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  1. These are acustically transparent masking panels that attach via magnetically made by seymour av.
  2. Nothing comes close to 2.35:1 content but masking helps the 16x9 content out dramatically.
  3. I'm plus one on processor vs avrs for Their audio quality not that avrs don't sound good but processors have more fidelity imo
  4. I'm considering the se sub with an 11" driver and it' comes in piano gloss black but I'm not sure how the paradigm subs perform. I like and have heard svs subs but I like to keep equipment matching. It's an OCD thing.
  5. I will take your advice which paradigm sub would you sujest? I want to keep this to a smaller foot print 10" or 8" sub that is in piano gloss black to make th wife happy. The sun will most likely be out of view but just in case it is visible.
  6. and if the pocket is deeper than two jtr cap s2 will give you musical bliss and beyond powerful HT. I am overwhelmed every time I watch something in my theater but the seatons are drop dead gorgeous.
  7. Well out of all the auctions nothin thing blew me away I'm going win the paradigm soundscape and a 10" small for trying sub. Possible the definitive technology super cube.
  8. So I have narrowed it down to either the paradigm soundscape and then add a paradigm small 10" sub. The definitive technology set solo cinema or the bowers and Wilkins panorama 2 and add a small bowers and Wilkins 10" sub into the mix. I have heard the d.t. and thought it sounded good but not The paradigm. There is no way for me to hear that one in my area but i have a feeling I wound like it since I'm an anthem guy. I'm going to give the bowers and Wilkins an audition today.
  9. The difference in th finishes from the palladium and th entertainment center actually looks good
  10. Not going all out just it happend to sound the best to my ears when I was in the store. I do love paradigm gear though.
  11. Oops can this be moved the the home theater section?
  12. So I'm getting a soundbar for the TV in the master bedroom. Would I be banned for life from the forum of I went with the Sonos soundbat and wirless sub it sounded incredible to me out of all the ones I auditioned. It is a bit pricey at 1200 for the the set but it sounded the smoothest and most neutral and I watch more movies in my bedroom than in the theater. I liked the klipsch one but I actually left the Sonos audition impressed.
  13. I understand and completely agree with you carl I don't use anywhere close to the amount of power these subs have 8000 W total and I believe 14,400 W peaks I haven't even touched I think at most I use probably 30% of what the subs can dowhich is more than my ears could ever need.
  14. Looking forward to it mike and these have 4 18" drivers and double the power of wakes! I'm actually stopping tomorrow on my way home from charlotte to charleston at forum member etc6849 to experience the full p39 palladium theater with his dual svs pb13 ultras super excited! I love the chance to meet forum members. We all just have this ability to talk endlessly about audio. Scrappy and I were on the phone for an hour walking about his new palladium bookshelves but it seemed like 5 mins lol. Give me a call youth to tell me details on your thoughts of wakes beautiful room!
  15. It's hard to see but there is about 2-3" clearance from the bottom of the kl650s to the top of the JtRs. They are suspended/mounted with omnimounts.
  16. 400lbs they won't move lol. They are on the recessed shelf. They haven't moved an inch since they we put in place. The recessed shelf did have a footer and header put in place due to their weight.
  17. Now hidden behind the 163" Seymour curved AT. Here is a pic of the anthem arc mic that is calibrate to each individual anthem d2v processor
  18. Here are some pictures of them installed I ran two separate 10-3 cable with two new circuits to power each of the 4000 watt amps. As I told scrappy per our phone conversation I did a demo and bumped them up 8db hot and watched a few scenes from films and the pressurization is surreal.
  19. Everything looks simply amazing glad to hear he's doing better and I'm glad that you guys are having some fun should be a memory filled weekend his craftsmanship is once again unparalleled
  20. Me too bro me too. I plan to make a trip out your way this year to hang out for a weekend for sure!
  21. I was on the phone with scrappy last night for an hour taking and I started laughing because I had the same problem. My wife and I watched inception at nearly -10 db and I decided to bump up the JTRs 6db just for the fun of the loud soundstaged film. Now our theater is on the fourth floor in a dedicated room treated very well and when we finished we came downstairs where the master bedroom is and my wife said "mike look what your speakers did" and all the shampoo and conditioner bottles were laying in the floor of the shower and the lamps ok our bed stands had moved 6" lol I think I took pictures I was so proud!
  22. There better be a hanging out with michael&klipsch thread one day lol. I'm not surprised by how your comparisons have come along. I wonder how a higher end HK would sound? I have never owned an HK but I really like neutral sounding gear and that is why I love the anthem d2v. I think the onkyo is another great product that I wish I kept with my 83s. I used to own the 808. Have a blast with wake!
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