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  1. Hi all - I've got 8 DBX encoded records in Jazz and Classical. They can only be played with a DBX encoder! I'd prefer offer as a single lot, and I will double check vinyl condition with visual grade before finalizing - just PM me if you have any interest - at least the album jackets are in the EX+, near mint range and many or most came with the special DBX inner sleeve and all the inserts - at least I haven't bothered to touch any. $102 includes shipping to the US only - ($99 if paying by friends and family or some non-fee method). If you prefer to buy any individually let me know and I'll work it - thanks. PS I have some non-DBX audiophile records that are MFSL half speed master recordings if you wish to learn about, just PM me. (Big rock list still to come too)
  2. I'll post the prog by message to those who asked and after you get a personal chance to buy, I will append them to the public list. Thanks
  3. No beach boys. Prog rock is limited to bands like Alan Parsons, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, one Crimson LP. I will work on some classical and opera next. All the best.
  4. I will have classic rock, a little folk and a bunch of classical. I don't think there's any blues - but I will be on the lookout. The majority of these are almost new as if they were played once for taping purposes, but not all. Thanks for looking!
  5. I have some LP's that I'd like to sell. They were very well taken care of. Many appear almost new, while the rest may have minor sleeve wear. In any event if you indicate interest I will PM with any details of condition after inspecting more carefully (esp vinyl condition) DOMESTIC SALES ONLY! International shipping is nuts these days! [update: for records sold, indicated below] I have other genres too - just thought I'd try one first. Asking $5 each, and flexible on a bigger purchase. Feel free to ask about anything. Ron Carter Etudes Ron Carter quartet - Parfait George Benson - Good King Bad (promo punch on corner) - SOLD George Benson - Livin inside your Love (promo punch on corner) Bob james - Sign of the Times - (gatefold sleeve has some damage inside) - SOLD Bob James and Earl Klugh - One on One - SOLD Bob James Hands Down - SOLD Scott Cossu - Wind Dance Alex Grassi Clockwork Miles Davis - Star People George Winston - Winter into Spring solo piano - SOLD George Winston - Autumn piano solos (vinyl has mark -) Pat Metheny - New Chautauqua - SOLD Pat Metheny Group - Offramp - SOLD Pat Metheny Group - Lyle Mays, Mark Egan, Dan Gottlieb $10 - SOLD John McLaughlin - Music Spoken Here John McLaughlin - My Goals Beyond (cover is EX) Susannah McCorkle - The People That You Never Get To Love Sheila Jordan - Harvie Swartz Duo - Old Time Feelin Keith Jarrett - Invocations The Moth and the Flame 2xLP (one side plays noisy) Grover Washington Jr - Winelight - (cover is VG++ due to minor sleeve wear) - SOLD Paul Winter - Winter Consort - Icarus Bola Sete - Ocean Dave grusin and the NY-LA Dream Band (vinyl is VG++) - SOLD Stephane Grappelli - Stephanova Invitation to Denon/PCM Digital Jazz Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous - SOLD William Ackerman - Passage William Ackerman - Turtle’s Navel William Ackerman - Childhood and Memory Sea Level - 2 different LP's Tom Scott - New York Collection Dave Frishberg Songbook - Volume II Jean Luc Ponty - Mystical Adventures Jean Luc Ponty - A Taste For Passion Jean Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean (cover is VG+ - has name written on back) Jean Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger - SOLD Joni Mitchell and the LA Express - Miles of Aisles If interested, PM me. Media mail is $4 up to 2 records, add 25 cents for each additional record. PS I'm a fanatical packaging person who knows how to pack LPs for safe transit. Happy Father's Day!
  6. Thanks for the help - here's a pic of the back seam - label is slightly misaligned on the right edge. the finish of the label is more like an eggshell finish rather than glossy like my other brand caps and the 0.15uF I saw online. I can't really tell if it's the Teflon tape or an additional wrapper. I'm just getting around to replacing the oil cans that leaked their contents during USPS transit! Thanks! (I need a manicure too)
  7. Hi, I had a question about the Audyn Cap Plus 2.2uF. Should this product have what looks like an embossed "sticker" wrapped around the capacitor? I've seen photo of the .15uF version where the product info/and branding appears to be embossed directly into the plastic casing itself, leading me to wonder if the 2.2uF is legit. Thanks!
  8. Sadly, I was recently mailed a pair of vintage AA crossovers, a couple of whose oil cans (thankfully the 2 uF's and not the 13) tore off in transit and leaked their guts out into the cardboard. The packaging left much to be desired, so the situation seemed avoidable - not the best size priority box and packaging used for those stand up oil cans... Would a "sticky" on how to properly mail a pair of AA's (by priority mail using a standard size box?) and the current costs be in order? The same goes for any of these speaker parts really...
  9. Thanks - I really appreciate all the ideas - altho making a decision to do just one is harder than ever! To be sure, when weighing the two, I was assuming a comparison of approximately equal value. That is, an Super AA/Alk Jr is about $99 for Al to do, while a (sonicap) recap kit is $96. I didn't want to spend a whole lot more. These 55 year old ears I figure aren't investing much more...yet - I'm all ears! Perhaps my post should have been...I got an old pair of AA's and $100 in my pocket. How do I best spend it? (Or am I really short changing myself, which seems consensus).
  10. Thanks - I have both the original square magnet and Crite's CT-125 to choose from at home, so if I go the way of the Super/Jr and find the original too hot, the CT-125 might sound tamer. If I do stick with a straight AA, I don't anticipate doing anything bigger than a recap - at least for starters! While I was comparing the Super exchange against the Crites recap package, reading thru more of the forum I see the Russian PIO, Dayton 1%, and Jantzens. These seem to be among the modest budget directions that people are going when replacing the oil cans.
  11. Hi, Wondering if anyone out there has partaken in AlkEng's Super AA exchange program, and weighed the sonic pros and cons vs doing a straight AA recap. Thanks
  12. also requested photos
  13. thanks for all the great information. unfortunately while i was hemming and hawing, the pair of raw birch la scalas that i was aiming for got sold out from under me. it has been a pristine pair all its life then got stacked in a garage for a very brief moment...hence the top scratches due to the feet from the one placed on top of it. anyhow someone wiser than me now owns them (altho i have a pair of finished raw birch i still need to "unfinish"
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