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  1. then it would be a ported enclosure at that point..... im not sure you understand how infinite baffle works. if it designed to be that way and not be in a box, and you stick it in a box, it is not going to sound right and could damage something.
  2. sealed enclosure.......with a port, is not a sealed enclosure anymore. And these are in-walls. you wont find an in-wall with an enclosure on the back that is ported. Not that I have ever seen anyways. Theoretically, it would not make sense.
  3. even the spec sheet says infinite baffle. I mean that is straight from Klipsch. I may not be a "professional installer" but I do sell Klipsch speakers, including a lot of architectural stuff and I have a ton of them in my house. they are all installed as open baffle and I have zero issues with them being that way.
  4. I would just install them as intended. They should be like all other in walls from klipsch. I am guessing they either have some sort of ring that installs in the wall first? if not then the speaker should have it's own tabs. You would need to cut holes in the drywall, then those tabs hold them to the drywall. the placement and the center is the hard part. the holes and install is the easy part. I could explain easier over the phone and even send a few pics of my in wall installs if you'd like. Feel free to send me a message and i could give you my phone number.
  5. They are discontinued and being replaced eventually. That is why there is no stock at people who moved them fast. If you ware set on that model, scoop them up from anyone who still has them.
  6. Well if they are anything like the rest of the klipsch in-walls from klipsch, they were designed for an open baffle. Trey who no longer works there has told me numerous times that some of the RP series in walls and in ceilings were designed for open baffle and would require something like a 3.0 cuft internal enclosure to remain the same sounding. anything smaller would severely harm the extension of them. Like i said, that was for the non thx speakers, but i can't imagine that being any different. Are you just wanting to enclose them to try and contain some sound?
  7. That's right. I forget the select line doesn't but the ultra line does. Is there any way to utilize the 8000-L instead? Could the 504's be returned?
  8. if the speakers already have enclosures, why are you wanting to swap them?
  9. Just sent you my phone number in a message. Hit me up today and I’ll get you taken care of.
  10. open to new ones? if so shoot me a message
  11. Awesome video! Man i haven’t been on the forum in so long. Cool to get on and see one of my threads up at the top. Lol.
  12. If you ever decide you want to sell I’m mainly after the surrounds and center. Otherwise if you don’t get any interest we can talk about the entire set. Sad to hear of damage from taking stuff apart.
  13. Well you know i am. But we have already talked via text 😉
  14. Also interested in these if they aren’t gone. One of the few on my list of wanting to hear in person that i haven’t got to.
  15. Speaking of a bump, does anyone have the CNC file for these? I just so happen to have CNC access now.....
  16. I don’t get on here much anymore, but it’s good to see you posting so much buddy. Been a while since i had heard from you.
  17. Had a friend make the exact same move. He couldn’t be happier he said.
  18. Discernible......are you gonna use a sub? If so then get the 6000’s and call it a day.
  19. Yes you will want the bigger one. Return it or cancel it before it ships and just get the bigger one now. It shouldn’t have been more than like 100$ difference anyways.
  20. If you plan to add center and surrounds hen get the 6000 so other stuff will match. Otherwise you will be forced to find matching stuff on the used market.
  21. Move that tv up and run LCR like its supposed to be. Will make a great bit of difference. And what did you do with the Palladiums? I’m on the hunt for a center.
  22. Man i heard this thing down in hope at Klipsch factory. Along with a pair of the ultra surrounds a Klipsch 12” sub i thought it sounded rather good for its size. However expectations play a lot of ones brain. I walked in to listen to something tiny and expensive and had low expectations. Was rather blown away by it. Had i paid 2200 for it and hooked it up at home i might have sent it back as well.
  23. It’s an issue. However keep in mind A LOT of these are sold. So easy to read lots of stories vs another product that might have less “issues” but sell 1/2 the amount. Hope that makes sense.
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