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  1. Well I just went and borrowed a buddies DVD player and now I have dolby digital with it just fine. I might add that there sure is a big difference compared to Pro Logic. now I need to just figure out what is wrong with my Satilite receiver and optical out. What a bummer.
  2. I just found something strange . When choosing "Auto Format Decoding" under Sound Field and than choosing Optical under Input. After a few seconds the receiver displays the word "Unlock" and then it changes to Auto Format Decoding and there is no sound. This is really weird.
  3. On the rear of the sony there are hookups for RCA and optical that are designated SAT/TV and that is where I have them connected. The only setting on the Sony that I can find lets you choose what Input and I choose Optical SAT/TV and all sound is lost. As far as the Satilite there really is no way that I have found to tell it what to send other than whether the receiver its sending to can except Dolby digital, PCM or both. I really think it just isn't sending a Optical signal at all. wish I had another reciever to try or someone with a DVD player.
  4. boa12 Well if what your saying is the facts than something is wrong. On Dish Network channel 9480 which is the Dolby Digital Demo channel which you have to have the dual dish setup or dish 500 to receive. Is a Dolby Digital broadcast. I also have a number of PPVs that broadcast in Dolby Digital. But I still am only getting dolby Prologic and no sound at all when choosing Optical in. I would think that this is most likely the satilite receiever is not putting out Optical out. I guess the only way to find out is to go out and buy good DVD player that has Optical out and see if it works. Any suggestions from say Best Buy low on cash so I'd have to use my CC with no interest ?? I currently use a Hollywood Plus from my PC to send DVD's to my TV and its getting to be a pain. Thanks for your help !
  5. I've been messing with this receiver on and off for day's. I have a Dish Network Satilite receiver Model 4700 which is suppose to be Dolby Digital and has a Optical out port. I have tried and tried to get the Sony to output Dolby Digital to no Avail . I have tried forcing Optical Input and get no sound at all from my Satilite or sony. Yes I'm trying on DD enabled channels and the DD demo channel. All I get is Pro Logic thru 2 channel signal input. Questions 1) Does Dolby Digital require a Digital connection either Optical or Coxail ?? 2) For the reciever to output Dolby Digital do you have to have a Active sub hooked to the LFE channel ? I'm waiting for my Klipsch sub to ship to me. I tried just hooking basic powered speaker to the LFE channel to see if DD would work and nothing happened. Could this just be a problem with my Satilite reciever ? I don't currently have a DVD player with a Digital connection to narrow this down and I'm not really sure if the connection has to be Optical. I'm beginning to wish I never bought this sony receiver Please help me out on this I'm at my witts end. Thanks Craig
  6. Well folks I'm new here about a month ! I find it to be a very Civil BBS compared to most out there. Spend some time on anantech's forum I'm a veteran there and its real harsh most of the time. Your alway's going to have bad apples just ignore them.
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