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  1. Yes, please come over to Club Parasound/Halo! Lots of good Halo issues coming up there! http://www.htguide.com/CFBoards/index.cfm?fuseaction=Threads.listings&forum=40&CFB=1
  2. Yup, two words: James Cameron. Not having him for the third movie was the difference between a success and failure.
  3. I highly recommend the Parasound Halo equipment, and own them myself with a set of Klipsch Legend speakers. If you're wondering where to buy them, Good Guys is having a massive sale on Halo stuff right now. (free 2-channel amp if you buy a 5-channel amp) For more Halo issues, you may want to check out Club Parasound Halo: http://www.htguide.com/CFBoards/index.cfm?fuseaction=Threads.listings&forum=40&CFB=1
  4. I highly recommend using setup discs, and would even go as far as to say that they're essential, and for the money provide excellent performance benefit. Think about all the money you've spent on getting good equipment to make you music and movies sound better. If I told you that you could noticeably improve your system performance even more for $20-40, wouldn't you do it? I personally own and use pretty much every single setup and test calibation DVD that's out there, from Avia to Digital Essentials to Dolby and DTS intro demonstrations. The only one I can readily think of that I DON'T own is the new Avia Pro Calibration DVD set, which costs about $400. But each setup disc has it's own unique benefits, and I've found the best results come by using them in combination, including BOTH the original Video Essentials and the new Digital Video Essentials. The original VE has some test material on it that you can't get on the new DVE. If I had to pick and go with only one disc, I'd probably go with DVE.
  5. Wow, this has become quite a popular topic. I appreciate all the input! It really helps me make the right decision. I'll audition the XLR cables with some cheap cables first before buying the expensive stuff.
  6. Hit it right on the nose... yes, I'm considering using it for a center channel to match my KLF-30 mains. The C-7 is a good match already, but I thought it would be even better.
  7. Thanks for the more info, Rudy! I know exactly what you're talking about with the hiss being slightly bothersome but not annoying. I heard it in my last system with the same Klipsch system driven by my Yamaha RX-V2095. The Yamaha is a nice unit, and was very popular. But when I'd turn up the volume to theater reference levels to listen to a movie nice and loud, I could hear a very slight hiss before any sound started or in silent parts of the movie. For example, when I view THX and DTS trailers (which I love like any of us theater junkies) I love to turn it up LOUD. Just before the explosion of sound to begin the trailer, in the silent part, there's that slight hiss there that detracts from the experience. Like you, that's one of the many reasons I upgraded to high-end equipment and chose to go with the Parasound Halo line. I love the Klipsch speakers, and I DO APPRECIATE that they are so efficient and revealing--I WANT to hear every detail of the soundtrack. But I DON'T want to hear the hiss, which is coming from the overall system, not the media source itself.
  8. I'm hearing very good things about people who have chosen to use new Parasound Halo processors and equipment with Klipsch speakers. The Halo line is really fantastic. http://www.parasound.com I'm also a happy Klipsch set owner (Legend Series, KLF-30, C-7, S-6 based) and have made the plunge to buy the Halo C-1 Processor, A51 5-channel amp, and A21 2-channel amp. Since my theater isn't complete yet, I haven't made all the connections, however. I have heard of a few Klipsch/Halo owners that are getting a low volume hiss out of their speakers, though. Rudy even posted that Parasound said that for Klipsch speakers, the balanced connectors should NOT be used, as they add a 6dB gain, contributing to the hiss. One of the reasons I bought the Halo line, though, was for the higher-end balanced connections that are supposed to REDUCE background noise. What have others heard? For those who are interested, we're also discussing this issue and other Parasound topics at the Club Parasound/Halo site, if you'd like to come join us: http://www.htguide.com/CFBoards/index.cfm?fuseaction=Threads.listings&forum=40&CFB=1
  9. Anyone have a single KLF-30 speaker that they are wanting to sell? Preferably black satin, but I will look at other finishes people are wanting to sell as well. Or is someone else interested in buying a single KLF-30 speaker also, and wants to split the purchase of a pair? MUST be in good operating condition.
  10. For those who aren't following my thread in the Home Theater Area, I posted about this: As you may be aware, there is a new magazine being published called Home Theater Builder Magazine. http://www.hometheaterbuilder.com The first issue should be out in the newsstands at the end of October. The magazine is focused upon the home theater lover that likes to do-it-yourself on many projects, upgrading and constantly improving to enjoy home audio/visual. This is exactly the kind of thing for us! I've been asked by the publisher to write a series of articles covering my personal home theater project, as I am about to move, buy a house, and build a home theater in whatever house I get. Although I'm an audio/visual enthusiast and have done some research, I have NO experience in building home theaters or home improvement. Therefore I VERY MUCH need your help with this project. Three issues have already been published. I found the house and bought it, and have just installed an all-home audio system. My theater room is about 12' by 22' by 8', with an 8' by 3' alcove that I'll be using for equipment. I've already installed a floating floor and am now doing the walls and wiring. Please let me know your input! Email: CDotur@hometheaterbuilder.com website: www.hometheaterbuilder.com
  11. Thanks for the input, Kmijeski. Sounds like my project is actually somewhat similar to yours in the direction it's taking and the dimensions. For those who haven't caught a copy of the magazine, my room is ending up as 12' by 22' with an 8'2" ceiling. Unfinished dimensions. I have a 3' by 8' alcove on one side of the theater that I'm going to use as an equipment area. Plan is to use 6 seats in two rows of three each, front projection, and maybe 102" screen acoustically perforated so I can put my Klipsch speakers behind it. Next question for people: I'm going to use four KSP-S6 speakers for the surrounds. Where would you put these in relation to the seating? Would you go for standard THX recommended placement? Separate the two rear surrounds a bit? Do anything different since it is a little smaller of a room?
  12. Ah... thanks for the clarification, Brent. Glad to see everything worked out with you and Parasound.
  13. Uh... is it just me, or did this thread get edited and gutted with posts suddenly missing?
  14. I appreciate learning about distribution issues here, if nothing else--it helps me to understand what's going on behind the scenes.
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