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  1. Yes it is a tractrix horn, this is a quote from producer web site The Eliptrac 400 is a pure Tractrix horn designed specifically for the Klipshorn and here is tje link to th web site http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/eliptrac.html
  2. Here for sale 2 midrange drivers with horns The drivers are Beyma CP750ND 2 inch The horns are 2 Eliptrac Horn 400 from Fastlane Usable frequency range is 400-18000 Khz and also 2 levitation base in birch plywood (As bonus I can apply veneer if we agree on type) It was used in 2-way system For Jubilee Klipshorn La scala upgrade projects New cost 1600 usd I'll sell it for 1200. If you need more pictures just let me know I sell it because i want to go with low mid sata horn otherwise it is extremely well sounding horn. I can accept reasonable offers too. Condition is mint. (i would say on drivers not more than 500-600 hours of gentile home use) The horns are made of MDF and covered with white primer so you can apply any color you like. For all details please write me at anton.dedikov@gmail.com
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