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  1. love the center channel wish I could afford a $1400 center! - I agree get the best sub and center you can then fronts then surrounds
  2. I will probably make the upgrade to a 62 when I get more funds. but can anyone confirm my crossover question?
  3. nice looking TV stand - too bad no company makes one big enough to fit the RC64 beast! that looks like a lot of speaker for that small room - how does it all sound? I had the same "problem" with my KLF20s in our smaller living room area. Like the 7s they have 2 10 inch woofers but they also have 2 horns. They really need a big room to appreciate the beautiful clean/loud/powerfull sound they can produce.
  4. hope it happens and soon. companies need to relize the American consumer will pay slightly more to see Made in USA on the box - for the most part. If it is a plastic bag then I dont care but for any products that quality is sought after I would and do search out USA on the label. I hated seeing Made in China on my new RF62ii boxes...
  5. either my question was too complicated (doubt it) or people are sick of the 62/52 debate (possible) if anything I would like to know about the crossover changes
  6. get the KLF20s over the KLF30s...I just boxed my 20s up to send to my parents new home theater room. my friend has the 30s and we both felt the 20s sounded beter with better bass responce. Plus the 30s are super freaking huge! I do love the KLF series though
  7. hey all I just got a set of RF62ii to replace my beloved KLF20s (just too big) - that my dad is going to use in his HT...anyway due to my previous TV stand the biggest center I could fit was the RC52. Yes I was running it with the KLFs and overall it was fine, but that is probably because I didnt have my KLFC7 any longer so I had to settle. This 52 speaker seems to get very little love on this site but either way I will want to change to the RC62ii to match my fronts soon (I think)? considering my Denon can voice match the speakers as best it can, what would I really be getting with the 62 vs the 52? Right now my only complaint is the 52 seems kind of small sounding on some formats. But on a true 5.1 recording the center is very clear and loud. I was also wondering why Klipsch changed from the staggered crossover design of the older reference centers to 1 frequency in the new ones? If this is a downgrade maybe I should look for a used RC62 instead of the mark ii verson? I am sure the differences are all very minimal but if I do change I want to get the best speaker for my money. thanks for the replies
  8. I have not made any "technical" measurements" but I rely on my ears and I am very happy. I ended up with the HRS12 and it has more than enough bass at all levels of volumes. the SVS for sure will have more total output in very low frequencies (30hz and below) but to me the Sunfire sounds much better. and very rarely do I get the chance to play it loud enough on low bass tracks to notice the difference. It is very clean and fast sounding on music and movies...I always thought that was a random thing to read when looking at subwoofers but it is plain as day now going from the big SVS to the small and very powerful Sunfire. if space was not a problem I probably would not have gotten rid of the SVS but I am not complaining anymore. Even my wife is impressed with the sound of the Sunfire. So long story short the HRS10 or even the HRS8 would be enough for most spaces but I love loud/clean music so I wanted more. the 12 inch is working very well. The price of the HRS line is nearly half of the next up line. even the dealer I bought it from said they rarely sell the higher priced line - if anything just 2 of the HRS subs. SVS is a great brand but if you need to save space I really do recommend Sunfire if you have a dealer nearby. let me know if you have any more questions.
  9. I have noticed that - great forum I have owned the KLF20s and KLFC7 for about 9 years but my dad is taking them for their new theater room. I am forced to downsize a bit so I will end up with the RF62ii fronts and I currently have the RC52 center but may move up to the 62. my surround speakers are the lovely Quintets but I dont have room for anything larger at the moment Sunfire HRS-12 sub (former SVS owner that I miss) oh and I have Klipsch outdoor speakers
  10. not to far away at all - my Klipsch "system" is pretty weak but I have been an a/v fan for 15+ years and Klipsch for most of that time also
  11. if we can get a north Dallas one I would be in - hard enough for me to get free time on the weekends much less drive a couple hours around DFW
  12. that is what I was thinking. for the long term it may be better to spend a bit extra and get the RF62s. especially considering how much we use these - our main living room/music/movie room so used daily
  13. I am going to replace my KLF20s with a smaller floorstanding set. My dad is taking the 20s so they will stay in the family at least. anyway due to size I was going to go with the RF62 for front (I already have the 52 center) but the RF52s just seemed like a big backtrack from my current setup. So I was all set on the 62s but I just saw vanns had the VF series of VERY cheap right now...the 35s are for like $180/speaker. obviously they wouldnt be "as good" as the new RF62 but has anyone heard both to really compare? I mean if I could save $400 and get the VFs maybe that would be a good option...?
  14. like you all I think the 20s are great. possible I can keep them depending on what we do for a new TV stand and how much space I have left. worst case I will sell them on here or to my Dad so I know they will be in good hands...or I would get some of the reference line to match my current center.
  15. to update I tried the Sunfire HRS12 and knew right then it was what I needed. It has the same 1000 watt amp as the 10 but obviously a larger woofer and very slightly larger box but the output is much better. it is exactly what I want a low volumes either on a movie (with true .1 output) or regular music on stereo. it absolutely sound great playing loud and it looks great also. all I can figure on the HRS10 is either there may have been something wrong with it or the 12 is just that much better. I will get some readings soon and ost them thanks for the help guys
  16. pretty sure I would have noticed the spot of paint (red or black) if there was one but that was years ago when I was in there. I will check them out this weekend is there any real benefit to replace the internal wiring with some newer stuff? if I remember correctly it looked like small 18 guage stuff
  17. when running the audio setup on my Denon it stated that the fronts had a polarity issue. Years back I did take all of the drivers out to fix the back panel vibrations and add some foam. I thought I marked the + and - but possibly I missed something. They sound great to me but not as good to the mic on my Denon. I know you can use a AA battery to confirm the woofers + and - inputs but how about the horns? If I remember correctly they were not marked + or - on the back or if they were I didnt notice
  18. ok I may call the Denon tech support to confirm how it handles the bass output through the LFE connection when not using a format that has the LFE broken out (regular radio/TV). I am completely confused as to why the Sunfire has such less sound when listening at low volumes vs the SVS - but it is much closer to the same when a real LFE signal is output and the fronts are set to large and the Denon outputs the LFE + main bass
  19. 1) I have it at bypass along with the SVS because I was using the Denon's crossover set at 80HZ...but of course this only happens when I have the fronts at small...so just had a thought... if I have the fronts as large AND the subs crossovers at bypass then the subs are basically playing their full range. 2) I have no worries about the KLFs, they can handle whatever you throw at them basically 3) it seems that with the KLFs at large and the subs crossovers not set correctly (I will fix this tonight if I have the mains as large) the bass from the SVS and KLFs cancel out more than with the Sunfire playing. 4) well when I had it like this the subs were both playing bass even when just listening to music/regular TV where I assume there is not an LFE signal being processed. If that is the case I guess the Denon simply sends regular bass signals out of the LFE output like it would any full range output? My Denon has the option when the fronts are set to large to not only send the LFE signal to the sub but also the bass from the main speakers. my thought the whole time was this would be a good option to add more overall bass to the room as long as the KLFs didnt cancel the bass from one of the subs. Another job for the SPL meter. I think I got myself all confused with all of the possible settings and need to take a few steps back. Is the most common setup for everyone to have all speakers to small regardless of their bass handling characteristics?
  20. last night I brought in my SVS and put it back in the corner and put the Sunfire on top of it then played music and watched some movies while switching back and forth between the 2. I dont have an SPL meter yet so I cant say exactly how much the difference was but basically when the overall volume was up pretty high - KLFs were blasting beautifully [H] the Sunfire was hitting very hard, plenty low and filling in just fine. I could feel it in the couch and "things" were shaking around just like with the SVS. here are the differences - that basically all of you have said but I thought I would say. at lower listening volumes the Sunfire does not fill in near as good as the SVS UNLESS I put the front speakers to LARGE and run both the LFE AND front/main bass to the Sunfire. If I run the KLFs as small the overall bass does not seem to be enough unless I am in some specific areas of the room. But not really the very low bass, more the 40 - 70hz range. It doesnt make since because I thought the Sunfire would be deficient in the low bass if anything at low volumes... So what do you all think about if I keep my mains as large to basically help out the Sunfire (if I plan on keeping it)? Obviously it was still making low bass but just not the "punch or feel" w/o the mains playing along. But if I do this with the SVS the overall bass is almost worse, so I have always ran the KLFs as small with it...just trying to figure out why this would be since I am running both subs in the exact same spot. I guess my settings may be a bit off. when I ran the auto calibration from the Denon with the sunfire it set the fronts and center both to large. Would that setting still send the full bass to the sub also or would it only send the LFE signal when listing to movies and when in regular stereo the sub wouldnt get much signal? part of me wants to get a new sub because it is fun and this one is much smaller/easier to live with. But maybe I need to accept the SVS is just a better overall sub for what I need and I may have to change the KLFs out for the smaller RF62s to get the wife off my back!
  21. using the attic for the "box"? we have a 2 story and the living room/play room/music/theater/everything room is downstairs. What is the best way for me to really check the output differences over a variety of frequencies? I was thinking get the SPL meter from radio shack and some sort of test CD (but what one) then I can put my SVS back in the corner and the sunfire on top and swap back and forth. my ears are saying it isnt near as loud when the volume is not up very high but I want to make sure my eyes arent telling my ears that - since the sunfire is so small. when I ran the auto calibration on my Denon with the mic it put the sub at -4db but too me that was way too low unless I had it cranked up real loud. The KLF20s are so efficient I dont have to turn up the Denon very loud to have it plenty loud for "normal" volumes. In order for the sunfire to keep up I had to turn it up to +6db and the volume level on the back to right about half. because I dont have a dedicated theater room I dont need super loud/shaking bass (I have my car for that for now ) But I want something powerfull enough to sound solid when volumes are low and keep up with my KLFs or possible smaller RF62s in the future when I can crank it up
  22. any Klipsch sub ($800 or less) that would match the SVS output BUT be a bit smaller? it seems I am destined to be with a larger ported sub. I love the SVS but it is just so dang big.
  23. hey all I currently have the KLF20s as mains and a big SVS subwoofer (PB12-NSD). I have had the KLFs for many years and want to hold onto them if at all possible but the size of those and the SVS sub is too much for the wife. so I need to downsize A local dealer has the sunfire subs and the size is amazing but so far the sound just isnt there - I picked up the HRS10 for now. Of course it is hard to compare because I am used to the big sound from the BIG ported SVS and the sunfire is only a 12 inch cube but with a 10 inch driver and a 1000 watt amp! I would think it would push out some big bass I still need to tweak the settings some and I am sure it needs to break in so it may work out good. the sub itself looks beautiful but I need more sound at this point.
  24. our current room just is a bad shape and has 0 flexibility in regards to moving the speakers around (I wont make that mistake in our next house). So I may just keep these, put them in storage, let my dad use them in their new house for a while or replace them with another smaller set. ideally I keep them near 1 way or another! anyone know about these? Klipsch WF-35 Icon-W I imagine any other smaller set wont be as "good" as the 20s but for the way they are used now I would imagine I could get away with a smaller set of Klipsch speakers for now. any other models that would be recommended around that size or like the RF52 or 62?
  25. great info everyone I really appreciate it. I am interested in the crossover and or horn upgrades. what kind of cost are we looking at for that? I assume I can dig around on here to find most of the info I would need to get it done. I may be able to either store these if I do have to get smaller ones for now or the wife is most interested in me getting a smaller sub...though I love the SVS I would rather keep my 20s. The Denon sounds very good on movies and when turned up loud but seems to lack the power to produce full/clean sound when played quietly. I probably need to mess with the settings and use the setup mic again to see if that helps.
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