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  1. sure glad I stumbled into the lounge, never knew it was here, open forum, I like it
  2. yes sir, I need to bring it over and get you to set it up
  3. Gus has done a helluva job for sure, you know they did not win one conference game last year, now playin for it all, Texas should give him a serious look, notice how quite its been in Austin ? whoever their after is obviously playing in a bowl yet to be played, hmm
  4. Carl, yes we do, and I think I have the goat avatar too, wait till you see it
  5. I don't even know if we have football fans here, never seen much said about it, but what do yall think. I think its time for the SEC to go down, the NCAA money machine who seems to be above any attention by the infractions committee needs to be taken down a notch. It is just sick the way they turn the other way when its an sec team involved, the Cam Newton case, the Johnny Football thing, hell when Nevin Shapiro got busted he came out and said not even he could compete with the money the sec was throwing to recruits, and he went through nearly a billion dollars, ncaa never even looked into it. So here`s to Florida State and famous Jamous, I`m sick of the sec getting to outright cheat and get away with it, no wonder their heads above everyone else, not a level playing field. A lot of folks think FSU coach Jimbo Fisher will coach this game and go get that 10 million a year Texas is offering up, 10 M per for a dang football coach, insane money. I got FSU 28 AU 21 Roost
  6. guys I have been wanting one of these babes for years, I just couldn't force myself to pull the trigger, just the medium size (65qts) is 500 bucks, and go up to 1500 for the big ones. Well I was over at my bosses house having cold ones back in the summer and noticed one sitting in the garage so I asked about it, telling him I had been looking at em for awhile, he said take it and check it out for a month. I gotta say these things are unbelievable, I filled it with ice and drinks and went a week without needing to add ice, a week, and this is SE Texas where its hot as heck. These things are built like tanks, Mcintosh of the cooler world lol, you cannot tear one up, I have some friends who have had theirs 10-15 years and they still look new, and the accessories they have for them is a dang catalogue. Now if your a guy that maybe works outside, or a hunter, fisherman, etc like myself, I keep a cooler in the back of my truck everywhere I go, don't hesitate to get one. I normally go through the totl coleman or igloo about every 18 months, they just arnt built worth a dam, but one of these is a lifer, they also make a small handheld for going to ballgames etc for around 300 I think. Now the reason I bring this post to you guys is I GOT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS !!! its a 65, white, I don't like the tan color. Filled it up Christmas day and it looks like not one piece of ice has melted. Thanks to my wife who was not afraid to pull the trigger using my money, prolly didn't even flinch......Roost
  7. Always a good time listening to Carl`s gear, he has a system everywhere you can fit one, I too subscribe to this theory. For anyone planning on making the scene, watch out for Carl`s "bubba tea", good stuff, I swear you cant taste the vodka....Roost
  8. dang did somebody go get these, what a good price, they are worth waay more than 275.
  9. Carl, this would be perfect for the application we are looking for the ranch, what a steal, feel like going to Maryland ??
  10. well the Hlll`s will set you back nearly 2k, that leaves a grand with which I would get pioneer silver integraded, I love that stuff and see great deals on ebay, seems it don't bring near the money as the receivers....Roost
  11. 600 range..Outlaw is very good in that range, I got one and then a month later got another , I got the plus
  12. sully, I`m running duel LFM-1plus in my garage system, pioneer sx850 with heresy`s, the sound is amazing
  13. my bad, I thought that was the 1300 dollar one, the PB12plus, this one is 700, still a good deal though
  14. Have you heard back yet, that's a smoking deal, I would like to be next in line
  15. that was worth a 12 pack of corona I bet
  16. man with hairy back.. go to audiokarma.com, click on forum, scroll down to klipsch korner and click on that, theres a thread titled " my forte ll upgrade " or something like that, I read it yesterday, click on it, it is like 3 or 4 pages where this guy does all kinds of stuff to his, some really good info in there, he also has pics of what he did along the way....Roost
  17. Elvis is the KING, the beatles were ok I reckon. What ticks Roost off is the fact that Elvis outsold those guys by a long shot but the recording industry didn't start counting sales overseas until like 1960, if they had E would be waaay over a billion records sold. As it stands now E is close to a billion, theres a faction of guys in the industry that has vowed to straighten this out, I don't know how they can go back to the 50"s and figure this out but its said to be in the 3-400 million sales. The only beatles I have ever owned is the white.......Roost
  18. I am not a sub expert but I know one. I think that the duel SVS PB13ultra will be hard to beat, nearly impossible with one sub, as for duels you would have to spend a whole bunch of money to beat the PB"s. Right now I have duel Outlaws with heresy's and it sounds unreal, now I want the duel PB 13"s to go with my LaScala"s, man that would be the bomb.....Roost
  19. 900 bucks, that's the best deal ive seen in forever
  20. Finding something that plays nice with K-Horns and is small is going to be a problem. Sealed subs will be the next best thing in my opinion but using just one may not be up to the task. Yes I kinda figured that, that is why I am here asking the questions because I don't know alot about subs. I am thinking about using two small subs though and that should make some difference... canyon, check out outlaw subs, I have one and it keeps up well, I like it so much I have another on the way.....Roost
  21. Finding something that plays nice with K-Horns and is small is going to be a problem. Sealed subs will be the next best thing in my opinion but using just one may not be up to the task. agree with this, 10k set of speakers and expecting a sub the size of a shoebox to hang with em, not happening. Imo the best bang for the buck may be outlaw subs but I would think with K"s you wouldn't really need a sub. Jason lookin at your sig we have some of the same stuff, I to have a set of scala"s and a set of chorus ll"s, running my stuff with the good ole pioneer sx receivers, a 1250, 1280, 1050 and 1080, great sound
  22. hey, thank you, I cant wait to hear what duel outlaws will sound like, will be pushing them with old school pioneer sx1080 and heresy's
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