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  1. One last question on this topic, more about the Fisher 500c. I'm just scared to do this as I'm unsure what could happen. Can I run from RCRDR Out on my 500c to my palladium sub a set of RCA cables? Is that output the same as a pre amp out? Or is it best to run from center channel speaker level and buy a converter to line level RCA? What converter would you suggest since its a mono channel needing to go to stereo...
  2. I don't understand what you are trying to say. No product of that price point should have suffered such an early fate like it did. Thankfully it was repairable.
  3. (the fisher?) I'm sure a matter of opinion, but for me it's great. I'd also say a free hand me down from your father (the original owner) makes it more meaningful... For the subs, they sure are powerful.
  4. Dropping price to 2000 obo For sale is a Palladium P 312W Sub. 3 12" woofers, 2 passive. Amazing clean bass. I bought two from original owner in 2013. Both had issues with electronics shortly after. Sat in storage for 8 years. Took to a highly regarded repair shop in town and they have fixed them with higher quality parts. They said the main capacitor was awful quality and leaked all over the board. Replaced all needed elements and it's good as new. Selling my second one to fund the repair bills. Don't have many photos at the moment, but they are spotless, no noticeable damage. Reach out and I can provide detailed photos but they are boxed up at the moment. They look just like the original. Natural color btw.
  5. Sold for $1500 via Craigslist. thanks for everyone's support/interest.
  6. I don't fully understand what you are asking. The TV/AV receiver are powered on one outlet. The fisher and a turntable are powered on a second outlet, I would run wires from each amp to the DPS-1 and then from the DPS-1 to the pair of Heresy speakers. Electricity and its terminology isn't my forte, hence why I'm being so cautious. Thanks!
  7. I feel that's a bit more expensive than what I want to do. But slick for sure. I'd love to know if I can just safely use the DPS-1 if all units are off.
  8. Looking for 1500 for the pair. Just posted them in the garage sale.
  9. I have a pair of Black La Scala Speakers for sale. Loved using them for 10+ years, but it's time to downsize to a pair of Heresy. Superior AL-3 Crossovers and painted black by original owner. I hate to get rid of them, but the wife has given me no choice They are in good condition, but the original owner had termites in the wood. I have fumigated them and the termites are no longer an issue, but there are traces of small holes (mostly on one speaker). They sound great and aside from the few small holes and a few nicks on the corners (as seen in photos) they are fully functional. Located in Saint Petersburg, FL and am only willing to sell in person with cash. Don't waste your time with scams, I WONT ship, I only take cash in person. Can audition on a Fisher 500c if you'd like. Photos can be seen at my Craigslist post: https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/ele/d/saint-petersburg-klipsch-la-scala-1990/7595330108.html
  10. I have a pair of 1990 Black LS that I'd sell one or two. I do live in FL. I have family in NJ, but no current plans to drive north anytime soon... Let me know if that is helpful in any way.
  11. Everyone has me a bit worried with the DPS-1. Would the risk be negated if I ONLY changed the switch while all of the amps are powered off? I don't change often, but can happily power down the fisher and tv receiver to change the switch then power everything back up later when I want the other? Is there a way around only having one sub too? I could put on the AV receiver for movies/tv, but also want on the fisher i think. How would I connect a sub without speaker level inputs to the center channel of my fisher?
  12. I've read all sorts of reviews and never encountered your feedback. Any chance you just got the polarity +/- wrong since it doesn't follow a nice pattern? Now you have me scared.
  13. I have a strange setup I'm trying to accomplish, but am not 100% sure what I'm doing makes sense or is best. Please advise. Gear: Fisher 500c Yamaha RX-V371 Receiver Pioneer SX-V400 (not currently using, but maybe will as a preamp?) Niles DPS-1 amp switcher 2x Heresy II 1x Palladium P312w Sub Sources: AR XA turntable (for vinyl) Google Chromecast Audio (for music) Google Chromecast (for streaming video) I wish to use two amps and run a 2.1 set up in hopes of when I watch basic video/tv from the chromecast it will use the Yamaha receiver (and to save life on the tubes of the fisher when I just want noise in the background). But when I want high end quality music I'd like to use the DPS-1 to amp switch to the Fisher. I don't know how best to mix in the Sub. I've read I can wire it to the Fisher 500c center channel, but don't know what that would look like. Also with the sub, do I have to pick to put it on the Fisher or the Yamaha? Is this where the Pioneer could help as a preamp?
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