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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I am torn between looking at a vintage Marantz 2330b that if for sale local or looking to the recommended outlaw rr2150. I like the power and nostalgia factor of the Marantz, but I feel that my wife might want to also throw the ipod on there to listen to music. I am mainly setting this up to play the records on but the ability to connect a CD player or hook up an IPOD might be nice. Would there be an easy way to do that with the Marantz?
  2. Thanks Bill, I am really up for anything right now. I am relatively new and just want something where it has a good phono stage already built in and has a nice sound. I prefer a nice low end with my music. I will take a look at what you have as well in case you decide to part with some of them. I was looking more at the tubes for the nostalgia, and sound along with the wow factor that it would bring at the house. Thanks again
  3. Hello Everyone, As you can tell by my post I am a newbie to the Klipsch community. I want to first thank everyone on here because all the information was very helpful when I was researching for what speakers to buy to run with the vinyl I recently inherited. I inherited my father in laws vinyls when he passed away and it means a lot to my wife to get these up and playing. After a lot of research I ended up audiotioning some Heresy 2, Forte 2, and Chorus 2 speakers. I ended up going with the Chorus 2's because I just loved the soundstage that they have. The forte 2's though were very very nice and it was a toss up. Anyway, back to my question. I just recently picked up a brand new Pro Ject Debut 3 that will be running my vinyls and I want to get a nice integrated or preamp/amp set up to run with these speakers. I have wanted to go with tubes but I am not sure if I can find something good in my price range. I would like to keep it to 600-700 dollars tops and I am interested in any recommendations. I have heard a lot of good things about the Scott 299 as well I have been looking online at the Yaqin mc20l or mc100b. I am not a true audiophile and my main concern is to make the Chorus's sound great and have a nice presentable item since they will be in my main living area. I am interested in suggestions as well if you have and amp or combo that you would be willing to part with, I am all ears.[] no pun intended I want to thank everyone in advance for your input and look forward to being a heritage Klipsch owner for life.
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