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  1. You're looking at ~$750 for the Heresey III Upgrade kit from Klipsch plus $60+shipping from Crites for the H2 motherboard. All in all $900 for some Heresey IIIs
  2. Putting my pair of B&W 801 S3's up for sale. Price is $3000. Location: Ft. Lauderdale Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know they're not Klipsch, but they do sound really damned good! Some details: http://www.studioklic.cz/images/bawmatrix.pdf Trade offers welcome, specifically looking for a Townsend Rock 7 turntable.
  3. I still have it for the few CDs I do have, def. one of the better ones out there! The best part is the plexiglass store demo top cover, everyone who sees it just goes "wow"
  4. Still no takes? That thing sounds sweet, I've heard Bill's setup, pretty impressive for CDs... I'd be all over it if I didn't prefer my speed metal on vinyl ;-)
  5. I'd be all over this if I wasn't more than happy w/ my Corn II + H3 setup and how it sounds. It's still tempting though and only a 20 min drive!
  6. Bueller? Weekend bump. Open to trades as well.
  7. Hey Bill! Everything is going well, thanks.
  8. Up for sale is my MAC 1900. This guys sounds amazing, all functions work, no static in any of the controls, glass is immaculate and lights are all nice and purdy. Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL Price: $800 Thanks! -Neil And the pics.....
  9. If Beeker or anyone wants to troll his new ad: http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/4510122158.html
  10. So, I was able to trace his old number to a Robert Nipple (yeah, appropriate name) I sent him a picture of his own mugshot and he ditched the 482-1181 number in favor of a new one which is a google voice number that he's been giving out. I also sent him his current address on NW 22nd St..... no reply only a number change. Maybe it was the 10,000 SMS bomb I sent him that helped changed the phone number as well LOL http://hidden-past.com/PublicRecord/ROBERT-NIPPLE/1141558210169
  11. Nope, he sent $ as a gift through paypal, not for goods. I did report to eBay & Paypal though. Doubt anything will happen, but keep your eyes out for those pics and that email address.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-HERESY-II-SPEAKERS-/201097509014?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item2ed2587896#shpCntId These have been posted numerous times on eBay, he will try to get you to send money via paypal to coastal2201@gmail.com . My buddy fell for the trap and sent him $150.00, the rest payable upon pickup (obviously a dumb move). Ebay account was closed, phone number was a burner and now they're re-listed for someone else to get ripped off. -Neil
  13. Those would probably work quite well, unfortunately my journeys only take me to Denver & LA (by plane), rarely (once every 5 years) drive out of Florida on anything other than a motorcycle LOL That said, if anyone is headed down South I'd be willing to throw some cash their way for transport! What are the dimensions/weight of those? Maybe Greyhound freight isn't a bad idea, I know guys on here have shipped Cornwalls before.
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