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  1. Where are you guys seeing info on the r20b.
  2. I'm having a similar issue in my townhouse. I went from the rb 81 5.1 to using the RB 81 and a sw112 with the wa2 to make the sub wireless. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 2
  3. I heard some RF 7 and loved them but don't have the space. That why I said I need them to make those
  4. I need klipsch to come out with RB 7 II
  5. I have the setup your trying to build! I love it. Wouldn't trade it. I need a receiver upgrade to get the use of my RB 81.
  6. I'll keep that in mind! I just found out I blew the motor in my jeep so I'm buying a Tahoe in the next couple days! Let me get that taken care of and I'll let u know by Friday!
  7. I might do that cause my parents live in Windermere fla and can bring them to nc in a couple weeks
  8. its sold at HHgregg is a surround speaker just like the RS 52
  9. ok thanks thats what i was thinking! the rs 52 ii should sound alot better than the KS 20 i gave my father in law
  10. i movedmy rb 61 II to my bedroom and they sound amazing! I moved my rb 41 ii to rears in my familyroom and i hate it, im trying to decide between the rb 51 and rs 52 what do yall think?
  11. Yes im saving, im hoping for my 30th bday 6/25/2014 RF 7 II to the mancave
  12. I picked up a black pair of rb 61 II to go with my main system. I had a cherry pair of rb 61 in cherry hanging around, my wife gave me the idea of starting the projector setup we talked about so I started looking at centers and I was thinking the rc 64 II would be the best set because at some point I want some RF 7 II. It will be a while before I can get the 7s that's why I asked the question
  13. I'm thinking of doing a 110 inch screen Panasonic projector and rb 61, and rc 64 II and rw 12d to start in a small room strictly movies! Will the combo of rb 61 and rc 64 work we'll together?
  14. Went to best buy mag store today and they said the avr3313ci or the elite sc61 would be perfect for my setup! I wanting to run all my speakers from one place Family room 5.1 bedroom 2 channel and den 2 channel? Please help?
  15. I was thinking of adding some rs42ii as rears and moving my 61s to surround back or zone 2 in my office! Will these get over powered by my 81s
  16. I'm looking at the vti's and bello! I'm leaning toward the vti's DF24
  17. I'm running rb 81 II in the front and rb 61 II in the rear in need some speaker stands that function better then the omni mount Gemini 2
  18. I just picked up a pair of 81II! ive had them about 2 weeks now and they sound amazing using in the same manor you are home theater slight music use
  19. cause the rb 61 fit in my build in bookcases and the 81s were in the stands. After the break in period was over i could tell a 300 dollar difference in the speakers so i went with what would look better
  20. I changed my system in my office to a marantz 5005 and rb 81 ii! Which means i need to add new fronts to my home theater / living room! Heres what i was thinking Rc 52 ii (upgrading to the rc 62 ii in jan) Rb 61 Fronts and rears rs52 sides sw112 sub sr5006 and mm7025 I have no room for floorstanders till i get my townhouse sold and get a house with a bonus room or basement
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