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  1. If anyone has a Carver TFM-55 or 35 they want to part with id be interested thank you
  2. I pick them up tomorrow ill post picks 👍
  3. Wish you were closer
  4. Alot farther than i want to drive but those are beauties
  5. Looking for a pair of Heresy speakers any model or year to purchase, Wisconsin/ northern IL, any leads would be welcome Thank You
  6. Check out my DiscDogs Store, lots of Titles http://www.discogs.com/seller/hammer32261
  7. Keep checking Craigslist also, you might get lucky
  8. Why? I'm presuming that means they'd all agree with me, which wouldn't be surprising given the subject matter. Feel free to post my reasoned and restrained worldview on the Beatles. I'm sure they will be happy to come here and participate. It would be more like the members over there would hunt you down and have a public lynching, there not as mellow as the people on these forums
  9. Dennies idea is perfect, I use heavy foam pads for my studio monitors and it's the perfect solution
  10. Those are beautiful Jeff, if had the room i'd swing by and get those i'm out in Waterford
  11. Congrats Ron. Welcome to the 83 club :emotion-29:
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