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  1. Thanks again guys. I spoke with Bob Crites this morning and his opinion is that 100W/channel is a good target. He feels more power is pretty much unusable from a SPL standpoint. But I really don't feel comfortable moving down either. So I'll target the XPA-2/5 combo for now, but might move to the XPA-7 when released. If it has a true 200W/channel x7 with all channels driven, I have no doubt that will be more than enough to make the La Scalas and Heresys happy! Chuck
  2. I've budgeted $3000 for processor, main, surround and sub amps. One objective is to have no fans in the HT electronics to distract from the entertainment experience. I have an Emotiva UMC-1 processor already. What this additional budget would buy is an upgraded XMC-1 processor, an XPA-2 (300W/ch) for L&R, an XPA-5 (200W/ch) for center, side and rear surrounds and a Classdaudio 250W/ch x 2 amp for the pair of Bill Fitzmaurice THT folded horn subwoofers. If I decide to move down a notch to the Emotiva UPA family, I will save about $1000. UPAs would include UPA-200 (125W/ch x2) and UPA-500 (80W/ch x5). The Emotiva ratings are at 0.1% THD or less, depending on the model, with all channels driven, and have been tested and proven to be real. I guess I could call it my $1000 decision :-)
  3. I'm building an all Heritage 7.2 HT system in my soon to be constructed HT. I've purchased La Scala LCRs for the front soundstage and four Heresys for the side and rear surrounds. Now I'm amp shopping. I usually go big, but with these extremely efficient speakers, how much power is too much? I'd usually plan on separates with about 200W per channel, but in this case would separate amps with legitimate 80-125W/channel be plenty? I'm actually looking at Emotiva amps, X-series vs. U-series. There is a pretty significant cost difference and if the X-series would be overkill, I'd be happy to save some $$$ on the U-series. What say you Heritage users? Thanks, Chuck
  4. What's the consensus on an "average price" for a pair of old La Scalas? I've seen a general range of $600-1200. Assuming they are sound physically, is $800-1000 considered a usual price? There is a pair locally on sale for $1000 and i'm trying to decide what price to offer. Also, if I go this route, I will definitely buy 3 La Scalas for the front. The previous poster has a great strategy to acquire a 3rd La Scala. I'll add a pair of subs (possibly Hsu's). And I would like to do surrounds for either 7.2 or 9.2 configuration. And, I'd like to have in-wall surrounds all the way around. What would you suggest to use for the surrounds? I'm looking at the Klipsch THX Ultra2 in-walls. Would they be a good match for timbre and other characteristics? Thanks, Chuck
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