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    3- 1979 belles walnut/ crites a4500 crossovers ct125 tweets.a55g mids. L C R. Rs52ll side surrounds. Chorus IIs rears / crites titanium tweets and new crossovers. Svs sb4000 sub. Marantz av7703. outlaw 7700,samsung 65" suhd9000 4k tv. oppo 203 4k Blu Ray, Belkin pf60 power conditioner . 2channel . Forte llls California black walnut. oppo 105 analog section. 4terabyte hard drive with lossless wav files. Rouge audio cronus magnum 2. Schitt loki tone control. Or rega apollo CD player with marantz pm8004. upstairs living room. marantz av7702mk2, outlaw 7140, oppo bdp83, rf82 'll, rc62ll. Rsw 12. Samsung 55" UHD TV.

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  1. Yeah , I'll take the luxmans, already have belles and rf82s. 😁😁😁
  2. My name is Gary...and I have a problem. I rarely check in the site anymore because I always find something I want to go buy. I have plenty of good equipment. I listen regularly. I also want a luxman, parasound, schiit freya and vidar monoblocks or the new class A monoblocks. McIntosh ... plus maybe a mohican cd player. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
  3. I've been using a Loki for quite a while in my main 2 channel setup. My rogue cronus magnum2 has a lot of power, and sounds great with most music , but no tone controls. Sometimes classic rock needs a tweak, and the Loki is the answer. Rega apollo > Loki > rogue > forte 3s. Sweet.
  4. Props to the chief. πŸ‘βœŒοΈ
  5. My wife is upstairs baking for a party tomorrow. I'm providing music. Dropping cds into a new rega apollo to a marantz PM8004 to forte 3s. Pretty sweet.
  6. I'll gladly accept a demerit defending these speakers.
  7. I'm listening to mine right now. They can eat shit. I think that's a British magazine. Pretentious assholes
  8. All my TV watching is in 7.1 . Although I prefer to use multi channel stereo setting on pre amp. It's just an enveloping sound with a front focused voice sound stage that at lower levels never has me wondering what the heck someone said. And watching music based shows, I can rock out. I agree that I probably only watch 1 or 2 movies maybe in a week. When I want to jam, I switch over to the 2 channel setup also in the basement.
  9. I can't believe I missed the same pair of speakers twice. Busy all weekend and didn't check in. I love my black ch IIs but they don't compare to these. Would have completed my walnut collection.
  10. Awesome deal. A bit too far from Chicago. I have a black pair and love them. Everything else in my basement is walnut. Wish you were closer.
  11. That's an 8 thousand dollar equestrian wave diffuser. Where have you guys been?
  12. Guess my front 3 are worth 10k now. Awesome!!
  13. gary p

    Led Zeppelin 2!

    Thanks for the heads up. Always looking for new music and New bands to follow. This is right up my alley. This type of classic rock is becoming extinct. Grew up on it, getting harder to get in the mood to listen to the same songs for the millionth time.
  14. I know you don't really want separates, but I would go with a marantz 7703 pre amp and a parasound a31 amp. A solid and powerful 3 channel amp and a pre with separate menu functions that will make dialing in a 3.0 system easy. There is a 3 channel front array setting and a center channel complete control for adjusting dialogue level when watching tv. I have been using marantz pre amps for many years and never been disappointed. Just my opinion.
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