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  1. CWO I agree man I was thinking just that. I think i'm gonna buy one of those things looks like the size of a sponge and just rub it down good and blow it off good w air and see how that goes
  2. I have set of unfinished Russian birch, wondering how to clean em. Them being unfinished i'm a bit hesitant to put any chemical, its about the same color as pine, and i'm afraid it will stain. Thanks for any advise....Roost
  3. and you thought i was nuts lol, its been 2 days and i still cant get over it. I guess the search begins, and i thought i was done when i got my Khorns
  4. look for a mint Pioneer sx receiver, they are easier to find as their sales volume were much greater, and you can find one on the cheap. The 50 series some claim are a bit better than the 80, but i cant tell and have both. Look for a 9 or better going upwards, so 950/980 to 1050/1080 to the big 12's. I have used my 980 on my Forte ll's and they will light a house up literally, think i paid 300 for it but its mint, and so worth the green. Stay away from AVR receivers their trash for 100% music
  5. I am actually here because of the CF-4. I have a buddy thats been in the audio business for 40 years, Klipsch dealer as well as other fine speakers. Also McIntosh, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc anyway he has been watching me collect these Heritage for a long time, and has always told me the CF-4 was the best sounding speaker Klipsch has ever made, i paid him no mind. So i now have Khorns x 2, LaScala's x 2, Chorus ll, Forte ll, Quartet, and several Heresy's. My main amps are Mac MC-7150 w MX113 pre, Yamaha B2, Pioneer sx1250 and 80, and a ton of smaller stuff. I went to his house couple days ago, sat for 2 hours listening, brought my own music, then went home and listened to same stuff again. My conclusion, and this is killin me, those CF-4's sound better than anything i own. period. He has been telling me this forever and i wouldnt listen, they are the only true audiophile speakers PWK ever built. Now i know yall are gonna ask, he was using a Simply Italy 12w tube amp, and had it set up in a small 12 x 20 metal building. You would think my Mac hooked to Klipschorns, all set up right, would sound better, but it dont. Look at their design, horn in the middle, driver above and below, that projection, whatever it is, sounds far superior
  6. Carl, I read up on it and it seems that it is best do it as soon as it is squeezed before it loses its potency, which makes sense, not doubting the powder is good too just prolly not AS good as the fresh squeeze, heck man run by and do a shot, put it on my tab
  7. What does the typical shot of wheat grass cost at a bar? Usually between 250 and 350 depending where you are at. so ole Roost took juniper up on his advise and did 2 shots of wheat grass at the local juice bar, taste ? well it taste like liquid grass I guess, not to bad, but not to good either lol, cost...2 shots cost me 6.50 so not bad. Effect, I had to run home and go to the bathroom, luckily I was only a mile from the house, after that I could feel it FOR SURE, it gave me more energy. The bar had a pamphlet on wheat grass so I read it while I sat, I noticed while I sat for around 30 minutes several people came in and did a shot, this stuff has so many benefits I cant type them all, but I think I will get on the wheat grass wagon for awhile, it sure cant hurt anything...Roost
  8. I had a bud who had one of those Husky 510's a long time ago, kickstart was on the wrong side but once you got it started it was way fast on top, 6 speed was rare back then, i bet it would run 100mph
  9. mustang, I went on a deal called Mexico Motorcycles Adventures years ago when it was safe, we rode all through Mexico for 10 days on XR250's, rarely got on pavement, stopping in little towns along the way to have cold ones and eat. We had a blast, shame its so violent over there now cuz it is a beautiful country, like going back 100 years in time. I have never really owned a dual sport bike but am leaning heavy towards the Beta 500 RS, read nothing but good stuff about em and the 500 shouldn't be too big a drop off of what I'm used to, you got a dual sport ?
  10. Phelan and Peyton? yes sir, i reckon we're gonna have to go do a few shots Carl, and the liquor store is right next door if we dont get a buzz of the juice
  11. It doesn't taste that bad, but the feeling after 3 or 4 shots is incredible..... One shot of wheat grass is the equivalent to almost 2.5 pounds of raw vegetables so imagine getting that many nutrients in your system all at once. Its amazing!!! wish my local juice bar didn't shut down, when I would walk in I would start to salivate, after 4 shots and a large juice the feeling is incredible!!! juniper, you sold me, we have a new juice bar by my house, never been in there, what should I order, and you do it in shots ? like tequila ?
  12. she's still trying to figure out how Bourne see's in her office
  13. Yeah, you'll be blowing by those 4-strokes...until you come to a turn! Then you'll wish you had a KTM. your pretty much right there lol, that 500 don't like to turn unless its a sweeper. Have a good buddy with a KTM 525, we flip flop some, if you had to force me on a thumper that'd be the one, I give him the corners then blow by him on the straights. A lot of guys here in Texas take a 500 and put a flywheel weight on em and make woods bikes, light with tons of power, I think my 5 weights 238, great power-to-weight ratio
  14. Now that is a rare bird I would not expect to see posted here. Is that the Euro comp? Just saw the ski pole. Euro ski model? Max you got it man, its a Euro Ski w/ 300xs, and I'm surprised anyone on here would recognize one, well done
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