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  1. hey guys, ole Roost is kinda new to the ht thing, I just dont watch much tv, but i"m not new to high fidelity music. My question may be dumb but here goes. I"m currently talking with a doctor who has a set of mid 90"s khorns he hasnt used in years, they look brand new though and I think I can get em really cheap. Will these work in a ht setup as good as these palladium"s, what are the big differences other than size. I was gonna get them anyway and hook em to my Mac 7150 with a Mac MX 113 pre. Then I got to reading here all the ht stuff and started thinking maybe going that route with the khorns. All my amps are 2-channel so I would need to get up to speed in that dept also. I"ve been collecting gear for years just never got into the ht stuff, so i"m trying to learn. Some of my nicer amps.....Mac 7150, Pioneer sx-1250, pioneer sx-1050 and 1080, onkyo m-5030 integra super servo with all the matching components, and most all the smaller pioneer sx 50 and 80 series. I am assuming none of this stuff is good for ht, thanks, Roost
  2. Skule, is that a big wood burning heater in that room, the big round thing with a pipe coming up. Oh, killer system man
  3. dad, I agree, our local klipsch dealer dont have one set of heritage even in stock, much less hooked up for folks to hear. He"s got a set of Mac speakers hkke up in the soundroom that are 50K ea. like alot of people can afford that
  4. I saw REO in that theater a few years ago, they sounded good, I think it only holds 3k
  5. those are cool for sure, but i"m along way from michigan. I"m looking for music only, in my garage, no ht, or tv or anything like that, to go with my heresy"s. I went to ebay and typed in klipsch subwoofer and six million came up, I dont know the diff in a HT sub and a just music sub. Need some models on some I can look for, I want a pretty good one, one that maybe msrp"d for 500 - 800 new, thanks, Roost
  6. hey guys, I just hooked my heresy"s back up in my shop ( garage ) I had forgotten how bass shy they were, I built a shelf for them at about chest high, thought they would sound better then on the floor. They need help though. I need a sub, klipsch. I have found a SW 12 ll thats a front firing with a 12 in passive, and a RT 12 thats a corner shape. Those are just two i"ve come across on ebay. I have never even looked at subs before so can someone give me a few models to be on the lookout for. I am looking to spend 300 or so, i"m thinking in the used market i should be able to get a pretty good one for that. Pushing this stuff with an Onkyo M-5030 super servo, should be plenty of muscle. Thanks, Roost
  7. anybody know anything about the SW 12 ll....12 inch front firing woofer with 12 inch rear passive, 60lbs. This looks like I could build a shelf for it just like I did the heresy"s, made from 92 to 96. I wonder what it retailed for, bet it was pricey, anyway I emailed the guy, we"ll see......Roost
  8. I finally hooked up my heresy"s in my shop and I feel like I need more bass. I built a shelf for them to sit on at about chest level, I figured they would sound alot better up higher than when I had em in the house sittin on the floor. I have read for years on here and AK about folks looking for more bass out of these, being as I had several sets of heretige to listen to I never gave it much thought. Now that i"m useing the heresy"s as mains I see what they were talking about, they need help. I"m pushing them with a Onkyo m-5030 super servo amp, way plenty. Anyway i"m gonna keep my eye out for a good sub, klipsch for sure. I have never even looked at subs before so I need some recommendations on a few I can be on the lookout for, ebay, cl, and such, maybe I can find one for half the original cost. I"d say my price range to be around 3---400, which should put me in the 800-1000 new catagory. Much thanks guys...Roost
  9. Chris thats a helluva wall of speaks man, do they all come on at once lol, I have a set of 15 in widowmakers and a yorkville amp, AP 3000 I thnk, it was taken from a club i"ve never actually used it but it looks strong. I"ve been told to be careful what I hook it up to.....Roost
  10. exactly like those man, I have a truck, and I know my way to Arkansas, party"d in hot springs a few times
  11. I"m looking for a set myself, but am looking for industrial versions, black with the handles on the sides, just missed a clean set on ebay 2 weeks ago, bummer, they dont come up often, good luck......Roost
  12. thanks guys, and moray, thanks man, I emailed Amy this morning and she helped me out, we seem to frequent the same places lol, hope you have a merry christmas
  13. hey guys, do we have a moderator on this board, it has taken me almost a year to be able to post due to an error when signing up to the site. I still need to have it taken care of so if there are mods hit me up and I will pm you, I tried posting this in announcments but was denied, thanks, Roost
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