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    1979 belles walnut/ crites a4500 crossovers ct125 tweets.a55g mids. L C R. Chorus IIs rears / crites titanium tweets and new crossovers. Rsw 12. Marantz av7703. outlaw 7700,oppo 203 Blu Ray, Belkin pf60 . 2 channel . oppo 105 analog section. 4terabyte hard drive with lossless wav files. Benchmark dac 1 hdr. Rouge audio cronus magnum 2. upstairs living room. marantz av7702mk2, outlaw 7140, oppo bdp83, rf82 'll, rc62ll. Samsung 55" UHD TV.

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  1. truth be told, they did lose their spot to new forte 3s. California walnut OF Course. quartets are wrapped in blankets in my tool room next to kg5.5s and rf3s. speaker purgatory. just waiting for the next life.
  2. I bought the walnut quartets. they are in excellent condition and sound great. I usually update the tweets and crossovers, but they don't need it. they are worth more to me than what I paid. I like to buy, but once they are mine, I never will sell them. so the spread sheet says 425. but to me, priceless.
  3. Cool. thanks
  4. that was quick. thanks. it is beautiful. looks like a perfect fit for me. gonna have to seriously look into it.
  5. I've been waiting. it's been 8 weeks. where's the picture. considering getting the same sub. really want to hear your thoughts.
  6. cause that's when the chorus IIs were made.
  7. I put the new a55g in my belles. they are my lcr front 3 and they sound great. I had stock 55v in them and they sounded good. I wasn't sure they would be much of an improvement but I can tell you they are much better. the soundstage is wider and more open. I had considered upgrading to a larger horn previously but now am totally satisfied with the sound. I have bobs ct125 tweets and his 4500 crossovers. they are done. no need for improvement.
  8. running them in 2 channel with a denon 5900 cd player and a marantz pm8004.
  9. picked up. hooked and sounding great. met a nice guy. thanks for some nice speakers and a fair deal.
  10. I also over analyze everything and they're gone. I try to find a reason not to buy stuff but these were perfect for me and I just had to have them.
  11. I looked at those pictures for a while and couldn't pass them up. fair price and only half hour away. sold.
  12. thanks Canada. good to know someone still loves us. sportsmanship at its finest.
  13. I'm now fluffy hamster hiney. .... sure beats snarky ******.
  14. thing for walnut. match my belles for surrounds.
  15. this is the name I was born with. don't believe in aliases.