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  1. I was just going to the Crites website, and my browser complained that the site may have been hijacked due to something about its certificate. Does any one else experience similar?
  2. RIP, Bob. He helped me with noob questions and always patient. A true loss.
  3. Thanks Robert for this info - I have read about the Tung-Sol and are on my list to try - but I had been reading about their power tubes. If I can get those little tubes out of their aluminum cylinders, I can find out what I currently have. Now that I found out I have the B, I also discovered that I actually own all the original service and operating manuals for the B in my drawer along with some notes from the tech I bought the unit from (He had been a tech for HP). These have some information on how to set the bias - and even mention an adjustment for hi fi collectors to push their units a little less. Cheers!
  4. Thanks again, Robert! - again, you are right - I had been googling 7591 and EL84 all along and that's why I hadn't found any useful results. I just googled the correct pair and they are indeed possibly interchangeable, the big difference being the operating voltage of the circuit. The Scott 299-B appears (anecdotally?) to operate at 355 volts which is higher than the EL84 rating, but not quite at the 400V rating of the 7189. That was probably a measured voltage and not necessarily nominal. Now, given that the amp has performed fine for the last 8 years, perhaps because I have never had a need to push it too much with the La Scala's efficiency, is it safe to assume this configuration is safe electronically? Then the final question remains of would the sound characteristic of the power tubes be much different between these two tubes types?
  5. Oh - you are right! It’s a 299-B and I never knew. That being said the power tubes in the B should be 7189. It sounds good to me and other than one blinking light it performs flawlessly. I did google search for this type of substitution and found nothing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi all, I have a Scott 299-c for a number of years now, and have it happily paired with La Scala's. I recently considered rolling tubes - I noticed its 4 power tubes which normally call for 7591's actually have Ei Yugoslavia EL84's. Does anyone have experience with using the EL84's in this config, and what are the pluses and minuses for not using the called-for 7591's ?
  7. Dean’s x-overs are works of art! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yes - they are positioned with the length perpendicular to the front. I will post a photo of why i can't wedge it in the other way to be able to see the metal signage to face the back after getting past the 2MB photo trim... I see given y'all responses, that I probably need to just lighten up, and enjoy! I think part of the frustration is I see the backs of my La Scalas every day, as they are placed in the middle of the room (due to the logistics of my space. ) Cheers!
  9. Hi dean, yes that is how I currently have it. It just bothers me enough to want to rejigger it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi all, I have those orig klipsch AA crossover whose longer form factor (from Klipschorn?) that doesn't fit my La Scala (the long side of the board can't face outward due to it being too long). Has anyone McGuyvered a way to reconfigure the least number of components and shorten the board to fit the La Scala? I've already replaced the oil cans with audyn caps so that real estate has been opened up...
  11. Hi all - I've got 8 DBX encoded records in Jazz and Classical. They can only be played with a DBX encoder! I'd prefer offer as a single lot, and I will double check vinyl condition with visual grade before finalizing - just PM me if you have any interest - at least the album jackets are in the EX+, near mint range and many or most came with the special DBX inner sleeve and all the inserts - at least I haven't bothered to touch any. $102 includes shipping to the US only - ($99 if paying by friends and family or some non-fee method). If you prefer to buy any individually let me know and I'll work it - thanks. PS I have some non-DBX audiophile records that are MFSL half speed master recordings if you wish to learn about, just PM me. (Big rock list still to come too)
  12. I'll post the prog by message to those who asked and after you get a personal chance to buy, I will append them to the public list. Thanks
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