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  1. Dave order them from www.tubesandmore.com they do a decent matching with Ampex tube tester.
  2. The Valve Art is a basic Shuguang factory made KT88-98 with Valve Art QC testing. The Ruby KT88-STR is the exact same tube with Ruby QC testing. It is also sold as the Shuguang KT88-98 It is a nice sounding KT88 for reasonable entry cost
  3. Rich, What you describe going from KT88 to EL34 is totally normal. Now when/if switch back realize the reverse is going to be true and you should adjust the controls about 8 full turns counter clockwise before you fire the amps back up with KT88 type tube again. Each output tube type can take a hugely different applied negative voltage applied to the tube to achieve the proper bias current. Realize when you adjust the bias screw your not adjusting the actual voltage you read at the test point you are adjusting a voltage applied to the control grid of the tube that causes the test point voltage to change.
  4. Rich, Not ignoring you I did reply but promptly received a kick back notice of a permanent fatal delivery error. I believe your mail server has my mail server blocked. Here is what I* replied. I also tried to send you a current manual which should/could be the same as the one you have. Rich, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX first line X out because it was personal in nature. Glad you wrote me about bias confusion. Always refer to the manual that came with your amps. The folks mentioning .70 bias setting have some of the amps manufactured in the early to mid-2000’s and have not had them updated. I believe your manual should give you bias setting for EL34’s. If not attached you find one that does. I will caution you that if using modern production EL34’s error to the cool side first than check the large plate structure inside the tube for red glow. Many modern production EL34’s are pretty weak. Also realize I have never had someone report back they preferred EL34’s in a VRD which makes total sense since it runs them too darn hard. You could help things out a little by running them with a 5U4 rectifier tubes which will lower the voltages in the amp a little but in the end the amps are still primarily designed to run the KT88 family of tubes. Thanks Craig Ostby
  5. mix and match pairs? Not sure what you mean?
  6. It will work just fine. Those are re-branded most likely Mullard made tubes. Sylvania never made tubes in England. Either way they should be really good tubes. Do realize the 299B is not a plug and play amplifier when it comes to the output tubes they do require proper biasing when installed and periodically after that.
  7. Neal got it thanks I also got an email. Not sure why I can't get the forum to send me thread notices. See you in the couple weeks!
  8. So August 10th is the final date? For some reason I'm getting no notices from the forum software... so if someone could update me of changes via email if you think of it that would be great. My life is a whirl wind so I just never log in here as much as I used too. I do plan to come to this get together. email craigATnosvalvesDOTcom I'll also need the address. Thanks Craig
  9. Hmmm the area he sings about in the song is right where I live now and grew up... he's still seen hanging in the bars around here now and then. The area really hasn't changed all that much wish I could say the same thing about southeast Michigan!@
  10. As long as I have some notice I can usually make a day or two get away happen. This sounds like fun! Wish I had a way to turn on notices for just one thread... heck maybe there is. I'll have a 3 hour drive to get down there.... I found the button for notifications. Not sure what it will notify me of...
  11. As long as I have some notice I can usually make a day or two get away happen. This sounds like fun! Wish I had a way to turn on notices for just one thread... heck maybe there is. I'll have a 3 hour drive to get down there.... I found the button for notifications. Not sure what it will notify me of...
  12. Funny thing is NO TEST EXIST that the answer comes back to confirm NOS or a truly measured and accurate life test. A tube tests the same for 90% of its life and than drops like falling off a cliff.
  13. Buy those vintage 7189A tubes if you can confirm they are truly NOS the N stands for New. I say this because the definition of NOS has been abused to include used tubes for years. Yeah the 299B is a 7189 amp it can use the 7189A just fine.
  14. Eric.....No amount of thinking or design are going to make $300 in materials worth $3700....not in my opinion. I do believe I have a right to my opinion.....
  15. The work looks to be nicely done. The brown faced LK72 with a nice face plate fetch pretty good money so I say even $950 isn't a bad deal if you can audition to confirm proper operation.
  16. Nope the LK72 is indeed the kit version of the 299C the LK72B is the kit version of the 299D
  17. I've got a rather large Doors collection I'd be willing to sell you!
  18. If the listing is honest that was a great price. A lack of a wood case or a SUT is no reason not to grab is at that price. I just hope the listing is legit for whomever did buy it. Tom is still available to build a cabinet and the same SUT as I installed inside the preamp can be ordered for external use from K & K Audio.
  19. Not sure why one would own Bells if my room and placement is best served "in the corner toed 45 degrees" might just as well have Khorns. The main reason to own Bells or Lascalas is to get away from that limited placement at the price of lower frequency response. In the corners yes if possible.... 45 degrees not so much. I'd suggest toeing them so they merge anywhere from just in front to just behind your head.
  20. My gosh old buddy where you been? I thought you fell off the face of the earth! Good to see you posting.
  21. My system can no longer handle hot sources....😉
  22. whatever wild scheme you guys come up with as long as a 1 year or more delivery with a crazy high price is included I'm in!
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