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  1. I get it in 5.1. What do you use as your player?

    I have a Samsung 3D bule-ray and a Pionner 430 BDP. I talked to netflix and they were no help or the rep was not trained well.

    Ah, not familiar with those...probably haven't updated their firmware to support it yet. Bummer...
  2. she was pretty shocked when I told her I was steaming it off of Netflix.

    I have to redbox new ficks that I really want to see in multichannel format. My Netflix only send a stereo signal. A few guys on here said they get Netflix in 5.1

    I get it in 5.1. What do you use as your player?
  3. Just finished Looper. It's worth a rent, but I wouldn't buy it. Nothing really to rave about as far as sound/video either. The sound was decent, just nothing special.

    You may want to check your sub configuration, Looper was insane at our house, more bass than we could handle almost at some points. This movie is way up there in the bass department.
    Wasn't talking about just the bass.
  4. I'm hoping to pick up my second SW-115 on Friday. The local shop I'm going through isn't much in the way of customer service as they rarely respond to my emails, but they gave me a great price...

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