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  1. If any one lives in Michigan near Sterling Heights and wants to buy 4.1s let me know. Im selling mine for $200 with a 4 year speaker plan at Best Buy.
  2. 1997 Mustang Cobra Vortech V2 w/aftercooler MSD Ignition BBK o/r h-pipe BBK full length headers flowmaster 2 Chambers 4.10s B&M Shifter Nitto drag radials 18x10 Chrome Saleen wheels 1.5 in Eiabech lowering springs 468 RWHP 378 RWTQ 11.8 @ 123mph
  3. My parents are building a new house and planning to install a central stereo system and surround sound in some of the bedrooms and throughout the hose in various rooms. They were talking to this one guy and he was going to use those little Bose cube speakers through out the whole house. I heard that Bose sucks. If Bose are shitty speakers, are there any Klipsch speakers to use instead of the Bose.
  4. I just read a review of the new Logitech Z-560. And the article said "the Z-560s smoked the ProMedias." Did anyone else hear anything about these speakers.
  5. I have a Promedia 4.1 system on my computer and was looking to buy another sub to add to my computer system. Can I use this sub with my computer and how much more bass will I get compared to the 4.1 sub?
  6. I have a 500-watt sony receiver that I bought about two years ago, do you think this will be ok to use?
  7. Why do I need a reciever with an amp in order to use the KSW 12 with my 4.1 system? Doesn't the KSW 12 come with an amp built in? If I do need an amp do you have any suggestions on what to get?
  8. Just bought the 4.1's. I'm not that happy with the bass. The sub is pretty good but I listen to a lot of rap music and want more bass. How much bass will a KSW 12 add to my system.
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