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  1. I wish this stereotype was not passed on and on, like a cliche planted with a grow light.... In a good relationship, a relationship where you actually share in the love of music and what brings it in the home, this should not be an issue, on either side. One thing that hurts it is that many men (and women, sadly) have the aesthetic acumen of a five year old with horse blinders on. Some of the rooms you see posted online make one recoil in horror. On the other hand, many of the mediocre touches come from the knick knack beautification you see attempted whether it be stuffed animals, Home Shopping Network Ceramic figuroids, and psuedo oak laminate surrounded by overstuffed furniture circa Ranch House Living ala 1975. I dont know which sorry magazine came up with "WAF" but they should be beaten about the head and shoulders with a bag of loose change. I first remember reading it in Stereophile back in the 80s and groaned then. It had catch phrase written all over it, surely to be abused by every reviewer hack running through the treadmill of cliches. To be honest, gear and all things associated with it must meet my own aesthetics, as well as Audrey's. And when I purchase something, I weigh in the appearance of the gear as well. On the other hand, different situations call for different solutions. A NYC Loft apartment can really pass with the industrial aesthetic which might not float elsewhere. Of course, taste is pretty relative as are most things. Regardless, I find it unfortunate that these articles bring forth the Cliche, carrying it high, reinforcing the stereotype adinfinitum... kh
  2. Most music sounds like dung and is poorly recorded. I do most of my listening to below. - Stereophile Test CD 1-3 (No cannons, but there is some awesome bass guitar and bells and whatnot) - Telarc 1812 (cannons are awesome) - Telarc Sampler CD (Fanfare for Common Man is awesome - Firebird kicks it) - Pomp and Pipes ( The pipes are ok but the POMP brings house down!) - Conan the Destroyer Soundtrack (man, this is awesome, too! No modern explosions, though) - TOTAL RECALL soundtrack (this DOES have modern blasts! Subs to the rescue!) - Arnold Soundtracks (you can just skip looking and get this one if you want. HasteLaVistaBaby!!) - Pearl Harbor (Want to hear a Zero at 11? That first bomb drop is ecstasy!) - Jazz at the Pawnshop (not really a pawn shop so a bit disappointing. No bass but GREAT crowd clapping!) - Sheffield Drum Record (man, if you like drums you gotta get this one. No explosions though) - HFNR Test Record (one side has no tracks but cool to watch tonearm skate on record!) - Sara K. (Any thing by her rocks. Sounds like Jesus in heaven)
  3. Hey Mike! Hope things are going well your way. Frankly, you wont recognize the place. You'll spend more time shaking your head in disbelief than anything else. It's the old one step forward, two steps back syndrome and this place might as well have added a "trip" in the middle of the second step back... kh
  4. It's turning into an amazing statistic.... so much of what I read in this place appears to be off, one way or another, and with a stygian certitude with ignorance held high with pride, albeit unknowingly. Whether it's backed by a ream of misused technical info or an amazing combination of little experience mated with even less ability to hone in on the variables, nothing can surprise anymore within the Klipsch 2 Channel forum. The latest list of prolific newbies will undoubtedly join the old timer 2 Channel diehards, now full blown members of the Klipsch Contradiction Brigade, all who managed to eat crow as if served from a Texas-sized, all-you-can-eat trough. Dont worry though. The great thing about Klipsch 2 Channel is that time erases all and you can issue the most misguided statement one moment, turning around to say the opposite a while latter, all usually without much worry, since little is read with care and even less remembered. Some here made an art (or science) of it and are no worse off; indeed, I would say they built on it. With an archive that is used as infrequently as High School book stacks, you can remain relatively trouble-free, no matter how many ill-fated assessments are made. Later, you can act like it never existed, moving on the mobius strip of post ad-hoc, post ham hock. Indeed, it's the Klipsch 2 Channel Right of Passage. kh
  5. Into the archives we go... yet another beauty. kh
  6. One thing I keep forgetting about ye olde Klipsch forum... Half the time, anything over two lines in a post is wasted, as it's either not read carefully, or at ALL. Gets me every time. kh
  7. Good one. Even if in jest, several things are apparent. This is the lowest wattage Crown made, not the 150-1000w behemoths, and it was acquired by Leo because of its untypical SS behavior of exhibiting very low distortion ratings at very low watt levels, something that most SS amps DONT do (and an important attribute when dealing with high efficiency speakers). Two, Leo has FOUR amplifiers, and I am betting he is mainly referring to his 2A3 Parafeed SET amplifiers with probably have the sweetest top end and most open mids, also REALLY excelling at microdynamics, quite possibly over any of the other subjects. Lastly, I tend to not hold hardly any weight with specs, definitely as much as Leo, who is a distortion hound. I dont like distortion either, but have ultimately found it a poor measurement gauge relating to sonics, just in my personal opinion. Leo has done a LOT of thinking about getting the lowest distortion at a fraction of a watt, again, this where most SS amps suffer. One of the problems with simple discussion of dynamic range, headroom, etc, is that it has far more variables than most even take notice of, which is why stock figure quotes to define it often miss the boat when you weigh in all the factors. Add to that the basic misunderstanding here as to what dynamics really mean and you have a mess. I usually side with Leo's take with amplification; as for the Crown D-45, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. IT was reported by DJK that the earlier D series were quite different sonically. It's hard to remotely imagine the three Crown D-75 I had on hand even coming in a Top 100 of amplifers if looking at something like Microdynamics. I can only assume the D-45 Leo has is a different animal altogether. kh
  8. I generally think this topic has been a sordid joke with more misinformation than anything else, especially in Ben's thread, which practically turned into an embarrassment as the overal picture was overlooked time and time again.I have to say that Leo's post above is one of the few reasonable takes on the issue with a balanced view of his own needs with a proper conception/understanding of the idea of dynamics, both macro and micro. Well done, Leo (even if you are wrong about the Belkin with your MoonPaths...heh) kh
  9. The number of drummers in this forum is a bit frightening. I played drums in bands since the age of 13 but now have to store my set of mid 60s Ludwigs/50s Zildjians at my friend's studio for lack of room. I miss being able to sit down on a whim but get over there a few times a month to play. I personally hated any ear protection as it removed a layer of enjoyment and link to the music - It was like a filter that I always wanted to toss . Amazingly, I still have pretty good hearing although I havent been tested in too long to remember. I never found any protection that wasnt a compromise in this fashion though havent tried the devices that Duke just mentioned. Another interesting point is I find myself disagreeing with about 90% of what drummers have to say here...heh. Damn, drummers.... kh
  10. Appears you are confused as ole Parrot might have slipped one by you. Then again, I remember the days long gone when I thought Parrot was Neo... It would have been the all time wool over eyes with enough irony to power Saturn's moons but I cant give Sir Paul this much credit. kh
  11. Nice to see you retaining a fine sense of humor through it all, though. We're going to be needing it for 06. Parrot made an excellent start with this classic post.
  12. Matthews, how can we take you seriously after that horrifying headroom thread? For the love of St. Nick, I dont think you could perceive the difference between a tin whistle and someone strumming a loaf of bread...
  13. I smiled inwardly at the beauty.... Join the club of the Klipsch Forum Crickets. It's an honor to be a member (and it's all we have left).
  14. Nothing gets by the crack staff of the Klipsch 2 Channel Forum... I am not rethinking my original answer, however. Paul, you thought about about moving to VTL MB-750 Monos for a nice 750 watts in Tetrode? Can you imagine the realism and palpable presence of the six shooter? This combined with Fini's theory might push you over the edge of HT Nirvana. The Willing Suspension of Disbelief would become mere hyperbole!
  15. Have you ever thought of recording the first version of the Telarc 1812 field cannon and speeding it up to mimic gunfire? If you're good, timing issues might be taken care of. A second system with remote will come in handy. You might have some volume matching issues again but I think it will float if used in conjuction with 1000w of Crown "straightwire with gain" Micro-Tech Ampcake.
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