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  1. Check out my DiscDogs Store, lots of Titles http://www.discogs.com/seller/hammer32261
  2. Keep checking Craigslist also, you might get lucky
  3. Why? I'm presuming that means they'd all agree with me, which wouldn't be surprising given the subject matter. Feel free to post my reasoned and restrained worldview on the Beatles. I'm sure they will be happy to come here and participate. It would be more like the members over there would hunt you down and have a public lynching, there not as mellow as the people on these forums
  4. Dennies idea is perfect, I use heavy foam pads for my studio monitors and it's the perfect solution
  5. Those are beautiful Jeff, if had the room i'd swing by and get those i'm out in Waterford
  6. Congrats Ron. Welcome to the 83 club :emotion-29:
  7. Just get a black marker and color it in to match
  8. thats too bad you have to sell those, wish you weren't so far i'd take them
  9. Panamax M5400-pm http://www.panamax.com/Products/A-V-Components/M5400-PM.php
  10. High Plaines drifter/Clint Eastwood (Just came out on Blu)
  11. I moved a pair of the 83's to the back of the room for a 7.1 setup for movies and i just run multichannel stereo for music the panels are GIK acoustics
  12. HAmmer32261


    Just a Note mr Darbee passed away recently, great loss
  13. Well nothing is going to stop the sound waves of that sub i have, it shakes the whole house but the only other sound bleed i get is thru the air intake because it runs thru the same duct as the living room right above but if i close the vent it's not noticable listening at normal volume here's a gallery from start to finish http://www.blu-ray.com/community/gallery.php?u=125928
  14. Jason's right, that's exactly what i did on my HT Dave R25 insulation all around with the furring strips its nice and quiet http://i714.photobucket.com/albums/ww141/HAmmer32261/Home%20Theater%20build/999C5BA9-3FA6-42DE-88D3-17442FCBD0D8-1005-0000005F01D45163_zpsf4326477.jpg http://i714.photobucket.com/albums/ww141/HAmmer32261/Home%20Theater%20build/IMG_1679_zpsdfdd9574.jpg
  15. I dunno--I got a good deal on the Denon AVR-4311ci and don't see how just because HDMI 2.0 has just been announced it is already "obsolete." Why should I be unhappy with my decision? You should be very happy with your decision, that's a awesome AVR. congrats [Y]
  16. HAmmer32261


    OPPO Digital's BDP 103D - World's First Darbee Visual Presence Enabled Blu-ray Player http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/darbeevision-licenses-visual-presence-to-world-class-blu-ray-maker-1831029.htm
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