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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at those and wouldn't mind using them, except they are pretty pricey. I'd rather build something at much lower cost and spend that money on other areas of the theater build. The Dynabox looks like the bees knees for retrofitting though!
  2. I'm going to start building backer boxes soon, so thought I would ping this group on size and interior treatment. The boxes for the CDT-5800-CII's will be about 12" wide x 12" deep. The length can be pretty much anything within reason. Any recommendations on approximate volume of these boxes? They'll be made from 5/8" MDF (because I have it) and will be lined with a layer of either 1/2" or 5/8" drywall for soundproofing. So, I'm trying to decide how long to build the boxes and if they should be stuffed with some absorbent material. If I make the boxes 1.0 - 1.5 cubic feet of volume, should that suffice? Would I gain anything by increasing the volume? I suspect not, since I doubt there will be much low frequency sound coming from above. And should I stuff them with fiberglas insulation or pillow fluffy stuff or something else? Or leave them "unstuffed"? Thanks for any advice you can share! Chuck
  3. Thanks. I'm engaged and totally looking forward to the journey. Funny story...I received the six CDT-5800-C II's yesterday and had them temporarily stacked near the kitchen. My 90-year old mother in law looked at the boxes, and focused on the word "ceiling". She asked if the boxes contained ceiling tiles. And I said no, they are speakers. She said speakers, why do you need so many speakers? I replied, because I only have 13 and need more! Cheers! Chuck
  4. Oh no, Bill, I'm in the early stages of theater construction. I expect it will sound fantastic, but will have to wait awhile to confirm. I'm working on two projects at the moment, so the HT won't get my full attention for awhile. I've been collecting the audio gear for quite awhile and actually have spare amplifiers to press into service if needed. Attached is the current status of what's not in boxes. All of the speakers could certainly use refinishing, but since they'll be hidden in the theater, that's not part of my plan. I fire them up to provide incentive as I work! And yes, it does sound good... Cheers! Chuck
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I bought the CDT-5800-C II's today. There was no recommendation for enclosure size. These speakers were meant to be installed in the infinite baffle of ceiling joints, so no enclosure is required or specified. Looking forward to getting them to the point that I can fire them up! Cheers! Chuck
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome and information. One other question related to the ceiling speakers. Since this will be a soundproofed room, I'll be installing the ceiling speakers in backer boxes. I've looked at the Klipsch specs for the 5800's but there is no info on recommended volume for an enclosure. Any experience to share? I'll ask Cory as well. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Since I don't have vaulted ceilings, I think I'd better stay with the in-ceiling speakers that I can aim. I like the idea of the separate woofer and traditional horn tweeter arrangement though.
  8. The room will be about 23' x 18'. Rendering attached.
  9. I'm in the process of (finally) building my home theater. 9.4.6 configuration using all Klipsch Heritage speakers for the bed channels. 3 LaScala I LCR and 6 Heresy I surrounds. I'm about to order 6 speakers for the ceiling. Since there are no Heritage speakers built for ceiling installation, I'm leaning toward the CDT-5800 C II. Can you share any experience with this combination in timber matching and seamlessness of sound for HT use? I'm about ready to give Corey a call, but thought I'd check in here first. Cheers! Chuck
  10. That's a great idea, Bill, and one that I had thought of. Problem is a Heresy is both to wide and too deep to fit in my ceiling joists. I'm wondering, though, whether in-wall speakers would be just a good or better than the in-ceilings. They would certainly fit into the joists. Might they have better range? Cheers! Chuck
  11. Thanks Sancho. This is the first diagram I've seen with the recommended angles for the ceiling speakers. I guess I have time to wait on the Dolby official recommendations. And I thought I could just do 4 ceiling speakers, but these diagrams indicate a whole lot more! Perhaps for the true Atmos "cinema experience", but I'm thinking 4 will be enough for me. Cheers! Chuck
  12. I emailed Klipsch tech support with this question, but haven't received a response yet. When I do, I'll post it here. Sancho, where did you find the Atmos speaker diagrams? I've done some preliminary searches, but it seems Dolby must be waiting for their Atmos introduction later this year before they post that info. Cheers! Chuck
  13. I think I agree. Looks like it would be almost like mounting Heresys in the ceiling. I was thinking more about the Architectural Series speakers that are designed for in-ceiling mount. Perhaps I should run the wires and watch for new Klipsch Atmos-inspired speakers to emerge...... Cheers! Chuck
  14. Bump......and let me restate my question. Which of the Klipsch Archtectural series speaker lines (Reference, THX Ultra II, etc.) will best timbre match with the Heritage line of speakers? Thanks! Chuck
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