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  1. Hi. Recently began to use Forte II (not III) in my system. My experience concerns Forte II. The pair appeared to be a very low hours i.e. almost non-played. I'd be very disappointed with the sound if hadn't had Forte II before and knew what they are worth for. Among other issues there was almost no bass. If the III's behaviour and II's is alike, the changes in bass after Break-In gonna be dramatic. It took me about a month of everyday use (5-6 hours a day) to make them sound as they should. Don't let their sensitivity mislead you - they require rather powerful amplifier with good controll. You should avoid amplifiers that overcontroll. Advices are worth when they are asked for... Sorry if I were you I would think about purchasing Forte II (or Chorus II if you are experienced user) for $1500 in good condition instead. Good luck
  2. WTB Tara Labs RSC Air1 or The ONE RCA interconnects 1.0m or 1.5m length. Good condition required. Will need delivery to NJ. Thanks
  3. John, Chorus II and Forte II are at the top of my wish list. I've already own Chorus I and both Forte I & II. Wouldn't call Forte II more balanced over Chorus I - I'd better say it is much more easier to make them sound over Chorus. My experience says Chorus (at least first generation and suppose the II too) are very hard to make them "play as they can" because of their extremely high resolution. But when at least you do.... they become very, very balanced.... Thank you for the notes guys but as usual I do check the garage sale section at least once a day, Got some offers already and hope some become deals soon. Thanks again, Alex
  4. Still looking for... Also interested in a pair of Klipsch RF-7 or RF-7 II for my friend. Delivery to NJ is required.
  5. John, it's ain't as expensive as one can think. Wouldn't say it's cheap but total still much less vs buying them in Ukraine + you can find exactly what you want. Many thanks for your words. Alex
  6. Hi, looking for a pair of my beloved Klipsch Chorus (II), Forte (II) or Quartets in good to excellent condition. Will entertain reasonable offers which won't brake the bank. If you have something for sale, kindly let me know. Will need delivery to NJ (original boxes are highly appreciated). PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
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