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  1. Brian, where you at in Beaumont man ? west end I would guess ? street ?
  2. And I have an urge for a table saw. They both have their uses also but ripping full sheets of paneling is best left to the track saw. you have one, all you gotta do is come pick it up
  3. Carl, those are like the ones you sold ? man I should have bought those, love that industrial look
  4. Happy birthday from Roost, man what would yall give to be 27 again, Michael"s just a pup, still waking up with a woody
  5. so guys, are these that much better than the Khorn, I"ve never had the opportunity, I don't think I"ve even seen a set in person but its hard to believe considering how much size they are giving up to the K...Roost
  6. Sancho, their still in the back of the suburban, when we pull em out Saturday at Carl"s we will post pics. They are actually in pretty good shape, just that one front corner got pulled out a bit but should be an easy fix. I have already talked to a friend who has been painting for 40 years and he cant wait to get his hands on em, says he can make em look new, being black actually helps our case here according to him. My intent is for these to be my front porch speakers up at my ranch as I have a pristine set at home in the living room, anybody using LaScala's as porch speakers ?? kinda funny when you think about it....Roost
  7. what a dusch, he may be a once In a while seller on ebay and not care what they say or do either
  8. one poster said his speakers have almost nothing in common with a set of new ones, I beg to differ, they havnt changed much over the years, thank god...Roost
  9. I posted something asking kinda the same thing awhile back, but I was just wanting to do the pecking order, but would like to have the original retail price also. It would go something like this, from top to bottom 1) Klipschorn 2) LaScala 3) Belle 4) Cornwall 5) Chorus 6) Forte 7) Quartet 8) Heresy maybe the quartet should be below the heresy, not sure, but I think heresy's cost more, and I'm not sure where the belle would be either, above or below the scala...Roost
  10. for 8k I would be looking at Mac, I wonder what the guy originally paid for the centennial trio
  11. yea you right Carl, you and I would be racing to see who could get there quickest lol, I could haul these back and forth without boxes
  12. I actually was looking for a set of LSI"s when mine came up, the LSI"s have the steel corners and built in handles, think theres a set in GS right now. I agree building a plywood box would prolly do it, and you could build the handles for the sides too, I would just like to carry mine up to the farm a couple times a year for a little exercise lol
  13. cant believe this is still here, I have almost same setup, MC7150/MX113, helluva deal op. Don't know whats up with the underlining
  14. I don't think the speaker has changed much at all if any in size, but I"ve read on here for years klipsch would not sell you just the boxes even if you give them your serial #. I think they will though if you show up in Hope, I think I read that here too, I have a bud in Hot Springs I can call, I need to call HQ I reckon
  15. hugeroost

    2 ch Sub

    OP, I'm running duel Outlaws in my 2-channel with herseys, the sound is unreal. You first need to know you will need a sub with line level connections, that really limits what you can get, Rythmik also makes some great subs that work in 2-channel, what are you using for power ? I run the old ss gear myself, mostly Pioneer, I have a 1250 in the house and a 1050 in the shop, great units....Roost
  16. hugeroost

    LaScala boxes

    hey guys, why is it that klipsch will not sell you a set of boxes, I have read this on here several times, would sure love to have a set of boxes for my scalas that way I can haul them back and forth to my ranch a couple times a year to let em breath. You hardly ever see just boxes for sale, I just wonder if I were in Arkansaw and went by the factory could I buy a set, I have a friend in hot springs I go party with from time to time, thanks guys.....Roost
  17. Sancho, I made mine out of 2x4"s, there in my shop so don't have to be pretty, just effective
  18. I have mine about 36in off the ground, also runnin a set of Outlaw subs, hooked to a pioneer sx850, awesome sounding rig, just as good as my chorus ll"s imo
  19. OP, welcome....couple things,you cant beat Mac, you just cant, theres a reason why its twice as much as everything else, and with heresy's or any other heritage you don't need many watts, better to have good clean watts, jump on that Mac if you can, specially if its been serviced by a certified Mac dealer. Also anybody that claims heresy sound great without a sub hasn't tried one, I have a set I listened to for years, mostly classical jazz and blues, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and scored a used Outlaw sub for 300, less than half price. I was completely blown away at the difference, so much so that I found another matching Outlaw, pushing this system with a pioneer sx850, with the duel subs it sounds as good as my chorus ll"s and that's saying something. Now, what you need to know is most subs are for ht and don't have the line level hookups you need with the old ss gear, you need a sub designed for music only, this is where a lot of folks go wrong and get a bad taste about subs, a ht sub wont keep up with music.....Roost
  20. Joe, where can I see a pic of said cd player, any hiccups in it ?? thanks, Roost
  21. Man it looks nice there, could go for some of that weather and a few cold ones with all that talent walking around. I was at the rose for the Miami/Nebraska game, had a blast, huskers should have never been there though, nuttin like the atmosphere of a bigtime college game, much more-so than the nfl
  22. Mack should have won way more than he did, I"ve watched that NC game several times, it was the Vince Young show, there was not a whole lot of actual coaching on Mack"s part at all, they simply had no answer for VY running around on broken plays, prior to that it was 1969 the last time Texas won. I am using Carl"s logic here which is usually true, except in Mack"s case, in 10 years as coach I bet he didn't play 2 teams that could match his talent, look at his classes, consistently top 5 and a bunch of #1 classes, 5 stars 3 deep, yet his record vs ranked teams was horrible, vs top 10 teams was even worse. Bob Stoops routinely stomped his *** by 50 with way less talent, put them in the SEC those 10 years they are 500 at best. I have said this on the scout forums many times that if Texas ever gets a real good coach its game over, they play a weak sched in a weak conf, all they have to do normally is beat OU and their in, put that with all the Texas money and athletes and you could have a dynasty, Art Briles could do it, so could Fisher or Malzon.......Roost
  23. He's a better college coach because he's a great recruiter and has better players. He wasn't a good X's and O's guy in Miami and I doubt he is in Alabama. Like I said, when the playing field is level like it is in the pros, he's not that great. Give him better players than everyone else and he's a good coach. He could never handle dealing with a salary cap and having to coach men. agree but that sure didn't help Mack Brown much
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