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  1. I apologize if this is a late post or was posted in 2 channel. Paul Grzybek of tubeaudiodesign.com formerly Bizzy Bee Audio, passed away on or about March 20, 2012. Some might have known him for his restoration of Fisher 400/500/800 Receivers. I was notified on May 12, 2012, that he had passed. Paul was 48 years old when he passed away. A great loss to the 2 channnel and tube community. Huhuru
  2. "Mercy", " Mercy," "Mercy." A great loss, RIP. Huhuru
  3. KLIPSCH S/N FORMATS DATES DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE 1946-1947 ### 001 (ending #021) 1948-1961 #### 0121 (starting #0121) 1962-1983 ##letter#### 20Y1234 1984-1989(?) YY WW #### 89281234 1990-1997(?) DOY Y2Y1 #### 135791234 1998-2000 YY WW #### 00281234 1962-1983 Letter format A = 1962 F = 1967 K = 1972 R = 1977 X = 1982 B = 1963 G = 1968 L = 1973 S = 1978 Y = 1983 C = 1964 H = 1969 M = 1974 T = 1979 D = 1965 I = 1970 N = 1975 U = 1980 E = 1966 J = 1971 P = 1976 W = 1981 NOTES 1946-1961 dates can only be found in log book (eng. Library) DOY = day of the year YY = year (i.e. 99,00) Y2Y1 = 2nd digit of year, 1st digit of year WW = week of the year Date code on drivers (1994) Example - 9429 = 1994, 29th week of the year / YYWW Klipschorns of this vintage had the s/n hammer stamped into the tailboard, woofer access door or inside the woofer chamber. Klipsch Date Codes ~ Site ~ Hosting by Just for you. Enjoy the music.
  4. Just hang on you will get some help. The guys on this forum are great. I'm a senior and can always count on them. Huhuru[H]
  5. My cable technician was replacing wall plugs and noticed that my Mitubishi 40 Tube TV picture was going bad because the color was kind of distorted. He informed me that I would be needing a new TV soon because of how the color was acting. I thanked him and later while thinking I remembered that one Klipsch KLF 20(s) had been moved closer to the TV by the cable repairman for his repair. I went and rechecked and notice that the distortion was no longer on the TV after the speaker had been moved back to the correct postion. I also called the cable company and informed them that their technician was very allert and deserved an "attaboy", for his input. The moral to the story is that you have to remember the effects of your equipment. By the way I learned the effects of KLF 20 on this great forum.[H] Huhuru
  6. Roasted Fennel and Red Onion Salmon over Rice. Go Bears! Huhuru[H]
  7. USAF 1959-1967. Great duty, last five years spent with the US Army. Last three years with the 101st Airborne Division Screeming Eagles - What a group of good characters. Huhuru[H]
  8. Take it now, decide what to do with it later. Huhuru
  9. Great professional news person. I know I will miss him.[] Huhuru
  10. Klipsch Caps. I know someone said "Hats", just checking to make sure caps are included. Huhuru
  11. Try a Fisher 400 receiver. Will go great with the speakers. Huhuru[H]
  12. Craig is one of the best. He restored our original Fisher KX-200. I bought Cornwall(II's), based on his recommendation and a good word put in by him. Met him personally at a set in Chicagoland. Will send a donation thru the mail. Enjoy the Music! Huhuru[H]
  13. Miles Davis CD (Remaster) or LP "Kind Of Blue". Good start. Lots of "Trane" and Cannonball Adderly in this CD. Enjoy the music[8]. Huhuru
  14. Chateau Souverain []2002 Cabernet Sauvignon and listening to Miles Davis "Highlights From The Plugged Nickel" on a Fisher 400 and Klipsch 1986 Cornwalls II. Great combination.[] Enjoy the Music![8] Huhuru[H]
  15. Please add again www.wdcb.org 6AM - 6PM Mon-Fri and 9AM - 10PM Sun and www.wbez.com 8PM - 4AM Mon-Fri and the Great Dick Buckley 12 Noon - 3PM Sundays. The are NPR Stations. Thanks Enjoy the music![8] Huhuru
  16. Try the link below: http://home.earthlink.net/~ivol/klipsch_cornwall/klipsch_date_codes.htm Enjoy the music. Huhuru
  17. Great speakers for home theater and/or two channel. Of course, lucky me, paid $800 for a new pair, when they were being discontinued. Bought at Tweeter in 2001. Good luck. Huhuru
  18. Shade, glad you got them. I have conducted business with Audio Consultants, they are great folk to deal with. Happy to know there are other locals. Huhuru
  19. Thanks, same to you and everyone on the forum. Huhuru
  20. Cheers. I remember those days. Huhuru
  21. DrWho Try listening to WDCB 90.9 College of Dupage Jazz Radio Station Mon thru Fri 6AM to 6PM. Sun 9AM - 12 Noon and 7PM to 10PM. Also try WBEZ 91.5 Mon thru Fri 8PM to 4AM. These are local FM stations that can be picked up from your location. Huhuru
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