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  1. Black, vinyl-covered cabinets in fair condition. Drivers were fried & removed so the sale is for cabinets only. Vinyl covering shows wear & tear. Terminals, hanger brackets, metal grills & cabinets themselves are in fine condition. $20. Prefer local pickup in Los Angeles.
  2. Vintage Philco Horn Tweeters. Very efficient. Sound very good. Nice condition. Located in Los Angeles. $75
  3. Crown Power Line Four power amp, Straight Line Two preamp & FM Two tuner. Very good condition, a few nicks & scratches around the rack ears-nothing serious. $1,200 obo. For local pickup only in Los Angeles.
  4. Aiwa DX-1200 CD player wanted to match the rest of a nice Aiwa mid-fi system. I'm located in Los Angeles.
  5. Pair of Tannoy Belvedere / Monitor Gold Dual Concentric LSU/HF/15/8, includes crossovers and controls. Excellent condition, second owner. The sound is sublime. Gorgeous walnut cabinets, 34" x 24" x 16", some new edge-banding on cabinet fronts is required. For local pickup in Los Angeles only---I will not ship due to the complexity of shipping such a big, heavy item. $4,000 firm. Additional pictures on request.
  6. Beautiful pair of Quad ESL-63. Excellent cosmetically but they need repair: Electrical noises from both speakers means that some or all panels need to be rebuilt or replaced. They have been stored in the closet, unused for over 10 years. $1,000 obo. Local pickup only in West Los Angeles.
  7. Telefunken ELA V211/1 high power mono basic amp from the early 1960s. Has 2 Telefunken EL156 tubes and HUGE transformers. Probably too heavy to ship safely. $500 obo. Can be inspected & picked up in Los Angeles.
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