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  1. Hey I'm all for it. I also have to believe that such recognition may well be (a) meaningless or (b) fighting words to a fine and proper Engineer... It's the only real speaker in there fercryinoutloud.
  2. If it's the same animal, Broskie arrived at it being PP https://tubecad.com/2019/05/blog0466.htm
  3. Wow from dipoles to CW4 has to be a pretty large adjustment. A big switch like that sounds fun and you have enough gear to be busy for a while. Appreciate the update and hope you have a blast! I bought mine used and the prev owner had glass tops made, FWIW, but sold me on the practice where practicable.
  4. Man for a board to ask that question... It's a nice place to be and there is a staggering amount of knowledge here, all supported by the manufacturer of your new speakers : ) If you look really hard, you can maybe find an opinion on something, too. The only thing I know is that you should have some pretty good sounding speakers -- enjoy and thanks for posting. If you feel like it, what would be interesting is to find out what you were used to before and what's different in your CW in your space.
  5. There's too much to say and there's too little to say about DF. Much finer minds than mine have already said everything twice. I say pay attention to the acoustic design (speaker cab damping), pay attention to rooms & placement, and maybe what current FB costs is a sensible trade. Oh, and pay attention to the PSU--big-time. That's my 2c. Rooms always win--the reflections and standing waves wag our little transducers right around...arguably all the way back to the pole pig, by degree. It's a resonant cacophony of mind-numbing combination--thank god for acoustic resistance and drywall stud walls (and maybe VC feedback) Oh yeah, the older I get, ear-hair always wins, too. When we are all gone, there will only remain ear hair and cockroaches (and the cockroaches will be arguing about DF). tomcik_damping_factor_paul_spelz_wayback_2k11_Missing_Link_in_Speaker_Operation.pdf
  6. That picture of Roy contemplating surface baits and pattern-matching at XO needs to go straight to Hunter...
  7. Thank you for looking AuralTone. I ask because some SP15W's came with with the full-tart-regalia as well and some straight 15W's also did not. Yours is the first I've seen built that way and it'd be grand if one day someone could measure TS stuff on that woofer. The K's had their additional designation stamped. Now, if Roy could just harangue some industrial designers to make the new Jubes look that good, they'd have it all... Just beautiful, thanks for posting and congrats.
  8. Good thread and a good question I can't answer--head-banging SET + Forte. Never had Fortes but my problem with metalley stuff on CW & corner horns was more the recording quality. I'd think PP would be the way to go for a steadier diet of metal, but honestly I've not had much luck with revealing horns and that sort of music on any amps. Steve has always been quite a promoter but I also trust any amp that's continuously evolved for 20 years to be at least decent. The product's options of output impedances is good/useful IMO. I would think that if you are happy with the Fortes in your room with other power amps around that output that you will be fine, but measuring what you need first is a Fine idea. If you get into the pops and in a bigger room playing thrashy things, all bets are off at 6w. Amp adds 10*log(watts) so 6W adds 7.8dB to whatever the (real) sensitivity is. I use Paul Joppa's argument that boils to your target being 102 for most so with 6W you need 94.3dB speakers at 1m/1w to get enough headroom for most. So it's probably fine that way, the question is the bass vs. the output transfomers. I'd trust Steve on that because I know he doesn't settle for off-shelf and seems a relentless tweaker (if a bit hyperbolic at times). Still, it all depends on what you're used-to and what your expectations are. I've heard Zeppelin on horns that made me cringe and leave the room. If it's me, I'd measure what I needed and check with some metalheads over there if you haven't (and let us know what you find/do).
  9. Those are lookers, thanks for sharing. Maybe shine a flashlight in the grille of 1030 and tell us if there's a whizzer on the 15W if you feel like it.
  10. grindstone

    First Watt

    Thanks for posting this. The distortion reduction with dc thing on fullrangers was interesting... Actually, Nelson is always at least interesting and an enabler for audio experimentation. This latest little amp, coupled with what he's talking about with Jason at diyA for modularity, might finally get me over the edge.
  11. Nah, Mr. Stanley Fay White (RIP) had that covered (I'd pay money to hear what PWK thought of Stan but I suspect it was an even fight against his impressions of Mr. John E. Karlson.) Audio...room for everybody. Thanks for the link. Can't fault the big-stroke people for trying to hit some market need and have no doubt they'll find support (I'm only sure that it wont be from those of us who've heard fronthorn bass).
  12. Maybe an LTE I had stashed because I liked it a lot...
  13. Man, doesn't sound like wiggle room, but you have to try. How well do you like this woman...show her the lineup and test? Good luck.
  14. At first glance, you guys have stuff I don't (or you will by the time you go one citation-deep in what's already listed). Guessing there's a ton of stuff @WMcD posted here already, although links may be broken so maybe it's not a bad spot here (?). Mindful of burdening the board with another set of copies, not sure what's sensible??? Thanks also for that photo, Jim (also saved it--and seem compelled to utter the phrase "boss threads" one more time while alive). Appreciate the list of existing materials to prevent dupes. Museum pile might be screaming for a Library Sciences internship althought I'm sure everyone has already thought of the easy ways out. Skimmed the undergrad NMSU page and struck-out for the program (but they might've all been renamed something else now). Google tells me 38 library science masters came out of U of Central AR in 2019...and maybe their dept needs applications for students. https://uca.edu/gbulletin/fields-of-instruction/library-media-and-information-technologies/ Sounds like Jim might as well come out of this with another degree just for applying...seriously, enormous gratitude for your efforts in what surely is endless, thankless, and tiring at times--sincerely appreciated!
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