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  1. Yeah, those are great speakers that provide good driving bass. Good stuff!
  2. Yeah, this is good stuff, thanks for sharing!
  3. We ran into a very similar issue and responded in the same way, just cancelled the stinking thing and moved on.
  4. Great show, I have yet to start this season but will be shortly.
  5. swapface

    Slowhand at 70

    Watched Showhand at 70 on PBS the other day. Yeah, it was fantastic!
  6. swapface

    tv antenna

    When I cut the cord over 3 years ago I went with this antenna ClearStream and have been very pleased with the results.
  7. The last line made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing this piece of history!
  8. Incredible picture, glad to hear she is okay.
  9. We did this in our youth ministry at church. Believe it is a 100' - 125' run through the attic of our youth ministry building. I used Cat6 and the converters required two Cat6 cables. Works perfectly. Not sure what brand converter we are using. Yep, I used this in a church setting as well. Output from the main worship PC to a HDMI splitter then to the auditorium projector as well as multiple TVs in the lobby. And it does take two Ethernet cables per run. Used the same as duder1982 suggested in the first link.
  10. Have you considered HDMI over Cat5/Cat6? I have used this for runs of up 100' with no issues. Works like a charm.
  11. Looking forward to hearing more details as you get them. Thanks for sharing, this is quite fascinating!
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