sell the center seperate?
  20. what price for the RF62s? I just got a set a few weeks back to replace my KLF20s (needed to downsize) and they are fantastic. I have played them quite a bit full range with my sub turned off and I am very surprised with the bass and how loud they go. I can play my Denon 2805 at full output with 0 sounds of stress from the speakers. I say if the deal is that good then get them and you can always figure out the rest later! I dont like to pass up on great deals no matter what
  21. due to all of this confusion (and much more) - I simply run the audyssey settings then come up with my own that sounds good to me. There is simply too many variables and unknowns for me to get involved with or I would drive myself crazy vs just enjoying my system and I belive that is the whole reason to purchase what we have
  22. amazing - have you taken some measurments with an SPL meter? I had to get rid of my SVS ( too big and wife wasnt pleased...). but our next house will have more room for sure and I will be back to SVS. I am very pleased with the Sunfire HRS12 I got for the size and output though
  23. what lines are coming back? I just got a brand new set of RF62ii and they are made in China...annoying honestly. My KLF20s were made in USA and that was great to me
  24. I would go with the KLF20s over the KLF30s - I have owned the 20s for about 8 years and my friend got the 30s shortly after. Both are great speakers but the 20s seemed to have beter bass responce with the 10 inch woofers and though they are big the 30s are HUGE!!!! You will get the best sound with the most power you can get to them. a 100 watt/channel AVR will be fine but to really wake them up and get big bass you will want 200 - 250/channel.
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