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  1. I'm in the Louisville area if anyone needs help with this sub.
  2. Homeskizzle - If your doorway is 35" then you should be able to fit it through given one side is 32". Just a thought.
  3. It should fit through most common doorways; I built it to the max width that would still fit through a doorway.
  4. I may be able to dig a couple up. Any certain thing you are looking for in the build process?
  5. No takers last go around; these subs take the right buyer given their size. Thought I might keep it for my workshop, but it wouldn't get used enough.
  6. Up for sale is my TUBA HT subwoofer built from Baltic Birch using the Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 driver. It is raw wood, so you can stain it or cover it in any color you choose. The box is 36"x36"x32" not including the casters it is currently sitting on. If you are looking at this ad then you know what the speaker is capable of, and it will be hooked up for demo if interested. I really hate to part with this sub, but my room has a major null in the center, so I am going to be going to an multiple IB setup to help kill the nulls. Price: $400. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, and I am not interested in any trades except FI Audio model IB318 subs as this is what I will be using in my IB setup. Local pickup is the only option on the TUBA HT; I am located in the Louisville, KY area.
  7. Updated original post to reduced price of $400 and removed all other items that were sold.
  8. Bumping again as THT is still available. One Dayton subwoofer has sold so only 1 left there, and I am lowering the unfinished low profile THT to $50. Someone really needs to take it and finish it (you can't buy the lumber for that price).
  9. Prerich - Yes I got your message, and look forward to putting that amp to good use. Excited about the IB, but I know I will miss the tuba.
  10. I need to start getting rid of this stuff to start the IB journey so new pricing is: Finished TUBA HT: $450 Unfinished TUBA HT Low Profile: $75 Dayton Audio Subs (2): $140 shipped each Don't be afraid to make offers.
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