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  1. Where are you guys seeing info on the r20b.
  2. I'm having a similar issue in my townhouse. I went from the rb 81 5.1 to using the RB 81 and a sw112 with the wa2 to make the sub wireless. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 2
  3. I heard some RF 7 and loved them but don't have the space. That why I said I need them to make those
  4. I need klipsch to come out with RB 7 II
  5. I have the setup your trying to build! I love it. Wouldn't trade it. I need a receiver upgrade to get the use of my RB 81.
  6. I'll keep that in mind! I just found out I blew the motor in my jeep so I'm buying a Tahoe in the next couple days! Let me get that taken care of and I'll let u know by Friday!
  7. I might do that cause my parents live in Windermere fla and can bring them to nc in a couple weeks
  8. its sold at HHgregg is a surround speaker just like the RS 52
  9. ok thanks thats what i was thinking! the rs 52 ii should sound alot better than the KS 20 i gave my father in law
  10. i movedmy rb 61 II to my bedroom and they sound amazing! I moved my rb 41 ii to rears in my familyroom and i hate it, im trying to decide between the rb 51 and rs 52 what do yall think?
  11. Yes im saving, im hoping for my 30th bday 6/25/2014 RF 7 II to the mancave
  12. I picked up a black pair of rb 61 II to go with my main system. I had a cherry pair of rb 61 in cherry hanging around, my wife gave me the idea of starting the projector setup we talked about so I started looking at centers and I was thinking the rc 64 II would be the best set because at some point I want some RF 7 II. It will be a while before I can get the 7s that's why I asked the question
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