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    Great Room/Living Room: Heresy I (1980); Academy center; Pioneer AVR and Polk 10" subwoofer. Sound is amazing even in such a large room!
    Den: RF62-II front / RC62II center; RB-61II rear; Two R-12SW subwoofers;
    Office (music only): Forte II with Musical Fidelity A2 25 watt amplifier & 1980 Hitachi turntable; mostly streaming music from PC via Spotify

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  1. These are close to me in Peachtree Corners (no affiliation with seller). https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/6062537966.html
  2. The best amp for me is the one I bought with a pair of Forte II a few years ago. The seller had a Musical Fidelity A2 from the UK and I never had anything but receivers. His set up sounded wonderful to my ears so I bought the amp, too. Described as Class A, at 25 watts; it's a delight and really drives those Fortes distortion-free to volumes beyond anything reasonable for my space. And it helps keep my office warm in the winter!
  3. I just checked my email for the Frys promocode sales and this is included in the seven day ad. The store Web page won't show the sale price. Last time I used a promocode I had to use it at checkout. What a great price! I bought mine on open box a few years ago at a good discount but not this good! Too bad I don't have a need for another one....
  4. I bought the RB-61 ii's from Klipsch a couple of weeks ago to match the other Reference speakers in the den: RF-62ii towers, RC-62ii center, and two R-12SW subs. I am completely satisfied with the RB-61 as surrounds in that room. Although we enjoyed the setup without surrounds, the Klipsch sale this season was a great opportunity, particularly if I wanted to match with the other speakers. I put them up on Sanus stands to bring them up to ear level and they really have enhanced our movie watching experience! I hope you will have a similar positive experience.
  5. To quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "I got better!" OK on the second try, don't know why. It WAS a shock at first, though
  6. A glitch, obviously. Whatever it was, I didn't do it....
  7. Too much, I'm sure! But if you find yourself in the Atlanta metro area.....
  8. What a deal this could be! It has a nice cabinet and a perfect speaker. The plate amplifier is probably dead but does that really matter? It shouldn't be a problem for someone who knows what they are doing and could revive it. I offer it for someone in the Atlanta area as a project for only $34.78. Otherwise it's heading for the recyclers. /Steve
  9. There are two Fry's in the metro Atlanta area and they are most definitely not a "scam store" whatever that is. Prices are decent although you should watch for the sales. Like many other retailers some things are available online, some in the store. I've been shopping there for the last ten years and their customer service is very good.
  10. 2013, brand new pair of RF-62 II, followed quickly by 1980 Heresy and 1992 Forte II within a year. Yes, I'd love to add more.
  11. It is a one-day sale and you have to use a "Promo Code" (you sign up and get the deals by email).
  12. One of the many great things about Frys is they let you buy, take home, and try the speaker for a month. Assuming the store is nearby, you can bring it back if you don't like it. I bought the R-12SW a couple of months ago from our local Frys with that in mind. But I've been very happy with it and kept it. I am no audiophile but it gives a solid bottom end for our movies (carpeted room, 30'x13', with a low acoustical-tiled ceiling). Gain is set fairly low, I hear no 'boominess,' and it is great for music as well. Perhaps my opinion is colored by the low price but my wife likes it, thus further justifying the purchase. The only complaint has been from the kids two floors up. They always know when dad's playing a movie down in the basement. There are far better subwoofers and many of the experts here will attest to that. Me, I had two hundred bucks and relished the idea of not spending fourteen hundred to get the effect I sought. /Steve
  13. Saddened by your loss. Many good thoughts and prayers offered for you and yours. /Steve
  14. This is shocking news; I am so sorry for your loss. Through his posts, Boxx helped make this forum an informative, entertaining, and friendly “place” to hang out.
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